question about the Bar Council

Hello Shankillway – as Summersdays hasn’t responded yet, we thought we’d fill you in, as it were, and also take this opportunity to update our visitors.

The Bar Council have indicated they will not be closing the complaint at this time as it coincides with Police investigations brought about by HC victims. As long as Police investigations remain active, any relevant information gleaned from them will be passed to the Bar Council.

Similarly, the information passed to the Bar Council was also given to the Police for their own investigations.

Apologies if that all sounds vague, that’s about as much as can be revealed publicly. If we were to publish material passed to the Bar Council and the Police, the investigations would be compromised.

However, rest assured that the matter is definitely ongoing and with so many people determined that Summers and Jones and all those associated will be exposed, it’s highly unlikely the matter will ever be dropped – certainly not as far as we’re concerned.

No matter how long it takes, sooner or later the past comes back to haunt in one form or another; mistakes are made and/or previous confidantes turn into enemies and informants.

Some of our previous posts including Bar Council information might be helpful:

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17 thoughts on “question about the Bar Council

    • Not to worry Dennis…shankillway seems to keep a close eye on things around here so doubt she missed it 🙂 Careful though she will be suggesting you are Roxanne next 🙂

        • There are a few people watching, from what they think is a safe distance, who i’m sure won’t feel comfortable about your return dennis lol.

        • Yep you can be absolutely sure about that Dennis….especially when you consider the ‘I know where you live’ little rants from one person in particular 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Fishing trip??? I was asking a question if that is fishing then I am very sorry, no need to be rude with me Rachel. A few miles outside Belfast, that’s funny, well it could be by ferry. Apart from the obvious no one knows who you five are but maybe one of you is this mystery ‘Roxanne Summers’ if she even existed at all as no barrister would get on in that way and say those things it makes no sense, in fact none of this makes any sense, I thought it was a campaign for justice for a dog and his family but it just seems to be another power trip like your Roxanne Summers one. Go on post some nasty replies Rachel and impress your ‘friends’ it seems to me you spend so much time talking about the ‘hate campaign’ you become just like them, Rachel or should I call you ‘Roxanne’.

      • I dont think anyone was rude to you shankillway but in fairness your name does suggest you are located in Belfast. We have numerous screen shots posted here of Roxanne claiming she was not only a barrister but a ‘highly regarded barrister’ at that !! Like yourself the Bar Council are non too impressed with her behaviour either. As Roxanne liked to remind us many times, Belfast is really quite a small city and those words could come back to haunt her in the not too distant future.

        • Who the hell is Rachel? lol. Just for the record if discussing the hate campaigners makes us similar to them, then they should expect another year or two of blog posts to match the length of time they spent slating an innocent family and supporting, nay befriending, the people who wanted Lennox dead. They all worked hard to discredit the battles to defend Lennox and the support he was receiving so I really hope they aren’t thinking this is going to go away too quickly 🙂 Perhaps when they have the courage to admit who they were in their fake ids and take the kickback from the Bar Council (for impersonating a barrister) and the various people who are investigating the hate campaigners individual actions, then this blog can step down 🙂 Until then though there’s still a lot that has yet to be posted regarding what went on, who was in which id and what connections they have 😉

      • Useful,intelligent,think you are expecting a bit too much there.when has any of them had anything useful or intelligent to say.vicious,nasty and evil comes to mind,but I admire your optimism modcon,lol

  1. When you consider the number of times ‘Summers’ and ‘Jones’ tried to suggest they had ‘informants’ from inside the campaign, ‘close to the family. ‘ It never even dawned on them that they themselves might not be as tight a little coven as they thought 🙂 Interesting times ahead,lol.

        • wouldn’t be surprised at all, summersdays. after all they were such habitual liars that no doubt they have told each other lies as well. they turned it into a friggin livestyle 😀 despite all their rantings about the truth they wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face

          • We know they’ve lied to each other whitewitch, the main hater ids particularly, cos we’ve been told 😉 Quite a few of them are jumping ship now to save their own butts and reputations 🙂 I wonder how many will feel the same way about their ‘leaders’ once they find out about the lies they’ve been fed? Also wonder what elaborate stories the big wigs of that hateful crew will try and use to cover their butts lol.

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