The Lav is blocked, owing to a recent bulky flush – something to do with Gunther‘s not-really-secret Secret coming out.

Looks like the following screenshots are all that’s left of The Lav’s ‘We Love EGAR:

The Lav on EGAR

The Lav on EGAR comments

EGAR direct quotes on The Lav

(Sylvia) Sarah Gunther is currently more well known than she’s ever been, and the evidence of her behaviour you’re all seeing now was obvious to many long ago.

The present worry is for the animals left in Gunther’s possession, given that it’s very likely funding she pulled in by various means has probably now dried up (assuming she was spending all donations on the animals in the first place –  in the circumstances it’s a very generous assumption).

Let’s sincerely hope something will be done about this woman, very soon, and that ALL the animals in her possession are taken to safe havens.

Going back to the screenshots and the hypocrisy of idiots writing on the The Lav, it’s unlikely anyone related to Save Lennox gave a toss about the attention Gunther attracted for her fake fundraising appeal (where’s the van?).

And it was common knowledge Gunther spent far too much time on the Internet (she never hid the fact) for someone who should be too busy running an animal shelter, which meant that all the time animals needed attention, she was on her own Facebook pages and in disguise on HC groups and pages, often into the early hours of the morning, leaving little or no time to care for the animals in her possession.

But isn’t it strange that The Lav should hide evidence of their support for EGAR and then complain that it’s unfair for Gunther to be accused of a previous offence with no proof? Now why should that bother The Lav if they apparently have nothing to do with Gunther or Deed not Breed we wonder?

Finally, The Lav would like to know why Page and Rushmore (Deed not Breed) are being criticised when other organisations that sent dogs to Gunther are not.

We’ll give them the short answer (long version coming soon):

Fingers are pointing at Page and Rushmorea) because by their own admission they’ve known Gunther for ten years, sent dogs to her, and yet allegedly have never met the woman or visited her property; and b) because Page and Rushmore were the only people who conducted and took part in a very public hate campaign based on what Gunther told them – can’t say we witnessed anyone from the PSNI or the ISPCA doing that.







4 thoughts on “Call a PLUMBER

  1. The Bill Clinton id seems to be making a total nancy of themselves at the moment – well more so than usual anyway. It sings EGARS praises and defends it and drags along some other idiots to agree and then has a tantrum about being caught with its pants down when it realised what a complete idiot it is. Its ok Bill we realised your id was an idiot a long time ago 😉

  2. Well, they did get one thing right … “you know what they say about hindsight and too little too late.” My mistake, two things right … “you can’t fix stupid”.

  3. The grabs above may be all that’s left on the Lavatory page but their other posts, comments etc were all grabbed when they appeared so they’ll find it hard to issue denials 🙂 How many vans were collected for by the way, in how many years? lol. Whoever is writing on the Lavatory at the moment is obviously not very bright. They are embarassing, nay humiliating, themselves publicly and must think that because they are not using their real name, nobody knows who they are. Their stupidity will be their downfall 😉

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