Goodbye 2016


This blog was created to expose a group of very nasty individuals who spent their time bullying and victimising chosen targets, under the pretext of being animal lovers and crusaders of the ‘truth’. We thought we’d look back over the last year and see what’s being going with that charming collection of harpies.

As it turns out, →most of them↔ have crawled back under their stones; some have carried on as if nothing ever happened, while others have supposedly changed direction in an attempt to cover their tracks.

Sarah Gunther EGAR, Mel Page Deed not Breed, Tina Delaney Newham Dog Warden, Sandie Lightfoot Dog Warden, Lennox BSL, Peter Tallack, Mel Rushmore Deed not Breed, Andrea Phillips Deed Not Breed,

Sarah Gunther (Roxanne Summers) EGAR. Animal cruelty Conviction Galway SPCA 2014

Obviously that can’t be said of Lightfoot, Delaney and Tallack, who still make a very good living at the expense of other people.

And then there’s Sarah Gunther (aka Roxanne Summers) who hides behind various Facebook profiles – among them Eddie O’Donnell and still potentially under the scrutiny of local government in order to ensure she doesn’t attempt to start up any kind of animal rescue again.

Should Gunther feel so inclined, here are a few reminders why she can’t be trusted with a stuffed toy, let alone a living, breathing animal.

Before looking at the following images taken from the GSPCA visits, which resulted in Gunther’s conviction, remember that Mel Page, Mel Rushmore, Andrea Phillips, Sandie Lightfoot and Tina Delaney colluded with Gunther and backed her to the hilt until the conviction became public knowledge [link] :

Sarah Gunther EGAR

” Most of the dogs were bull terriers or Staffordshire bull terriers and the images from the day they were rescued show how neglected they were. The dogs were seized by gardaí and taken to a local veterinary surgery where five were found to be in an emaciated state ” – Courtesy of

Sarah Gunther EGAR GSPCA

Corpse of a dog found by GSPCA – “Feed bowls were embedded in the dirt and a dog corpse was found in one of the kennels, as well as a number of animal skulls. There were eight dogs in total at this location of varying breed and sizes along with one dead dog. None of which had any food or water visible. All of the dogs on site seemed in very poor condition.”


“Most of the dogs were bull terriers or Staffordshire bull terriers and the images from the day they were rescued (by GSPCA) show how neglected they were. The dogs were seized by gardaí and taken to a local veterinary surgery where five were found to be in an “emaciated state”. – Courtesy of

Sarah Gunther EGAR GSPCA

Dogs living in filth at Gunther’s property (EGAR) while she spent her days trolling Facebook as Roxanne Summers.

Sarah Gunther EGAR GSPCA

Filthy Kennels EGAR

Not long before Gunther’s conviction, this poor soul’s fate was sealed after she decided to use him for her own sordid purposes….

Sarah Gunther EGAR with foal in crate

After gaining praise and admiration for her ‘selfless act of kindness‘ in rescuing a foal the mother had allegedly rejected, she stuck him in a dog crate at her home with heavy smokers, along with several dogs and cats while she spent her time trolling around Facebook.

This little mite died shortly after that photo was taken. The cause of death (according to Gunther) was ‘respiratory complications’.

Although convicted of animal cruelty in 2014, Gunther has managed to keep quite a few dogs by claiming they were her personal pets. Maybe it’s time the Galway SPCA and the Department of Agriculture paid her another visit.

We reiterate our message from last year…

Remembering all victims of BSL. We sincerely hope that, by some miracle, 2017 will see an end to this cruel, utterly pointless and barbaric leglislation.

Sarah Gunther Egar, Melanie Page, Melanie Rushmore Deed not breed, Tina Delaney Newham Dog Warden, Sandie Lightfoot Belfast, Peter Tallack, Kirsten Lawrence facebook, Sam Bellamy, Denise Day,

To Lennox’s family, Fudge’s mum, innocent victims of BSL, all our friends and supporters, past and present, we wish you and your loved ones a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. 


To the Lennox Hate Campaign members, every last one of you, we hope that the stigma of your actions will forever stain your lives

it’s nothing less than you deserve.


We Remember You Lennox 2016


Tina Delaney Animal Welfare Newham, Mel Page Deed not Breed, Melanie Rushmore Deed not Breed

And we remember those responsible for your death. Never to be forgotten.

In remembrance of all victims of a sick and twisted law.Remember Lennox BSL Belfast City Council , Sandie Lightfoot, Melanie Page Deed not Breed, Melanie Rushmore Deed not Breed, Tina Delaney Animal Welfare Newham, Sarah Gunther EGAR,


Goodbye to 2015


And probably Farewell from us too. Job done (unless they float back up again).

Mel Page Deed not Breed, Melanie Rushmore Deed not breed, Tina Delaney Newham

In September 2012 we launched this blog purely as a means to expose a pair of sick trolls using the names Roxanne Summers and Heather Jones. Not being sure at the time whether Summers and Jones were real identities, we incorrectly referred to them as ‘she’ in the purely feminine sense. How wrong we were.

Though their behaviour – and that of some very willing accomplices – has been disgusting, this was only ever intended to be a brief and temporary taste of their own medicine, and for a while it turned into a hilarious pantomime with more dumb characters and drama queens than a series of TOWIE.

But in the end, sadly, it exposed the true nature of some vile people and the lengths they were prepared to go in order to harm one particular family, including a young girl, and ultimately an innocent dog.

Lennox BSL Belfast City Council Sandie Lightfoot, Melanie Page, Tina Delaney, Peter Tallack, Sarah Gunther

Lennox would probably be alive today if it wasn’t for the hate campaign waged against him – all the time falsely disguised as ‘concern’ for his welfare – with the sole intention of destroying his family.

That hate campaign began first with Sandie Lightfoot, quickly followed by Sarah Gunther and Peter Tallack, backed to the hilt by their good friends Mel Page, Melanie Rushmore and Tina Delaney. After that, the rest of the dross attached themselves like leeches.

Admittedly we relished turning the tables, exposing their spiteful and often elaborate lies, and it was a pleasure to see them scuttle away, one by one.

Sandie Lightfoot Lennox BSL Stalking EvidenceBullying is cowardly and mindless at the best of times, but it’s anyone’s guess what really possessed a twisted collection of morons to attack Lennox’s family.  It could be boiled down to the poisonous Lightfoot’s personal vendetta against them, coupled by the family’s shrewd refusal to accept a self-promoting, disingenuous offer of help from animal-abuser and habitual-liar Sarah Gunther.  Then came the corrupt testimonies of Lightfoot and Tallack (perjury). But none of that really explains why so many others climbed aboard the gut wagon to intimidate and bully Len’s family – and every single one of them did just that.

We hope that, with the invaluable help of our friends and supporters, we have managed to ensure that Lightfoot, Tallack, Gunther, Page, Rushmore, PhillipsDelaney and the rest of the Hate Campaign will always be remembered for what they are; vindictive, dishonest and cunning.

We will never forget you LennoxIn spite of – or perhaps because of – your tragic and wholly avoidable treatment and death, you will always remain a gentle and beautiful ambassador for all innocent victims of a BullShit Law.

Sandie Lightfoot, Peter Tallack, Sarah Gunther, Melanie Page Deed not Breed, Melanie rushmore , Tina Delaney

And we will never forget you, sweet, gentle Fudge, unbelievably just five months old when seized and killed – yet another faultless target for callous, spiteful Jobsworths and Trolls, who saw you and your mum as another mark for their twisted malice.

Fudge 5

Remembering all victims of BSL. We sincerely hope that, by some miracle, 2016 will see an end to this cruel, utterly pointless and barbaric leglislation.

End Breed Specific Legislation

To Lennox’s family, Fudge’s mum, innocent victims of BSL, all our friends and supporters, past and present, we wish you and your loved ones a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. 

To the Lennox Hate Campaign members, every last one of you, we hope that the stigma of your actions will forever stain your lives – it’s nothing less than you deserve.


question about the Bar Council


Hello Shankillway – as Summersdays hasn’t responded yet, we thought we’d fill you in, as it were, and also take this opportunity to update our visitors.

The Bar Council have indicated they will not be closing the complaint at this time as it coincides with Police investigations brought about by HC victims. As long as Police investigations remain active, any relevant information gleaned from them will be passed to the Bar Council.

Similarly, the information passed to the Bar Council was also given to the Police for their own investigations.

Apologies if that all sounds vague, that’s about as much as can be revealed publicly. If we were to publish material passed to the Bar Council and the Police, the investigations would be compromised.

However, rest assured that the matter is definitely ongoing and with so many people determined that Summers and Jones and all those associated will be exposed, it’s highly unlikely the matter will ever be dropped – certainly not as far as we’re concerned.

No matter how long it takes, sooner or later the past comes back to haunt in one form or another; mistakes are made and/or previous confidantes turn into enemies and informants.

Some of our previous posts including Bar Council information might be helpful:

Shankill Way, poorly disguised HC member. Ann Banford aka Mel Page Deed not Breed, Anne EndBSL Roberts, Deb (Gooner) Gathercole, Debbie Gathercole, Denise Day, Ella Kathy Wardley, George E Slough, Jayne Radziszewski, Jeff Slough, Jeff W Whur, Jules J Jules, Karin B Kulessa, Kirsten Lawrence, Lasse Junior Kulessa, Lesley Mead, Mandy Mare aka Debbie Gathercole, Amanda Mare aka Debbie Gathercole facebook, Mel Duncan, Mel Page Deed not Breed, Mel Rushmore Bull Breed Advisory, Pam Whitrod, Peter Tallack, Ruth McKinley, Sandie Lightfoot Belfast, Sam Bellamy Facebook, Sarah Gunther EGAR, Sarah Rands facebook, Sharon I Vermillion, Steve Rushy, Victoria Thomas, Gunner Leigh, Tina DELANEY Animal Welfare Newham, Michelle Delaney Animal Welfare Newham aka Tina Delaney, Lennox BSL Belfast, Save Lennox, PSNI, Bar Council Northern Ireland, Tina Michelle Delaney, Animal Welfare Newham, Tina Delaney BSL, Tina Delaney Dangerous Dogs, Tina Delaney Nature or Nurture, Tina Delaney Death Row Dogs, Tina Delaney Dog Attacks, Tina Delaney Dog Bites, Victoria Delaney facebook, Michelle Delaney animal welfare manager newham, Victoria Stilwell dogs, Sarah Fisher expert dog behaviourist, Nerdy Computers Limited, Andrea Williams facebook, Andrea Williams Phillips WAGS, Jeff Lewis Slough Rochdale, John Alan Wareing, Julie Bell Tattler, Anne EndBSL Roberts, Deb (Gooner) Gathercole, Debbie Gathercole, Denise Day facebook, Ella Kathy Wardley facebook, George E Slough facebook, Jayne Radziszewski, Jeff Slough facebook, Jeff W Whur facebook, Jules J Jules facebook, Karin B Kulessa, Kirsten Lawrence facebook, Lesley Mead facebook, Amanda Mare facebook aka Debbie Gathercole, Mel Duncan facebook, Mel Page Deed not Breed, Mel Rushmore Bull Breed Advisory, Pam Whitrod facebook, Peter Tallack BSL, Ruth McKinley facebook Belfast, Sandie Lightfoot Belfast, Sam Bellamy Facebook, Sarah Gunther EGAR, Sarah Rands facebook, Sharon Vermillion facebook, Steve Rushy, Victoria Thomas facebook, Gunner Leigh facebook, Jacqueline Moth-Hag Jahn, ISPCA Gunther, GSPCA Gunther, Ted Ismay facebook, Samara Phoenix Edwards facebook, Andrea Phillips Mrs Dude Facebook, Kel Gunner Leigh facebook, Jayne Radziszewski Jeffrey Slough Crede Signo Dynamic Websites company number 06960098 registered address 65 rhodes crescent Rochdale Lancashire L11 2HU, Jeffrey Lewis Slough Little Angels Staffie Rescue,

The Northern Ireland BAR COUNCIL – Update


You may remember that, earlier in the year, we and a few Roxanne Summers’ targets contacted the Northern Ireland Bar Council regarding her ‘I’m a highly qualified barrister‘ claims:

Roxanne Summers claims to be qualified barrister

And as regular visitors will know, there was an immediate and positive response from the Bar Council, who took the complaints very seriously [link], not least because some of you made them aware of your own police investigations relating to Summers and other members of the Hate Campaign, which still remain open.

We hadn’t expected the Professional Conduct Committee of the Northern Ireland Bar Council to be able to take up complaints where no solid evidence could be offered. However, the subject of Roxanne Summers, either being a barrister or passing herself off as one under a pseudonym, was placed on several of their monthly agendas, and we’re extremely grateful to them for that.

We didn’t hold out too much hope that the Bar Council’s investigations would produce any results. For the sake of their enquiries, they obviously needed to consider that the person behind the Summers’ profile was a barrister, but it must have been immediately obvious to them that it was extremely unlikely ‘Summers’ was a qualified professional of any description, once they and the other authorities involved witnessed her comments via the screenshots on this blog – her own profiles having been deactivated.

So it wasn’t a surprise when the Bar Council informed us that they had drawn a blank. Through lack of evidence (but certainly not effort on their part) they have been unable to discover the identity of the idiot passing herself off as a qualified N.I. barrister, or establish if a genuine member of the Bar was trolling Facebook in disguise.

However, they are interested in re-opening their investigations should more information come to light :

Bar council letter

Needless to say, the Bar Council are unable to investigate a person who is not a member of the Bar, but since that fact hasn’t been established yet they are more than willing to take up the enquiry at a later date, which is encouraging.

Perhaps one of us should have asked them to contact Mel Page for confirmation that Roxanne Summers is a real person

Mel page facebook deed not breed just remembered she does know roxanne summers after allPage stated Roxanne Summers is real, so if someone were to ask, maybe she’d also confirm that Summers is a qualified barrister? or not.

But if Page isn’t forthcoming, maybe a certain Belfast resident, Ruth McKinley, might be able to help. True, Belfast isn’t that small, and if we’d just plucked Ruth’s name out of thin air then there would be a very slim chance she’d know Summers, assuming she’s real of course. But we haven’t plucked, have we Ruth?

Save Lennox Hate Campaign RUTH McKINLEY

On the face of it, McKinley was sufficiently involved with the Hate Campaign to warrant her removing all traces of comments she’d made on other people’s pages, blogs and websites. For example:

Examiner re. Lennox Belfast BSL

If you click on the image and scroll to the comments, you’ll see McKinley is conspicuous by her absence. Evidently she doesn’t have the courage of her convictions (unlike fake Billie Bennet) because she removed her comments, noticeable only because other people are responding to her, otherwise we’d be none the wiser.

But we did say ‘on the face of it’, because in fact McKinley had a much bigger role in the campaign against Lennox’s owners than the part time HC bottle washer she made herself out to be….



We thought it might be interesting, and revealing, to have a guess the author slot on the blog.

Original, uncensored screenshots will be posted at a later date, but for now we’ve removed anything that could identify the people commenting; the only clues being in the content and style of writing.

Apart from giving us the chance to make use of unused material and screenshots buried in previous posts, it’s a very handy way of identifying individuals through their writing characteristics without a false name diverting attention away from the real identity, but we’ll also add a few screenshot comments from people who have used their own names.

Apologies if some of the screenshots seem a bit ‘random’, there’s a reason they’ve been used which will become obvious when the authors are revealed.

The comments option on this particular blog entry is temporarily disabled.


Guess Who Pt I

1:   This person was found stalking Victoria Stilwell, DDA Watch and the Free Lennox page on Facebook :

Which FOUNDING member of The Save Lennox HATE CAMPAIGN is this

While we’re showing this, can anyone, anyone at all, please send us evidence that Lennox’s owners :  a) ‘collected money fraudulently‘;  b) ‘made accusations about dozens of people that are simply untrue‘;  and c) ‘made threats, been abusive and harassed anyone who ever asked a question‘ – [link].

It’s interesting that this person offered to provide proof of those accusations only via private message and didn’t feel able to post it in public anywhere, at any time.  Please bear that in mind when we reveal the author next week.

» » » » » » »

2:    Someone who apparently knows everything there is to know about Deed not breed – in fact you’d swear they had a vested interest :Guess who this is with an awful lot of knowledge about Deed not Breed

The same person who wrote that also composed this:

Guess who is slagging off Victoria Stilwell, Again

It does not mean they are expert. Their evidence to the court is their opinion“!! 🙂

It doesn’t matter which one of the HC wrote this, it’s still a total contradiction of everything they’d previously agreed upon to say, but it suited this person’s vindictive agenda on that occasion to change tack (yet again). We’ll get to that another time.

For the moment, please note and keep in mind the final paragraph in that post.

» » » » » » »

3:    We’re including this one not so much to compare styles of writing, more for the content :

Guess who is dropping Lightfoot and Page right in it

We’ll cover what’s been said here later, but for anyone who hasn’t followed the HC campaign from the beginning, basically Terry Twoons was a fake profile set-up/used-by Sandie Lightfoot, and it disappeared darn quick! As soon as Lightfoot was rumbled in fact. More on that another time.

» » » » » » »

4:    A warning to owners of seized dogs. If you upset certain members of the HC, don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the receiving end of one of their dirty tricks campaigns :

Guess who this sewer mind is

This person, and several other HC members, certainly did try their hand at ‘reporting’ Lennox’s family to the tax and benefits offices. Didn’t do them any good of course, because there was nothing to report, therefore no outcome.

Interestingly, some members of the HC were a bit shy about using their own names to do the ‘reporting’. Now that could be because several of them are on benefits themselves (Lennox’s family was not), or it could be they risked further damage to already sullied reputations owing to their complete lack of self-control. 

» » » » » » »

5:   One of our personal favourites :

Guess who is articulate and educated, NOT

» » » » » » »

7:    How low can you go

Guess who stoops to the lowest possible levels

» » » » » » »

8:    Two people commenting together, side by side on Victoria Stilwell’s page. Unusual considering  one of them claims to have had nothing to do with the Hate Campaign nor the people in it up to their necks, and therefore that person surely wouldn’t be seen dead stalking Victoria Stilwell ? 

Guess Who commenting yet again side by side

We’ve already wiped the floor with their Attorney General claims [link 1 / link 2] although to be fair it wasn’t difficult, and nobody took any notice of the HC prattling on about bomb threats and incendiary devices, because we all have Internet access and found out for ourselves what a crock that was. In fact even BCC couldn’t answer questions about their own accusations. But we’ll cover that subject in another blog entry as it’s something we haven’t touched on before. Besides, it will give us the chance to show more examples of the bile spewing forth from people who currently would prefer to be seen as innocent and squeaky clean.

9:    Before we leave Part I, here’s another snapshot of those same two people, who had nothing much to do with one another apparently, but here they’re found commenting on one of their own personal Facebook pages. What a coincidence, not :

Guess who commenting side by side once again

Guess Who Part II coming soon

Donations, donations, donations

It’s odd that Heather Jones chose to display a DDA notice, bearing in mind we all know the Hate Campaign were themselves responsible for spreading negative rumours about the very reputable DDA Watch in relation to donations.

But it makes sense when you think about it, what with the Hate Campaigns‘ support of a supposedly anti-BSL group slash organisation, Deed not Breed.

Here’s the original post from DDA Watch with full thread, something Jones conveniently omitted from her post:

[Save Lennox Troll Gossip]

Guess it must have slipped her mind to include that in her post. That’s what comes of having mainly air between your ears. Heather, you need to get the old BIKE pump out dear; stick it one ear and see if anything comes out the other side.

A Hate Campaigner’s job can be darn hard work. It’s not always in-yer-face and crass as you’re used to seeing on their pages. Sometimes, no matter how subtle they try to be with their muck-spreading, nobody pays any attention. So what to do next?…

Roxanne Summers waxing on DDA watch b

Simple – you orchestrate, and who better to join you in a pre-arranged performance than St Denise Day, the Patron Saint of Hypocrites 🙂