Goodbye to 2015

And probably Farewell from us too. Job done (unless they float back up again).

Mel Page Deed not Breed, Melanie Rushmore Deed not breed, Tina Delaney Newham

In September 2012 we launched this blog purely as a means to expose a pair of sick trolls using the names Roxanne Summers and Heather Jones. Not being sure at the time whether Summers and Jones were real identities, we incorrectly referred to them as ‘she’ in the purely feminine sense. How wrong we were.

Though their behaviour – and that of some very willing accomplices – has been disgusting, this was only ever intended to be a brief and temporary taste of their own medicine, and for a while it turned into a hilarious pantomime with more dumb characters and drama queens than a series of TOWIE.

But in the end, sadly, it exposed the true nature of some vile people and the lengths they were prepared to go in order to harm one particular family, including a young girl, and ultimately an innocent dog.

Lennox BSL Belfast City Council Sandie Lightfoot, Melanie Page, Tina Delaney, Peter Tallack, Sarah Gunther

Lennox would probably be alive today if it wasn’t for the hate campaign waged against him – all the time falsely disguised as ‘concern’ for his welfare – with the sole intention of destroying his family.

That hate campaign began first with Sandie Lightfoot, quickly followed by Sarah Gunther and Peter Tallack, backed to the hilt by their good friends Mel Page, Melanie Rushmore and Tina Delaney. After that, the rest of the dross attached themselves like leeches.

Admittedly we relished turning the tables, exposing their spiteful and often elaborate lies, and it was a pleasure to see them scuttle away, one by one.

Sandie Lightfoot Lennox BSL Stalking EvidenceBullying is cowardly and mindless at the best of times, but it’s anyone’s guess what really possessed a twisted collection of morons to attack Lennox’s family.  It could be boiled down to the poisonous Lightfoot’s personal vendetta against them, coupled by the family’s shrewd refusal to accept a self-promoting, disingenuous offer of help from animal-abuser and habitual-liar Sarah Gunther.  Then came the corrupt testimonies of Lightfoot and Tallack (perjury). But none of that really explains why so many others climbed aboard the gut wagon to intimidate and bully Len’s family – and every single one of them did just that.

We hope that, with the invaluable help of our friends and supporters, we have managed to ensure that Lightfoot, Tallack, Gunther, Page, Rushmore, PhillipsDelaney and the rest of the Hate Campaign will always be remembered for what they are; vindictive, dishonest and cunning.

We will never forget you LennoxIn spite of – or perhaps because of – your tragic and wholly avoidable treatment and death, you will always remain a gentle and beautiful ambassador for all innocent victims of a BullShit Law.

Sandie Lightfoot, Peter Tallack, Sarah Gunther, Melanie Page Deed not Breed, Melanie rushmore , Tina Delaney

And we will never forget you, sweet, gentle Fudge, unbelievably just five months old when seized and killed – yet another faultless target for callous, spiteful Jobsworths and Trolls, who saw you and your mum as another mark for their twisted malice.

Fudge 5

Remembering all victims of BSL. We sincerely hope that, by some miracle, 2016 will see an end to this cruel, utterly pointless and barbaric leglislation.

End Breed Specific Legislation

To Lennox’s family, Fudge’s mum, innocent victims of BSL, all our friends and supporters, past and present, we wish you and your loved ones a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. 

To the Lennox Hate Campaign members, every last one of you, we hope that the stigma of your actions will forever stain your lives – it’s nothing less than you deserve.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye to 2015

  1. I have just googled each of the highlighted names and it’s not good viewing if they ever hoped to hold on to the pretence that they have a good reputation. They destroyed themselves with their disgusting, hateful and malicious behaviour and it should follow them for many years to come. You have to hope that their employers, or future employers, do the google search as well. I imagine it would be an embarrassment to any company to discover a member of staff was involved in such disgraceful behaviour.

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