A Genuine NASTY Piece of Work


Heather Jones used to make a prize Tit of herself all the time back in the day. We kind of miss her. Never mind, we still have Mel Page and Andrea Phillips to fill the void.

Closing down fake profiles has made it difficult for most of them to offload in public lately, but you can’t keep a good Shrew down for long ….

Tina Delaney Newham Animal Welfare Manager, Tina Delaney Dog Warden, London Borough of Newham, Tina Michelle Delaney aka Tina Michelle Furness, Mel Page Deed not Breed, Melanie Page Deed not Breed, Melanie Rushmore Deed not Breed, Mel Rushmore Bullbreed Advisory, Victoria Delaney, Andrea Phillips WAGS, Sandie Lightfoot Dog Warden Belfast, Lennox BSL, Denise Day Facebook, Kirsten Lawrence facebook, Sam Bellamy kissmyarse Facebook, Jeff Slough, George Slough facebook


Bland as Pat Attwood’s remark was, she couldn’t know Page has a raging complex – the poor dear is uncomfortable with herself for whatever reason (who cares), often faking reactions to mundane remarks to draw attention, getting as much mileage out of it as she can.

Mel just has to know she’s noticed. She obviously has a self-esteem problem (who cares), which is why she’s a bully. Like all bullies, she’s totally gutless and can’t operate alone. Safety in numbers eh Mel?

Yet it must be really hard for Page, inflicted with the mind of a disturbed adolescent, trying to run an organisation that should be based around integrity, discretion and being all grown-up.

It’s a hard old life when you haven’t evolved, which probably explains why Deed not Breed lag so far behind another organisation dedicated to helping victims of BSL.

What was it at the last count? Something like 4K to Deed not Breed, as opposed to 36K for DDA Watch? That’s a massive 32K difference. It’s a mystery – Deed not Breed has been going roughly since 2007, about the same as DDA Watch. Why such a deficit?

Well for a start, to our knowledge, nobody at DDA Watch has ever wasted precious time on a hate campaign against anyone, nor slagged someone off just for having an opinion – and as far as we know no one at DDA Watch deliberately draws attention to themselves on their public Facebook pages, then complains they’re being stalked.

Things might improve for Page if she could keep her trap shut, but she can’t. Sooner or later the Heather in her resurfaces and she’s off.  It’s almost like she’s given up. Maybe she thinks it’s just not worth trying any more to repair a reputation like hers, given the company she keeps, her rotten attitude and past HC history, especially with Gunther, who isn’t exactly ‘past history’ anyway, if you get our drift.

And then there’s the relationship with Tina Delaney, the same Tina Michelle Delaney who supplied information to Melanie Anne Page about a certain BSL case already covered by DDA Watch – the dog’s owner just happened to live in Newham

Read on ….

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2015 ~ Lennox Remembered ~ 1st April 2005 ~


Lennox would have been Ten Years Old Today.

Lennox Belfast BSL Sandie Lightfoot, Peter Tallack, Mel Page deed not breed, Melanie Rushmore Bullbreed advisory service, Tina Delaney Newham, Sarah Gunther egar, Andrea williams phillips WAGS

Another year has gone by with Breed Specific Legislation having claimed so many other victims.

The only difference being, those victims were not the target of a vicious hate campaign by people with the morals and social skills of a gnat.

Last year at this time we concentrated on a Corrupt Council and a couple of Mouth-breathers :

 → 2014 ~ Lennox Remembered ♥ 

This year we ask you to remember that just because the vendetta against Lennox and his family happened in the past, it doesn’t mean it should be forgotten, nor does it mean that the people involved in it, even if to a lesser degree, should ever be forgotten for their part in the cowardly bullying of a family, including a young child.

The worst offenders, excluding Lightfoot and Tallack, hiding behind various aliases were:

Rushmore, Page, Philips, Delaney, Gunther

L to R:   Melanie RUSHMORE Bullbreed Advisory; Mel PAGE (aka Heather Jones / Ann Banford) Deed not Breed; Andrea PHILLIPS WAGS / Deed not Breed; Tina (sometimes Michelle) DELANEY (Furness); Sarah GUNTHER

The fact Lightfoot uses a tape measure to ‘type’ apparently is a great source of amusement to these charmers. No need to try and illustrate their sick mentality with words, they do that very nicely all on their own:

Sandie Lightfoot Belfast Dog Warden Fifty Shades

That particular post was aimed at Lennox’s family and their supporters and Fudge’s mum.

Lennox BSL Belfast


Today we also remember Fudge, another sweet and gentle girl, another tragic victim of BSL and another innocent target for the Anti-Save Lennox Hate Campaign. 

RIP Fudge

Fudge, victim of BSL


And finally, we would like to extend sincere and deepest sympathy to Zimmy’s family.

RIP Zimmy


Donations, donations, donations

It’s odd that Heather Jones chose to display a DDA notice, bearing in mind we all know the Hate Campaign were themselves responsible for spreading negative rumours about the very reputable DDA Watch in relation to donations.

But it makes sense when you think about it, what with the Hate Campaigns‘ support of a supposedly anti-BSL group slash organisation, Deed not Breed.

Here’s the original post from DDA Watch with full thread, something Jones conveniently omitted from her post:

[Save Lennox Troll Gossip]

Guess it must have slipped her mind to include that in her post. That’s what comes of having mainly air between your ears. Heather, you need to get the old BIKE pump out dear; stick it one ear and see if anything comes out the other side.

A Hate Campaigner’s job can be darn hard work. It’s not always in-yer-face and crass as you’re used to seeing on their pages. Sometimes, no matter how subtle they try to be with their muck-spreading, nobody pays any attention. So what to do next?…

Roxanne Summers waxing on DDA watch b

Simple – you orchestrate, and who better to join you in a pre-arranged performance than St Denise Day, the Patron Saint of Hypocrites 🙂