Connections – summary

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There are some connections certain members of the Hate Campaign attempt to hide, deflect, dismiss as hearsay or just plain ignore. 

As we all know, one of the main characters was hidden behind the profile of Roxanne Summers (aka Sarah Gunther), and we know that two people used the Heather Jones (aka Page/Rushmore)‘ profile. Most of you have a strong idea of their true identities.

The main characters are:

Mel PAGE, Ted ISMAY (currently AWOL), Melanie RUSHMORE, Andrea Williams PHILLIPS, Sarah GUNTHER, Sandie LIGHTFOOT, Kirsten LAWRENCE

Save Lennox Hate Campaign main members

along with Sam BELLAMY, Ruth McKINLEY, Tina DELANEY.

We probably should apologise re: the Ismay pic. This was the only photo anyone seems to have bothered to grab, probably because it smacked of Karma, or more likely because it illustrates a time when Mel Page foolishly used that image to make more false allegations (under her own name for once) by accusing Lennox supporters of jumping Ismay and giving him a pasting, when actually Teddie simply tanked himself up at the pub and came off his bike on the way home (or maybe it was Grab A Granny Night and Ismay came off worse).

And we’ve had to leave Sam Bellamy out of the above line-up because she doesn’t want anyone to see her full-on, which is fair enough and understandable (we’ve seen her). She prefers to stand in front of a mirror with a phone obscuring her face. So rather than abandon her completely, we’ve put together a little something on the off chance it might hit the spot, because for all we know she could be related to the celebs below – it makes sense really, Sam was always very fond of saying she knew people in high places. Like all HC members, Sam has never mentally left the bike shed at primary school, so we’re absolutely sure that, with her infantile sense of humour and hilarious turns of phrase, such as ‘kiss my arse‘ (oh, we do laugh), so she will be chuffed to bits with our compilation, bless. 

Sam Bellamy Facebook Deed not Breed Save Lennox Hate Campaigner

The following Hate Campaign Connections list is not exhaustive, but all the names listed below (real and otherwise) are all very closely connected in one way or another.

At least one of these profiles is an alias for another person on the list (those marked with an asterisk* are known sham profiles/covers).

Page, Rushmore, Bellamy, Ismay, Vermillion and a few others can also frequently be found using various ‘handles’ on The Lav aka LLAAV:

There are two ‘organisations’ at risk here, EGAR (East Galway Animal Rescue) and Dnb (Deed not Breed), and all because the founders/proprietors, or whatever they like to call themselves, couldn’t control their nasty vindictive urges, and have taken part or been instrumental in a hate campaign against Lennox’s owners and close supporters since May 2010. Therefore they are the only ones putting animals and their own reputations at risk.

During the past three years they’ve managed to find time to create and manage several phoney profiles, using them to post lies constantly on a daily basis. And when we say ‘daily’ we mean from early morning until late at night. And THAT is why other organisations and professionals are more successful and more focussed.

Some people who should be too busy helping victims of BSL to be faffing about on Facebook all day, every day, have a very warped sense of humour.

Mel Page DnB on her friendship with Peter Tallack

Mel Page promoting LLAAV on Roxanne Summers Facebook page

Friendship between Mel Page, Sarah Gunther, Andrea Phillips and Sandie Lightfoot 1

Sarah Gunther, Mel Rushmore, Mel Page

Andrea Williams Phillips, Mel Page, Sarah Gunther

Sandie Lightfoot with Kelly Anne Leigh Facebook

Sandie Lightfoot updates profile with measuring tape Mel Page

George Slough

We are truly flattered (again) to find the wording of this post has been copied to The Lav, aka LLAAV.

What’s that old adage about ‘imitation’? – something like ‘the sincerest form of flattery’.  Of course, with members of the Hate Campaign there’s also another reason – having constantly struggled to form an original thought between them, they like to ‘borrow’ things and claim them as their own.

Be our guest HC, we can afford to be generous.

Links : 

Roxanne Summers(currently deactivated following blog entries – link), Heather Jones*, Mel (Melanie) Page of Deed not breed, Sam Bellamy, Sarah Gunther of Egar, Mel Rushmore, Sandie (Alexandra) Lightfoot, Debbie Gathercole, Denise Day, Andrea Williams Phillips, Ann EndBsl Roberts, Jeff (George) Slough, Tina Delaney.


Michelle Delaney aka Tina Delaney Newham

7 thoughts on “Connections – summary

  1. Ah the vile gathercole,little bird tells me she clears dog poo in her nightie,I hope she gets blown face first in to a steaming pile of poo,her nightie gets blown off,just as a full double decker bus goes past,exposing her buttocks,it is photographed,and put on you tube,and gets a million hits,carlsberg doesn’t do karma,but if it did,that would be the best karma in the world.

  2. If anyone hasn’t already realised there is a grab there of mel page from deed not breed, along with mel rushmore from the bull breed awareness group and sarah gunther from east galway rescue, all discussing one of the hate pages that mel page says she’ll ‘have to start again’ because it was closed by facebook. These are people who claimed they had NOTHING to do with the hate campaign, NOTHING to do with being involved in the case of Lennox at all and have been shouting loudly about how innocent they are. Do they really look so innocent now?!!! Are people also still confused about which people were behind the nasty, hate spewing fake ids?!!!

  3. totally agree with karmabus. it’s christal clear that those who shouted the loudest that they were innocent and victims themselves have in fact been instrumental in this hate campaign against one family and by extension anyone who dared to speak up on their behalf.
    the fact that the only thing they dare leave up in cyberspace for all to see is their lavatory (which has seen some heavy duty action with a magic marker apparently) and their wall of truth is gone, speaks volumes. spiteful, hateful people, and cowards at that. so brave to pick on one family doing what anybody does when confronted with having their dog seized: fight to get him home.

  4. Good to see some of the faces behind the hate campaign, although having listened to the Tallack interviews where he practically repeated some of their lies word for word, perhaps you should consider adding his photo to the wall of shame. They are nothing but a bunch of nasty hypocrites who were only too happy to spread their lies and hate at will, but like all cowards as soon as they were challenged and evidence of their antics was published on a public forum like this one they disappeared underground. Well you know what they say , ‘your past will always come back to haunt you’ and in this case it couldn’t be more justified.

  5. The more you read their antics the more you can see exactly who the ringleaders behind the vicious hate campaign are. Everything is there – the ‘we’ll have to start again’ from the saintly Melanie Page, to Sarah Gunther’s ‘lets start a blog so they cant report us,’ and then there’s that poor ‘innocent’ Sandy Lightfoot behind them all the way. We have yet to include some of the rest of their vicious little circle, and boy are they in for a surprise on that one.

    These people could be described as a lot of things Karmabus, but never ever sensitive, no matter how hard they try to pretend otherwise. . They clearly don’t care about anyone or anything only themselves, and its way past time everyone knew it.

  6. This post never fails to infuriate me. How can people who claim to love dogs behave in such a deranged, twisted, bullying fashion and then pretend on the other hand to be sensitive, caring people? It’s as if they have split personalities or, alternatively, they don’t have any decency at all and the caring part is just a poor acting performance from them. I think its the latter.

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