Merry Christmas

Just a quickie to wish all our Friends and Supporters a very Happy Christmas.

In the New Year we’ll be going over something old and covering something new (worth the wait).

In the meantime, have a good one, stay safe and remember, Avarice, Resentment, Dishonesty, Malice and Corruption come at a price –

Mel Page Deed not Breed and Tina Delaney Corrupt Animal Welfare Manager Newham, a lucrative and inappropriate BSL relationship

Hence the old saying; ‘You get the face you deserve

Don’t let that give you nightmares folks.

The future is bright for all patiently awaiting Kismet for Hinge & Bracket. Watch this space. 😛


LLAAV, Mel Page Deed not Breed, Tina Delaney Animal Welfare Newham

Heather Jones Facebook in Nottingham, same place as Mel Page Deed not Breed


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Their time is coming and it’s rather satisfying to know they are having to wait and they are having to try and keep their noses clean in a vain attempt to disassociate themselves from the harm they did. What was it they used to say? Tick tock 😉

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