A few months after Lennox was seized his owners became aware that a Belfast City Council dog warden van was parked across from their house, which is situated in a small cul-de-sac with little more than a dozen properties. On that occasion they observed dog warden Alexandra (Sandie) Lightfoot sitting alone in the stationary vehicle, smoking a cigarette, watching their property [link].

The owners contacted Belfast City Council and the person who took their complaint said the matter would certainly be looked into, assuring them that someone would be in touch. However nothing further was heard from anyone at the Council regarding that incident, which doesn’t come as any great surprise.

On a separate occasion (two days prior to a scheduled court hearing), the owners were leaving the house on their way to an appointment with their solicitor, when they observed Sandie Lightfoot sitting in a dog warden van, a foot up on the dash and smoking a cigarette. The van was again parked at the entrance to the cul-de-sac.

When Lightfoot became aware she’d been seen, she “dropped her cigarette out of the van window, took her foot off the dash, started the engine and drove off“, attempting to shield her face with one arm. The owners briefly followed in their car, taking a photograph of the van being driven away at speed (see Gossip & Lies below).

Lightfoot obviously returned to her place of work immediately, because by the time the owners arrived for their appointment someone from BCC had already made contact with their solicitor, who explained Belfast City Council was now accusing them of following Lightfoot while she was going about her normal duties.

Which was odd because, just prior to that incident, a Belfast City Council spokesperson announced to the media that the dog warden directly involved in the Lennox case had ‘gone on indefinite leave‘ due to ‘concerns over her safety’ and apparent ‘threats‘ made against her by ‘Lennox supporters‘.

As no other dog warden was directly involved for any length of time, it must be assumed the Council were referring to Lightfoot and, if she was supposed to be on official and indefinite leave from her employment at the time, it’s unclear why she was in the area that day in her BCC uniform, driving a dog warden van.

When issuing the statement it’s unlikely BCC were referring to anyone other than Lightfoot, as it had already been established that the two other dog wardens present on the day Lennox was seized were not on leave at the time, and neither was Yolanda Elwood, the only other possible candidate for the statement.

If Lightfoot decided to work that day and feared for her own safety, as claimed by BCC, you wonder why she’d risk being alone in a stationary vehicle, window open, casually smoking a cigarette, obviously relaxed and certainly distracted enough to be caught by surprise.

In any case, the statement that Lightfoot was on leave at the time was contradicted outright by the contents of a letter from Belfast City Council received via the owners’ solicitors the day after the incident, stating :

“…on [said] date at [said] time, [they] had been observed taking pictures of Ms Lightfoot [in a van] as she went about her normal work duties and if [they] persist further action will be taken ….and if photographs of this incident find their way online, further action will also be taken”.

The owners wrote back to Belfast City Council

If this woman [Lightfoot] was carrying out her normal work duties as you claim in your threatening letter, then can you explain her normal work duties description and terms of employment, as I am sure it doesn’t include being parked up with feet on dashboard and smoking in a company vehicle, followed by littering the street with a cigarette end“.

The owners did upload the photographs to their Save Lennox website including a zoomed image enhancing the van ID number, vents (to show it was a dog warden van) and Lightfoot in the driving seat, which they censored. The Hate Campaign have claimed differently, and that’s covered below in Gossip & Lies.

Strangely enough, Belfast City Council didn’t ‘take further action‘ against the owners, despite the images being made public. Can’t imagine why!

Lightfoot’s ‘visits’ were not isolated incidents and her presence in the vicinity of the owners’ home was observed several times. She was seen driving into the cul-de-sac in question, turning around and driving back out again.

If BCC were telling porkies and Lightfoot was working that day, why was she hanging around a residential area and not out doing her job, instead of wasting tax payer’s money?

Gossip & Lies – Indefinite Leave
The usual convoluted lies have done the rounds on the HC Gut Wagon.

First they accused Lennox’s owners of coming across Sandie Lightfoot during one of her normal working days and then following her around just for the hell of it, and then they said Lightfoot wasn’t working at all that day and therefore couldn’t have been caught doing anything (so they know the particular ‘day’ being referred to when specific details have never been made public?).

Belfast City Council have contradicted one statement with another. They had previously made an announcement claiming Lightfoot was on indefinite leave for the reasons given above, and yet admit in the letter that she was sitting outside their house by warning Lennox’s owners against publicising the images they took of her there.

Belfast City Council Sandy Lightoot in Dog Warden Van

Gossip & Lies – Van images
The Hate Campaign have had a field day with this one and the reason they got away with it is because only the HC believe their own lies, and most of the time nobody else can be bothered to challenge them. Now that we’re covering the stalking issue, it’s a good time to put the record straight, if only to draw attention again to their desperate and nasty stupidity.

When the image of the dog warden van appeared on Save Lennox, the Hate Campaign jumped in with the story that Lennox’s owners claimed it had been taken from outside the front door of their house. In fact at one time they baffled themselves completely by saying the owners ‘claimed they took the photo from inside the house‘! Both of those lies were based on nothing (no change there).

The second time the image appeared on Save Lennox, it clearly showed that the only tweaking done was to zoom in to identify the van and apply a censor to Lightfoot as the driver. But, always cunning, the Hate Campaign came up with the lie that the original image had been photoshopped and altered. In fact they went to the trouble of placing the two images side by side to show the difference between the distance and zoom! 🙂


Nothing remotely amusing about this:

In July 2012, just a few days after Lennox was killed by Belfast City Council, this vehicle was parked directly outside the owners’ house:

Belfast City Council Employee Stalking Lennox Owners

They did not report it and, in any case, it’s not a dog warden vehicle. However, although on this occasion the driver of the van was not Sandie Lightfoot, the occupant is known to the owners.

It’s not easily explained why a Council van should be parked right outside their house, with the driver doing absolutely nothing – neither reading, on the phone or having got out of the vehicle at any point.

The homes and associated properties in that cul-de-sac are private but if the driver wished to park randomly for one reason or another, there are other more convenient and logical areas with easier access where this can be done, without blocking a private drive or parking directly outside someone’s home.

The driver of the van was not a Council maintenance worker. Details of the van, including ID number, the driver, date and times were recorded.



1 thought on “Sandie LIGHTFOOT

  1. This Sandie Lightfoot is an evil woman and should never in a million years be allowed around animals of any type because she doesn’t have the animals best interests at heart. All she wants is notorierty of any type. She is the most hated woman in the North and South of Ireland not to mention the world.
    She is still at the same thing and telling lies aswell and getting away with it which begs the question.??? Can we trust the judicery.??? Answer. NO. In my opinion she need to be sacked from her job and never allowed near animals again. She is also both rude and ignorant and thinks she owns the

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