Visible and Active

Visible Profiles of the Save Lennox Hate Campaign (listed below).

Bear in mind most are not using real names; several members have various other aliases, and there are certain members (along with some on the main Team list) who prefer not to use valid names of any kind (something about damaging their credibility) and therefore use or used aliases such as Nikola / Isabella Black, Kay Jay, Larry Lawrence, Heather Jones, Roxanne Summers, Amy Miller, Molly Moo, Helen McBeth, etc, along with various lemons (bitter, twisted) and admin profiles.

For example:

Kathy Wardley aka Ella Wardley Facebook letting the cat out of the bag again

We do know at least three names from the main Team are using profiles here. You all know that Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers are fake profile names, and many of you by now also have a fair idea of the real people behind them.

Without exception, all of the following have either devised, perpetuated, shared and/or encouraged the spreading of vindictive lies and malicious rumours against Lennox’s owners and many of their closest supporters (yes, we have evidence to support that statement).

Following our blog entry on 25 February [link], several of the main culprits (especially those mentioned in Connections) have ‘cleaned up’ their Facebook walls and/or locked their accounts down to prevent specific comments, friends and preferences being made public. Others, like Gathercole, not only cleaned up their act but made a few spares. It must be nice to have that much spare time on your hands all day.

1 thought on “Visible and Active

  1. you forgot the other kulessa dog profiles. there’s a junior kulessa as well and a goliath kulessa. yes, they do not have ‘fake’ or multiple profiles do they.. 😉 for a long time i thought a nala kulessa doing a lot of posting on various pages was a real person (something about her attending new york international school made her look legit) until i found out it was actually another one of mrs kulessa’s dogs, little nala. one that was very opinionated towards the barnes family from early on in the campaign as well 🙂 now ain’t that peculiar…

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