The Northern Ireland BAR COUNCIL – Update


You may remember that, earlier in the year, we and a few Roxanne Summers’ targets contacted the Northern Ireland Bar Council regarding her ‘I’m a highly qualified barrister‘ claims:

Roxanne Summers claims to be qualified barrister

And as regular visitors will know, there was an immediate and positive response from the Bar Council, who took the complaints very seriously [link], not least because some of you made them aware of your own police investigations relating to Summers and other members of the Hate Campaign, which still remain open.

We hadn’t expected the Professional Conduct Committee of the Northern Ireland Bar Council to be able to take up complaints where no solid evidence could be offered. However, the subject of Roxanne Summers, either being a barrister or passing herself off as one under a pseudonym, was placed on several of their monthly agendas, and we’re extremely grateful to them for that.

We didn’t hold out too much hope that the Bar Council’s investigations would produce any results. For the sake of their enquiries, they obviously needed to consider that the person behind the Summers’ profile was a barrister, but it must have been immediately obvious to them that it was extremely unlikely ‘Summers’ was a qualified professional of any description, once they and the other authorities involved witnessed her comments via the screenshots on this blog – her own profiles having been deactivated.

So it wasn’t a surprise when the Bar Council informed us that they had drawn a blank. Through lack of evidence (but certainly not effort on their part) they have been unable to discover the identity of the idiot passing herself off as a qualified N.I. barrister, or establish if a genuine member of the Bar was trolling Facebook in disguise.

However, they are interested in re-opening their investigations should more information come to light :

Bar council letter

Needless to say, the Bar Council are unable to investigate a person who is not a member of the Bar, but since that fact hasn’t been established yet they are more than willing to take up the enquiry at a later date, which is encouraging.

Perhaps one of us should have asked them to contact Mel Page for confirmation that Roxanne Summers is a real person

Mel page facebook deed not breed just remembered she does know roxanne summers after allPage stated Roxanne Summers is real, so if someone were to ask, maybe she’d also confirm that Summers is a qualified barrister? or not.

But if Page isn’t forthcoming, maybe a certain Belfast resident, Ruth McKinley, might be able to help. True, Belfast isn’t that small, and if we’d just plucked Ruth’s name out of thin air then there would be a very slim chance she’d know Summers, assuming she’s real of course. But we haven’t plucked, have we Ruth?

Save Lennox Hate Campaign RUTH McKINLEY

On the face of it, McKinley was sufficiently involved with the Hate Campaign to warrant her removing all traces of comments she’d made on other people’s pages, blogs and websites. For example:

Examiner re. Lennox Belfast BSL

If you click on the image and scroll to the comments, you’ll see McKinley is conspicuous by her absence. Evidently she doesn’t have the courage of her convictions (unlike fake Billie Bennet) because she removed her comments, noticeable only because other people are responding to her, otherwise we’d be none the wiser.

But we did say ‘on the face of it’, because in fact McKinley had a much bigger role in the campaign against Lennox’s owners than the part time HC bottle washer she made herself out to be….