you’re dead right Debbie GATHERCOLE…

Debbie Gathercole, is that right

…it’s really not nice to bully and take the P out of people is it?…

Debbie loves stalking

Seems Debbie Gathercole’s priorities are more than a little twisted. Evidently she thinks stalking a target (yes, we know about that) followed by an intimidating phone call, then plastering the recording all over Facebook and the Internet, is very funny.

Debbie Gooner Gathercole, member of the Hate Campaign against supporters of Lennox and his family.

Debbie is now on the HC frontline, trying to muster support for deed not breed on behalf of her friend Mel Page, who is unable to promote herself at this time for various reasons. Times are definitely hard if Debbie Gathercole is all Page could muster to represent and advertise on her behalf….

Debbie Gathercole Facebook disturbed

Debbie Gathercole on dressing up dogs

Just to clarify, the unstable Debbie Gathercole is calling the dog’s owner a disgusting fool who ‘needs putting down, yep she needs pts‘, adding ‘hope you don’t drown‘, or that might be directed at the the dog, it’s unclear. Either way, it’s alarming.

The screenshot before that shows roughly what Gathercole’s numerous pages looked like before we posted Connections and chances are she was either told to clean up her act or elected to do it all by herself. All the nasty ‘C’ words have been removed, so now she’s all respectable.

At the moment Debbie is making herself very busy trying to push Page’s Deed not breed on a handful of Facebook pages dedicated to seized dogs.

However, if it turns out the dog owners have already chosen DDA Watch to assist them, Debbie carries on regardless and, in true HC style, tries to sow the seeds of doubt against DDA Watch, followed up with a plug for her mate Mel Page. Of course, none of this would be necessary if Mel Page had not been instrumental in conducting a vendetta against Lennox’s family and supporters. Hindsight can be a wonderful thing.