A Genuine NASTY Piece of Work

Heather Jones used to make a prize Tit of herself all the time back in the day. We kind of miss her. Never mind, we still have Mel Page and Andrea Phillips to fill the void.

Closing down fake profiles has made it difficult for most of them to offload in public lately, but you can’t keep a good Shrew down for long ….

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Bland as Pat Attwood’s remark was, she couldn’t know Page has a raging complex – the poor dear is uncomfortable with herself for whatever reason (who cares), often faking reactions to mundane remarks to draw attention, getting as much mileage out of it as she can.

Mel just has to know she’s noticed. She obviously has a self-esteem problem (who cares), which is why she’s a bully. Like all bullies, she’s totally gutless and can’t operate alone. Safety in numbers eh Mel?

Yet it must be really hard for Page, inflicted with the mind of a disturbed adolescent, trying to run an organisation that should be based around integrity, discretion and being all grown-up.

It’s a hard old life when you haven’t evolved, which probably explains why Deed not Breed lag so far behind another organisation dedicated to helping victims of BSL.

What was it at the last count? Something like 4K to Deed not Breed, as opposed to 36K for DDA Watch? That’s a massive 32K difference. It’s a mystery – Deed not Breed has been going roughly since 2007, about the same as DDA Watch. Why such a deficit?

Well for a start, to our knowledge, nobody at DDA Watch has ever wasted precious time on a hate campaign against anyone, nor slagged someone off just for having an opinion – and as far as we know no one at DDA Watch deliberately draws attention to themselves on their public Facebook pages, then complains they’re being stalked.

Things might improve for Page if she could keep her trap shut, but she can’t. Sooner or later the Heather in her resurfaces and she’s off.  It’s almost like she’s given up. Maybe she thinks it’s just not worth trying any more to repair a reputation like hers, given the company she keeps, her rotten attitude and past HC history, especially with Gunther, who isn’t exactly ‘past history’ anyway, if you get our drift.

And then there’s the relationship with Tina Delaney, the same Tina Michelle Delaney who supplied information to Melanie Anne Page about a certain BSL case already covered by DDA Watch – the dog’s owner just happened to live in Newham

Read on ….

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7 thoughts on “A Genuine NASTY Piece of Work

  1. she wouldn’t know it if it spat her in the face, Emma… she’s way too eager to claim people should only ask her who was behind the Roxanne and Heather IDs provided they ask her in their own names… as obviously she would never ever tolerate people using fake names would she, being the truthful tolerant open mind she is… OOps. someone better alert her that her old pals from the trolley bus, Nala Kulessa, Lasse and David Goliath Kulessa, George Slough and half a dozen more were actually *gasp* dogs…?
    Or were called ‘lemon meringue’, ‘thet rolls’, ‘lem ming’ or ‘poosey kat’? (would love to see the face of the civil servant when someone came up to city hall declaring that as the name of their newborn ;)). A bit stark to blow a gasket about ID names if thát is the crowd you hang out with, methinks 🙂 … I have always been me, no secrets there, in fact I have been so blatantly openly me her “pal” Roxanne Summers wrote that she contacted my employer to complain about supposed harassment by me (which incidentally turned out to be just another lie). I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve at my own peril and I’ll be just me no matter what someone who doesn’t even know me thinks about me. No doubt there will be something bubbling in their venom cauldron right after reading this post but guess what? I don’t fookin care. You lot had fun dragging a family through the mud for fighting for their beloved dog and showed yourself to be utterly bitter and dishonest. That sums it all up as far as I’m concerned. Pathetic and you trying to play the victim card here is not getting any sympathy. ❤ Lennox. Your family LOVED you and so did all those people hoping and/or working for a better outcome of your case. Let's all focus on making BSL a thing of the past. It's our collective duty to all the families who lost their beloved pets because of that BS law.

  2. Andrea has always attempted to come across as intelligent but then she gives herself away by copying this blogs format thus making a fool of herself. She makes it painfully obvious that she has less intellect than she gives herself credit for. It’s like cheating in an exam and then wanting praise for using her initiative. If it wasn’t so amusing it would be tragic.

  3. all their minions’ ambulance chasing trying to nudge seized dog’s owners to go with their crew were disgraceful enough, this story really tops it off. Just how low can one go?! This is so ridiculous, so silly, don’t they have better things to do, like transport runs, assistance, volunteer work, whatever. There must be a lot of time on their hands coming up with a ridiculous story like that. And as for the run protest thing, that’s just plain childish. Reminds me when one of their minions suggested she’d bring her boxing gloves to hit us when we showed up at a protest against BSL only to complain later we were harassing her instead lol. Must be a mutual attraction of silly minds 😀 birds of a heather flock together or something along those lines…

  4. What amazes me is the fact that unless you tend to agree with mighty mouth Melp, you get banned from the page, she get’s very defensive and gobby if anyone DARES to ask a question she doesn’t want to answer ( sometimes they do run out of fairy tales), Dense (aptly named by one of their own) just thinks she has found new keyboard friends, but has selective memory about how she called them evil etc, (SS available on request) Oh silly me, i forgot …she apologised didnt she, what a sheeple she is. Then we have the DW, cant remember which name she uses now as she had so many whilst trying to hide from her past, well what can one say, small person syndrome strutting her stuff in her Police look alike uniform that gives her the power crazed kick she so craves….Yawnnnnnn,
    Sad fact is, while they are spending so much time consumed by hatred and spitting venom, they are forgetting that karma ALWAYS gets there in the end, that’s a FACT, the universe always gives back what you put out there. no matter how much you try to wrap it up in pretty paper to fool other’s that your really a god send to humanity.

    These boots where made for walking & that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you …..LUV Nancy Sinatra,
    anyway , must dash, got spray tan booked , TTFN

    • Delaney in her pretend police officer uniform does make me laugh. Maybe she applied to the police and got refused ( might be something to do with the fact she can’t hold her temper and there was a complaint about her when she gave another woman a good pasting) and this is the best she can get – bullying the general public about their dogs. Seems like the ideal partner for mel p – another who’s not renowned for restraint when annoyed and it doesn’t take much to annoy her – you only have to mildly disagree with her to feel the lash of that tongue! What a bloody pair! Delaney the camera crazy dog seizer under the guise of animal welfare officer and mel p the sychophant under the guise of animal saviour.

  5. I remember this story when it happened and I think everyone wondered how, and why, Deed not Breed got involved when DDA Watch were already totally in control of the situation? It’s interesting to see how Deed not Breed worked that story to suit themselves whilst at the same time working hard to give the impression that DDA Watch had let a dog owner down, which is blatantly not what happened at all. Jealousy is a very ugly thing and Deed not Breed were so busy trying to point score that they forgot that their lies could be easily uncovered. Shame on them. It was a cheap trick and it was also intended to deceive their own supporters ! What kind of casuists are they to lie about a BSL case in order to get some attention and pats on the back that they know they didn’t deserve?!

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