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Thoughts and observations on blog entry:   “*Absolutely Ridiculous UPDATE*”

carole said: 

OMG… i just needed to slap myself to stop thinking that this is yet another ploy to blame lennox supporters ….who in their right mind would seriously even think of spoof dog , ANY dog seized has hosts of genuine caring people offering support, and this person thinks it is ok to dupe those people, ? wtf is wrong with some idiots, but mark my words now, watch dnb page close for few hours and come back blaming Lennox supporters , oh my, what a band wagon this is.

moddcon said: 

Exactly, this is the sort of thing they grab on to, always the martyrs. But it does mean that Page and Co can do a spot of damage limitation now, a bit of heat deflection. Very handy.

stephenbanter said: 

when she says ‘kick them off’ she wasnt talking about dnb and they know it. she was talking about percival and gobby and one of them grabbed that SS before being booted off the group. its a set up by DNB . Doesnt excuse making a fake dog page though

thekarmabus said: 

I was just wondering myself how the Mels made it about themselves and DnB when it was never aimed at them? It was a good try, but no cigar 

Mind you having said that, it’s not as if Percival and Gathercole aren’t paid up members of DnB and Gathercole is definitely one of the Hate Campaign players who has taken pleasure in abusing the family of Lennox and their supporters so by association it does affect DnBs reputation as the reputation of their front line players is doing them nearly as much damage as their own personal involvement in the Hate Campaign has done. I see nobody from that crowd is pointing people in the direction of the blog posts on here that show that they were deeply involved in starting, running and commenting on pages abusing Lennoxs’ family.

I can only imagine that they’d rather people didn’t delve too deeply into the posts on here and view all the screen shots that were taken of their abuse over the last 2 years. If anyone does want to form an opinion I suggest they go through each post on this blog and see for themselves who was involved in the nastiness as it’s all here in black and white 

whitewitchofthesouth said: 

hang on there… so this comment was NOT directed at an organisation, but at some of the bullies taking over pages? so this was yet another attempt to throw some sh*te on lennox supporters? either way it was not prudent either to suggest making up a dog being seized, as most of us here who have been around witnessing the HC antics for the past 2 yrs know that they have done just that – remember that page about some dog needing help, a lot of people on here liked it, and lo and behold when the page hit 177 likes it magically morphed into Lem 10, all the other info went off and was replaced with the usual ‘donations scam’, ‘dogfighters’ and ‘yard dog’ tripe ran by the HC HQ.

when people got furious the admins 1 to 8 came up with lame answers like ‘oh yes the page had a name change’, then when a lone voice dared to speak out and commented that not only the name had changed but the content as well, the page fell silent and closed claiming to be mass reported (within a couple of days which is nothing short of a fb miracle, given the fact that THOUSANDS have reported several serious abusive pages but it took at least weeks and sometimes even months to get fb to remove them  ) but that’s water under the bridge now, ey 

thekarmabus said: 

Thank you for reminding us of that whitewitch as I had forgotten that they pretended a dog was in need in order to get Lennox supporters to join a page which then was changed to a troll page. If I remember rightly, did they not then make claims that 100′s of Lennox supporters had joined their ranks? Unwittingly yes they had but the minute they found out they then left the page immediately as nobody wanted to be associated with the Hate Campaign and their sick games.

whitewitchofthesouth said: 

exactly, Karmabus. I have personally approached some of those ppl as they were on my friends list and i was dead cert of at least 4 of them not ever liking a lem page, mind you one of them was an admin for boycott belfast even! that was SO transparent and once the scam was discovered, ppl remembered liking a page about some dog that needed support and defo NOT about their version of the lennox case! some of the ppl i spoke to were furious they had been had and instantly withdrew their like from that page, and i know many reported that page for foul play which was entirely justified. how sick can you be, creating a page pleading for owners to get support and bring their pet back home, we have all seen the grief and heartache having a dog seized by bsl brings to families, so making that up and conning people into liking then overnight changing the page name (ss available of the admins admitting that!) and replacing the content with your own agenda is vile, plain and simple. it shows just how low they would go which is why i responded so harshly on that rach kew comment, which as it now turns out has been interpreted wrongly AND taken out of context to lay the blame on lennox campaigners once again (as was done before when we got the blame for every riot in otherwise totally peaceful Belfast [sic] )

haybob said:

Just what are these DnB people on, reading a comment that does not mention them and turning it round saying it is an attack on them????? I would not think there is anyone who would want to see DnB harmed, but there seems to be a serious question mark over those who run it and their attitude towards people who supported Lennox and his family. Might be time for them to do a bit of restructuring and get rid of the parasites who are having a free ride to boosting their ego’s, as it seems to me that it is them that are doing the harm. They hid behind fake id’s and tortured a family in Northern Ireland when their dog was seized and yet they claim to care about dogs losing their lives to BSL……Give me a break….. 

thekarmabus said: 

Unfortunately haybob, the people running that group were deeply involved in the campaign against Lennox and his family. That’s why they are working so hard to distract people from their involvement.

missingyoualready said: 

they opened a Lem page about a dog that didnt exist? that would be the same people now posting on The Lav right? you couldnt make it up

thekarmabus said: 

That is correct missingyoualready. The Hate Campaign opened a page that did not have the Lem name, under the pretence that a dog was in trouble, then half way through they changed the name so all the Lennox supporters who had joined it wanting to support the dog they’d created, then looked like they were supporting a Lem page. It stands as a good example of just how demented their behaviour is though.

twizzle2012 said: 

This was directed at the ladies who are hijacking every seized dog page and banning and blocking anyone who supports dda watch and the Lennox campaign.its got nothing to do with them supporting Dnb but everything to do with them stopping genuine dog lovers supporting seized dogs and their owners.

summersdays said: 

They have tried every trick in the book to make them look like the victims in all this. Remember its not that long ago that Ted and Mel even attempted to turn things around by dragging their own kids into it…despite the fact that there was absolutely no evidence to support their wild claims, (but thats never stopped them before). We know only too well they will do or say whatever it takes to promote their own sick agenda. Most of the posters on here have been on the receiving end of their twisted little games, but the crap they directed at us was mild in comparison to the vicious lies and hate campaign they put the Barnes family through. Not the kind of stuff you would expect from so called animal lovers is it?

twizzle2012 said: 

And now they are removing comments that point out the discrepancies in their story,if you are so sure of your facts,leave the co omens up,and prove your point,oh sorry you can’t can you,

sdcharlie said: 

Unbelievable that those idiots would bring their b.s. onto Shimmer’s page under the guise of “we support both organizations”. If you want to spill your idiotic rantings, start your Lem page back up and leave these innocent dog owners that are suffering through the seizure of their dog alone. Oh, and tell me again how much the two Mels and their gang care for dogs when they are using people who are VICTIMS of BSL to promote their Lennox hate campaign. And Page’s pathetic attempt to pretend she is not supporting this garbage is beyond transparent. All of you need to get together with Lightfoot and Tallack for some tea and pitbull cake; and it escapes no one that DNB never mentions their close relationship with these two dog killers.

moddcon said: 

They are milking it. Remember they used to do that on the Lem pages and BBBB? And we all remember WHY they used to milk something taken completely out of context. Like we said, nothing changes.

thekarmabus said: 

Milking it? They’re starting a dairy farm lol. They know full well this was never aimed at them but are making sure they get all the attention they can by pretending it was. Their purpose is to distract people from seeing and reading about their involvement in the Hate Campaign. It is purely a tactic, much used by them all in the past in their fake ID’s. See-through.

verittas said: 

They are playing the victim card again! Have you seen the recent post Mel Page made about ‘rescue’?! Total fabrication! Many people know that DNB was never a rescue.

It had been circulating for a while that Diane P left dog in the car park for someone to pick the dog up and she had lied to the rescuer that she did the homecheck when in fact she only looked at the picture of someone’s back garden and pass it off as having done the home check! Shame on you Diane!!!

moddcon said: 

That’s true verittas, we have the screenshot showing Percival asking someone to send her a pic of the garden so that she could say she’d done a homecheck, when obviously she hadn’t. Bearing in mind the person she addressed in the screenshot is not a personal friend, would you let someone like Percival near your dogs if you ran a rescue?

When will it sink in that these people are a liability to dogs rather than the guardian angels they’d have people believe them to be?

thekarmabus said: 

They are making a 5 course meal out of this and to anyone who knows how the Hate Campaigners worked in the past, this is merely a regurgitation of that behaviour.

They know it had nothing to do with DnB but are making it look like it was (including that dodgy ban which still allowed Mel Page to comment on peoples posts  ). They took the comment off a personal wall and pretended it was on a secret group, which was actually an open group, and then proceeded to delete the posts which explained the full story.

As for Diane and Debbie being innocents, they are both far from it, which may indeed be why that group are trying to detract from the truth of the matter. Diane was involved in the leaving of 2 dogs at either a service station or a B&Q car park, not sure which yet, then had no idea what address they were supposed to be going to because she does all her ‘hands on’ rescuing from the safety of her laptop!

Debbie – well Debbie is a ‘hands-on’ Hate Campaigner and has been for quite some time and hopefully there’ll be a few more screengrabs sent in soon that will verify this, even though both of them have been deleting DDA Watch supporters or posts about DDA Watch on most of the groups they’ve wangled their way onto as admins.

So their protestations of 1) DnB being ‘attacked’ and 2) Diane and Debbie being innocents, are merely to detract from the fact that 1) DnB weren’t attacked at all and 2) those two are anything but innocent victims.

They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, all of them.

sdcharlie said: 

And the hypocrisy continues … not only is Page APPALLED that anyone would suggest that she is involving a child (does Ted Ismay and his accusations of pedophilia ring a bell Mel?) but she cites the law in regards to false or malicious statements (again Mel, refer to Teddie and his comments falsely accusing certain individuals of being pedophiles and remember there is proof of his false statements). In Teddie’s own words, you reap what you sow.

Now on to Jules Jules who is in disbelief that anyone calling themselves a dog lover and anti-BSL would damage an organization such as DNB. No outside influence damaged DNB, they did it all by themselves. They had absolutely no business becoming involved in the Lennox hate campaign and should have kept their opinions to themselves (don’t even get me started about Page’s protestations that DNB were not involved in any way, shape or form). They chose to jump into the fray and, as we say here in the good old USA, sh*t runs downhill.

And while we are on the subject of dog lovers and anti-BSL supporters, let’s talk about your group members’ comments in regard to the fact that Lennox was ‘just one dog’, ‘what’s all the fuss about just one dog’ … I have NEVER, in all my years of rescue work, heard ANYONE make such a statement – so much for all of you dog lovers.

And what kind of anti-BSL supporters shore up Lennox’s death sentence with comments such as “it’s the law” and “nothing could be done” amongst many other statements supporting the very b.s. legislation that you claim you want to abolish. Grow some balls and don’t take the crap that your politicians are cramming down your throats and stop kissing ass with the likes of Lightfoot and Tallack – they’re part of the problem, not the solution.

And you better believe that every chance I get, I will point out to the owners of seized dogs in the UK that DNB is in bed with those two (the truth is an absolute defense Mel – ask your attorneys – and there are enough screen shots of you playing kissy face with Lightfoot to back it up).

To the other followers of this blog, I apologize for the rant … I have been up all night on a rescue mission … one that failed … and I’m tired and pissed and disheartened because I do give a shit about just one life.

thekarmabus said: 

One life at a time is progress and every life is worthy. Sadly, had Lennox gone home and survived due not only the legislation but also the attacks against him and his family, he COULD have made a difference. He COULD have been the catalyst for change.

It concerns me greatly that the very people who claim publicly that it is ‘all about the dogs’ could not get past their venomous tirades to actually see the bigger picture. With all the huge support he had worldwide, Lennox’s survival could well have made a huge difference. It does make you wonder why all the people mentioned and screen grabbed on this blog, would not work towards that end, doesn’t it?

twizzle2012 said: 

Lennox may be just one dog to them,but to thousands of people he was the one dog that made them aware of bsl, the one dog that made them aware of the injustice of this bs law,and in his name they fight bsl

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