FUDGE, another victim of BSL …


… and yet another target for members of the sick Save Lennox Hate Campaign. 

Fudge This gentle girl would have been three years old today, 27th October…

Fudge, another unnecessary BSL Victim

Fudge was only five months old when she was seized on 22 March 2011.

Fudge 7

Still a baby – but she was killed within one hour of being taken from her home…

Fudge, another pointless victim of Breed Specific Legislation

Why ?

Five months old, and not a harmful bone in her very young body  

As you will see from Fudge’s owner’s statement below, the authorities turned up in force, mob-handed – at a house with a single woman and a puppy. They also had with them pre-printed paperwork for the seizure and destruction of Fudge.

They had not previously contacted Fudge’s owner, she was taken completely by surprise, and that was obviously deliberate. The callous excuse for taking Fudge was that she would grow too big for her owner’s age and stature. Following that logic, can those of us who are not in our prime and have failed to achieve six feet in height expect to see our St Bernards, Great Danes and German Shepherds taken from us?

Without exception, seizures under Breed Specific Legislation are pointless because the dogs are either random casualties of an idiotic, mindless Nonsense Law (and those who relish and exploit it) often involving nothing more than a dressmaker’s tape measure to establish ‘type’; or they are the victims of bad and/or inexperienced owners.

The latter did not apply to Fudge. She was cherished and adored by an experienced dog owner who, like the majority of us, did not think it conceivable at the time that such a thing would happen.

Extract of a statement by Fudge’s owner, Carole Gill-Eden, made on Wednesday, 30 March 2011:

“Fudge had been out on her walk on the evening of 22nd March 2011. She was not quite 5 months old. We got home and I made her nightly Horlicks (which she loved) and she settled down and went  to sleep. I made myself a drink and went to sit in the living room.

As I sat, I heard a loud banging on the front door – living alone I am always wary of unexpected knocks so didn’t go to the door, but seconds later there was a knock on the window too, and a voice through the letterbox saying ‘Merseyside Police’. I have no reason to be in fear of the police and opened the door.

A WPC asked if my name was Carole and ‘did I have a dog?’, adding that they’d had a report last week of a banned breed living here. I told her I had a Staff and she said ‘Can I see it?’ and I let her in. Fudge was asleep in her bed behind a child safety gate in the kitchen. The WPC asked ‘did she bite?’ and I replied ‘she may lick you to death’. Fudge woke up and stretched and the WPC looked over the gate and said, ‘That’s got Pit in it’. I was shocked and said ‘no way’. She then asked me would I open the front door as her sergeant was there, which I did.

He came in and she asked him what he thought – he said ‘pit’ (neither one of them touched Fudge). He added: ‘Look at the length of her legs’. I opened the gate and brought Fudge into the living room and sat on the rug with her. I had hold of her collar because she thinks everyone is her friend and will stroke her. The sergeant then asked me if I have kids. I said ‘yes, but all adult, but I have grandkids who come play with her. He asked ‘how old?’ and I said ‘youngest is 5’.

He then told me that he was on duty when the child in Wavertree was killed last year, adding that that dog was in the grandmothers too. I said how tragic it was and if I ever thought my dog would hurt my grandkids then I wouldn’t have her. He said ‘Do you know how big that dog will grow?. Look at the spare skin still not filled’.

The WPC then said they were seizing the dog. They said that ‘it would be pointless taking this one to court because, given my stature and age, there was no way I would be able to manage the dog in six months’ and ‘how would I feel if they were called back in six months when Fudge had created carnage, and a child was involved?’ I said I would be horrified.  He said ‘well that’s what can happen.

By then was I really scared for my puppy. My neighbour had come in wondering what all the police cars were. I was talking to her and the police were talking to each other. The WPC then went into the kitchen, she called me and I was about to stand up and take Fudge with me when the sergeant said ‘Go on, she will be ok’, so Idid. The WPC said she had some paperwork to fill out and I stood looking into the living room.

I was very upset and crying – I then felt a gut instinct to go back to Fudge as the sergeant had got up and was standing by the door. I really believed he had taken Fudge without me being there. I went to walk in the room and the WPC said ‘hang on, I need you to sign this’. I said ‘yes ok, need to get my glasses though’, and they were in the front room. She touched my arm and held this white form out, saying ‘sign this’. I said I couldn’t see it and didn’t know what it said. She said ‘don’t worry, we need three signatures from you, but sign this and I will get on with the rest’. She said ‘it is just a signature to say I wasn’t coerced’. I foolishly scribbled my name because I wanted to get back in the other room and see Fudge.

Fudge was fine and laying on the rug. The WPC then asked me to give another two signatures she needed and I did. She stood up and asked me why Fudge had a training lead (it was on the chair) and I said because my son in law is NASDO trained and he had been training her. She asked if I had another lead, then said ‘Oh it’s ok, use one of mine’ and handed me the lead. She asked if I wanted the (quote) “Three hairy arsed coppers outside to take her or did I want to”. I said ‘me’ and I led Fudge outside in floods of tears.

There were two estate police cars and a yellow police van. The WPC steered me to the van and when I got there the back door was open and Fudge walked to it as she always did because she was nosy, and she put her two front paws up. The WPC and another PC then lifted her back end into the van saying how heavy she was. The doors were shut and the van gone in minutes.

I, by then, was sobbing and the WPC put her arm around my shoulder and led me back to the house. I asked her where Fudge was going, thinking she was going to say what kennels, but she said ‘Alder’. I was surprised because Alder is my vet and I wondered ‘why there?’. Then I thought ‘oh they are next to the police station so maybe police use their kennels’.

The WPC said ‘go and cry those tears. I know how you feel, I love my dog, and remember what a responsible owner you are’.

Half an hour later I got a call saying Fudge was dead…. I think I went into shock. I don’t even remember talking to my daughter on the phone.

I know I am responsible for signing that form, but I didn’t know I was signing my gorgeous pup away to be killed. Nothing was talked through about the form and, as my solicitor said, I was tricked. Even a doctor explains a consent form telling you what’s happening.

And they are the facts of my Fudge’s last hours.”

Some time later, Fudge’s mum, Carole, added:

“I’ve written it as best I can, but it is just an exact description of what happened. Fudge hated loud noises and for days after all I heard was the clang of those back doors being slammed shut. I was haunted by how she would be scared locked in a dark van and no one she knew with her. When I found out I had actually signed her death warrant I ended up being treated for depression.

She had an awful start to her short life – the runt of a litter that had been sold, and she was just a tiny shivering skinny thing, no one wanted to buy. Two druggie teens were carrying her round the road in the freezing cold when my daughter saw them and asked what they were doing having a tiny pup out without even a blanket.  One of them said they were trying to sell her for the owner but couldn’t, so he was going to drown her as he didn’t want pups around at Christmas. My daughter gave them all she had, £50, and brought her to me. It really was love at first sight.”



Fudge’s owner was not known to the Save Lennox Hate Campaign until she shared her story and in turn became involved in the fight to save Lennox.

That put her on the HC‘s radar, thereby making her an instant target for their malice:

Roxanne Summers et al targeting Fudge's owners BSL Belfast

Yes, Roxanne Summers (aka Sarah Gunther) again, aided by Kel Leigh, who should have been Sectioned long ago along with her equally sick and disturbed husband Steve Leigh.

When her vindictive post didn’t achieve the desired effect, Gunther stepped up

Roxanne Summers and other members of the Save Lennox Hate Campaign with another target

This time Summers (Gunther) stench attracted more flies in the form of Julie Pardoe (who went AWOL just after the Summers’ profile permanently disappeared. Oddly enough Pardoe was one ID we thought might actually be real – seems we were wrong).

Then there’s our old friend Vermin buzzing around and, of course, Kirsten Lawrence, who rarely let a chance slip to land on a target.

The people ‘liking’ Summer’s montage are Deb Gooner Gathercole, Heather Jones (aka Page/ Ismay/ AWP), Sam Bellamy, Kate Smith, Karin Kulessa and permanently brown-nosed Lawrence.

There’s more of the same, mostly by ‘Heather Jones’ and cronies posting on the now defunct Boycott Boycott Belfast page, which can be shown at a later date.

But for today, in remembrance of what should have been Fudge’s third birthday, this is dedicated to her still grieving owner and all victims of an utterly pointless Breed Specific Legislation.

Rest in Peace little one

Fudge, a tragic victim of BSL

Fudge Justice

Fudge Run Free