Following on from the BAR COUNCIL update …revised

(*Thank you for sending us details of another inactive HC group, detailed below*)

… we’ve noticed there are still a few inactive Hate Campaign profiles, pages and groups languishing on Facebook, in spite of being mothballed since 

  • Roxanne Summers vanished into thin air (soon after her last ‘great reveal’, which turned into another damp squit squib [link]); and
  • Heather Jones finally put a sock in it:

Save Lennox Hate Campaign Facebook profile HEATHER JONES (1)

(1) This was the busiest Jones’ profile, although it’s been dormant since July 2012, with the exception that several crass dog fighting accusations directed at Lennox’s owners were removed after that date, roughly the same time the Boycott Boycott Belfast (BBB) Facebook group deactivated, never to be seen again.

The rest of the images were also poached, including the boobs (haha), and the photo of the two huskies was nicked from JK Grooming‘s Facebook page.

We know the main users of that particular Jones‘ profile were based in Nottingham, with the only ‘likes’ being Suki Reiki (a favourite of Sarah Gunther) and – would you believe it! – Deed not Breed.

Three other Jones’ profiles still sitting on Facebook existed solely to boost numbers on other HC pages and groups:

Heather Jones Profile No. 2

Save Lennox Hate Campaign HEATHER JONES Profile with only one ‘like’ – Deed not Breed.

Heather Jones Profile No. 4

Then there’s Billie Bennet, aka Heather Jones :

Billie Bennet, another fake Facebook profile for the people behind the fake Facebook profile Heather Jones – Please try to keep up!

 And also still lounging on Facebook:

Ah, there she is again, good ‘ole Kaffy (Ella) Wardley. You can always rely on her to stick her EDL bovver boots in whenever required by whoever she’s toadying up to at the time. She’s not all bad though – Kathy (Arter) will join a lynch mob whether the target is a certain type of ‘foreigner’ or not – we’ll get to that another time.

But we digress. Coming back to these HC Facebook profiles, you have to wonder why the people behind those accounts haven’t deactivated them in order to delete all trace of their involvement.

We can only assume they’re either extremely arrogant or just plain thick, given that the associated details to create those accounts are still potentially available, and surely those same details have their uses for interested parties who read this blog?

*UPDATE* 14 November

Big thanks to one of our supporters for drawing attention to another inactive group:

Eight original members and only Billie Bennet, Ella Wardley, Corinne Day, Margaret Lord (another fake) and Ruth McKinley showing now. McKinley must have forgotten about this one.


10 thoughts on “Following on from the BAR COUNCIL update …revised

  1. For all their talk about the ‘Truth’ they shut up fairly quickly when challenged on their version of events. Speaks volumes don’t you think??

    While Heather/Bille and Roxanne appear to have nothing to say these days, don’t be fooled, they haven’t gone too far away at all 🙂

    • It’s hard for liars to raise their head above the parapet when they’ve been found out. For all her attempts to present herself as somebody in the legal field she struggled to keep up the pretence when people, who WERE in that profession, questioned her. Of course her little fan club believed her because they have limited intelligence. To the rest of us she was just a hateful, bitter joke. Heather was the same but she was even less plausible than Roxanne. Heather came across as a hormonal teenager with a huge chip on her shoulder, which is understandable as she failed miserably in her attempt to work in the legal profession. So basically they were both liars and failures which is something most people, other than their fan club, had fathomed from the beginning.

      • Poor Ruth, she’s tried so hard to hide her input in the hate campaign. Perhaps she should have kept a record of how many comments she made, how many people she private messaged and how many pages she was on spreading her hate?

          • And the private messages she sent Lennox supporters trying to put them off supporting Lennox and his family, or otherwise insulting them.

        • I think the HC members realised Amy was a liability very early on. Most of her comments were ignored in the end other than ‘likes’ from Gathercole, but then she’s a nickel short of a dime herself.

          • To anyone else Amy and Gathercole may have been a liability Karmabus, but with her wild accusations and tantrums Heather seemed relieved to have at least those two idiots on side. Heather loved the idea of her adoring loyal little fan club hanging on to her every word even if it was just those two idiots. Lets face it anyone with half a brain could see that Heather, the failed law student. was nothing more than a wannabe lawyer who never had what took to make it in her chosen field, and for Heather that was everyone’s fault but her own..

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