The Anti-Save Lennox Campaign Team

The following is a rough list of people/profiles who have either openly conducted a vendetta against Lennox’s family and the campaign to save him, or they’ve fully supported those who are directly responsible.

In several instances, it’s more a case of ‘backed up’ the Hate Campaign and Vendetta against the Save Lennox Campaign, because many of names listed below are just duplicates (fakes) for other individuals.

Bear in mind that, since we highlighted various Connections between these characters, accusing those on that Connections list of being the people being Roxanne Summers, Heather Jones, amongst others, many fake profiles (Summers being one) have either disappeared or been left dormant (Heather Jones):

Amy C James
Amy Miller*
Andrea Williams Phillips~
Ann Banford (aka Mel Page)
Anne EndBSL Roberts
Billie Bennet*
Carol Jones*
Carol Scrogie
Chris Jones*
Corinne Day
Deb (Gooner) Gathercole
Denise Day~
Diane Fur Ever Percival
Ella (Kathy) Wardley
Francis Barnett*
George E Slough (Jeff Slough’s dog) 
Heather Jones*
Isabella Black*
Jacqueline Jahn
Jaime Hamilton
Jayne Radziszewski
Jeff Slough (aka George E Slough – Jeff’s dog)
Jeff W Whur
Jules J Jules
Julie Pardoe
June Jack
Karen A Harrington
Karin B Kulessa
Kate Smith
Kay Jay*
Kel Leigh
Kelly End BSL Wardle
Kirsten Lawrence
Kirsty EndBsl Moore
Lesley Mead
Little Nala*
Lasse Kulessa (Karin Kulessa’s dog)
Lynn GP
Mandy Endbsl Mare (Debbie Gathercole)*
Margaret Lord*
Mary Lynn
Mel Duncan
Mel Page~
Mel Rushmore
Michaela Christine Enselmann
Michael MP Jones
Nikola Black*
Pam McCullough
Pam Whitrod
Peter Tallack
Poosey Kat*
Rachel Carter*
Roxanne Summers*
Ruth McKinley
Sam (Samantha) Bellamy (aka Sammie J Chance)~
Sammie J Chance*
Sandie Lightfoot~
Sarah Gunther~
Sarah Rands
Sharon Vermillion
Stephen Againstabusers Leigh
Ted Ismay~
Tom Spencer*
Yootha Boylan* 
Zaira Della-Verde


13 thoughts on “The Anti-Save Lennox Campaign Team

  1. I am so sorry to read about Lennox and the pain and suffering that he and his family had to endure.
    Could I please ask what part Tina Delaney played in this campaign and what her involvement was.
    I am currently trying to save my sister’s dog from destruction against Tina Delaney and we need all the help we can get.
    If you can help or advise us in any way it would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards

  2. They’re quiet in their own id’s anyway, no doubt they have numerous fake id’s that they are still posting their nastiness under.

    • Yep, even their precious LLAV has nothing to say these days, and when you consider how much trouble they went to to clean off some of their ‘best moments’ too ! Like all bullies they ran away when confronted with the indisputable evidence of their hate filled lies. The two Mels from DNB, Lightfoot, Gunther, Tallack, and their adoring little brain dead fan club may be under the illusion that if they stay quiet for a while it will all be forgotten, but with the trail they left behind them they are sadly mistaken.

        • He had been happily living with his family for 5 years with no mishaps or signs of aggression Frank. He was no more a risk to the family than any other breed of dog might’ve been and his family ensured they avoided risky situations because they were responsible owners – something that should happen more often. If you look at statistics around the World you’ll find that just as many dog bites and hospital visits – if not more – occur from other breeds as from bull breeds, it’s just that bull breeds incidents make front page news. There is no obligation for a hospital to determine what breed of dog brings a patient in to them but most reported bites are not Bull breeds. When a Jack Russell killed a baby they made sure to mention the other family pet – who didn’t touch the baby – was a Staffie. When the Husky killed the newborn the headline was ‘tragedy’ not ‘devil dog’ just as when a Border Collie nearly ripped a babys leg off, it was an ‘awful thing to happen’ and there was no mention of a breed of dog that MUST be destroyed as a result. The legislation was brought in because Rottweilers attacked a child, not Staffies or Bull breed crosses, but you try and start banning pedigree dogs and you get trouble so instead they picked mongrels, as Pit Bulls are not a breed, and the general public were fool enough to believe that the Government were working to solve the ‘problem’, a problem created by humans. Anyone in a job which demands they deal with dogs on a daily basis should be knowledgeable enough to know whether a dog is scared, in pain, avoiding them, warning them to back off or is actually vicious and taking dogs with a view to killing them when they have never done anything wrong is wrong in itself. To use the ‘i’m just doing my job’ line or the ‘it’s the law’ line or even worse the ‘i’m just earning a living’ line is condoning a legislation that Vets, rescues, the Kennel Club, Battersea Dogs Home, Dogs Trust and every decent qualified behavioural trainer knows is a criminal piece of legislation. Nearly every other Country that had brought BSL in has since stopped using it because they’ve done their research and taken advice from people who WEREN’T going to benefit financially from it. The only tragedy here is the media spin, the bad advice that Politicians take as gospel and the actions of ignorant dog owners. That combination is causing the death of innocent dogs in their thousands 😦

          • Where Lennox was concerned every aspect of the case was questionable and the bullying actually came from the people involved in taking Lennox and they then got their friends to join in. It was the family of Lennox who were bullied for 3 years by those people and those bullies are now in the spotlight and they don’t appear to like it very much when their actions come back to haunt them.

            • These people are sheer evil, full of their own dubious importance, the people who facilitate these monsters are as culpable as they are. Shame on them excuses for human beings. May karma visit them swiftly. In a decent world these poor dogs would not have this happen to them, it is an abhoration and everyone involved in their incarceration should be thoroughly ashamed and feel the full weight of the law themselves for their lies, Ill treatment and murder of these dogs.

          • Did not know about BSL until on FB. To say incredulous is understatement. It is just racial thinking flawed and beyond absurd. They were called Nanny dogs as good with children. They are for hugs not love. What an ignorant ill informed person and persons who have no experience in dog world. Once people with black cats were called witches. UK going backwards. Look at the other end if the lead not the dog, if possess any brain cells at all

        • How do you know the dog wasn’t safe for a family? In many ways dogs react the same way that us humans do, if someone is aggressive to us we are aggressive back, if someone punches ups we punch back, dogs can’t punch so use their teeth instead. What I have noticed over many years that the people who insist a dog is dangerous are usually aggressive people, those that fight for a dog are not usually aggressive, they try to save the dogs within the law.

  3. Has anyone else noticed how quiet most of these id’s have been since being outed? They’re not quite so brave now they’ve been named and shamed are they!

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