2015 ~ Lennox Remembered ~ 1st April 2005 ~

Lennox would have been Ten Years Old Today.

Lennox Belfast BSL Sandie Lightfoot, Peter Tallack, Mel Page deed not breed, Melanie Rushmore Bullbreed advisory service, Tina Delaney Newham, Sarah Gunther egar, Andrea williams phillips WAGS

Another year has gone by with Breed Specific Legislation having claimed so many other victims.

The only difference being, those victims were not the target of a vicious hate campaign by people with the morals and social skills of a gnat.

Last year at this time we concentrated on a Corrupt Council and a couple of Mouth-breathers :

 → 2014 ~ Lennox Remembered ♥ 

This year we ask you to remember that just because the vendetta against Lennox and his family happened in the past, it doesn’t mean it should be forgotten, nor does it mean that the people involved in it, even if to a lesser degree, should ever be forgotten for their part in the cowardly bullying of a family, including a young child.

The worst offenders, excluding Lightfoot and Tallack, hiding behind various aliases were:

Rushmore, Page, Philips, Delaney, Gunther

L to R:   Melanie RUSHMORE Bullbreed Advisory; Mel PAGE (aka Heather Jones / Ann Banford) Deed not Breed; Andrea PHILLIPS WAGS / Deed not Breed; Tina (sometimes Michelle) DELANEY (Furness); Sarah GUNTHER

The fact Lightfoot uses a tape measure to ‘type’ apparently is a great source of amusement to these charmers. No need to try and illustrate their sick mentality with words, they do that very nicely all on their own:

Sandie Lightfoot Belfast Dog Warden Fifty Shades

That particular post was aimed at Lennox’s family and their supporters and Fudge’s mum.

Lennox BSL Belfast


Today we also remember Fudge, another sweet and gentle girl, another tragic victim of BSL and another innocent target for the Anti-Save Lennox Hate Campaign. 

RIP Fudge

Fudge, victim of BSL


And finally, we would like to extend sincere and deepest sympathy to Zimmy’s family.

RIP Zimmy


7 thoughts on “2015 ~ Lennox Remembered ~ 1st April 2005 ~

  1. What the people named all stupidly failed to realise is that by encouraging and supporting his death they have forever immortalised their names and that of the Council as a nasty, petty, hateful crowd. Had Lennox been allowed to live they would just be people of no importance, as they were before he was taken. They tied their own noose and they tightened the rope every time they opened their mouths. Their reputations are shot and their moronic behaviour will follow them wherever they go now and it’s all of their own doing.

    • hear, hear. They could have done the decent thing. They chose not to. To the contrary…they got as vile as they dared, hidden behind their many fake identities. And they seemed to revel in it hurting people as much as possible. I will never forgive nor forget the awful things they wrote about Lennox’ family and Fudge’s mom 😦

  2. RIP Lennox, I so wish you could have been with your brave family today but no matter how hard they tried these idiots made sure it would never happen. The same people who insisted that you would still be alive if you had been surrendered to Sarah Gunther and the hell hole that was Egar and slated your poor family for not doing so !!! Despite their pathetic efforts to now distance themselves from all things Egar not one of them have had the decency to even acknowledge that your family were absolutely right…but then that would require them to show some kind of integrity and basic moral decency which we know only too well is sadly lacking in that little coven.

    Run free at the bridge sweet boy and look after little Fudge and Zimmy. xxx

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