If the NAME fits…


You’ve heard about people with names which mirror their professions, such as The Reverend Michael Vickers, neurologist Lord Brain, prison reformer Frances Crook, Constable Lawless, etc. ¬†Strange but true, but it isn’t confined to just surnames – did you know that it can also apply to locations; places where (some) people live?

For example, take NOTTS (Nottinghamshire), and then the homonym KNOTS, as in ‘tied up in knots‘ or ‘a knotty problem:

Heather Jones Facebook in Nottingham

Hmm, must be something to do with ‘cookies‘ ūüôā

Regular readers of the fake¬†Heather Jones¬†will recall that ‘she’ often referred to living in London, but knotted her knickers when one of the screenshots she posted showed advertising related to her real location (Nottingham), something we’ve covered before [link].

There sure is a lot going on in Nottingham:

LLAAV server location Nottingham

A mere coincidence The Lav aka LLAAV is hosted via Heart Internet, based in Nottingham?

Well maybe, but if there is to be a moral in this post, it’s more about the tangled web of lies they’ve spun for themselves, rather than a knotty problem.

For instance, some people in certain geographical areas have recently gone to extraordinary lengths denying they are involved, in any way, with The Lav, aka LLAAV (some more material for our Guess Who slots) :

Guess who is promoting The Lav aka LLAAV ? Same person who claims to have nothing to do with it.

Guess who is promoting The Lav aka LLAAV AGAIN any chance she gets even though she denies having anything to do with it

Guess who sounds a lot like Heather Jones promoting The Lav aka LLAAV

Denial is a pointless exercise for several reasons. For starters, there’s the mind-numbing primary school potty conversations among so-called (okay, self-styled) ‘professionals‘ which are uncannily similar to the juvenile, vacuous rants on The Lav, aka LLAAV, coupled with the HC’s almost unanimous attachment to the ‘C‘ word.

Then there’s the sick mentality that prompts them to randomly accuse people of being ‘stalkers of children‘ (go figure), and at least one of them will instantly brand you a ‘pedo‘ (he means ‘paedo‘) every chance he gets, for no apparent reason, other than that subject must be on his mind 24/7 – the same type of sick mentality that controlled the¬†Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers profiles, among others – birds of a feather and all that.

(Which reminds us, where did¬†‘Angela Mannering’ disappear to?)

Finally, a word to our sponsors – ¬†we know some of you are worried (ah bless) that we spend too many precious hours blogging about your antics but, as we told Heather Jones a few months back (before ‘she’ was put out to pasture), on average it takes us about half an hour to stick a blog post together, sometimes a lot less, and that’s because you’ve been kind enough to supply so much material for us to choose from. So there’s really no need to fret. However, we’re not ungrateful, and your concern is noted and appreciated.