Stranger to the TRUTH

You could say that Sandie Lightfoot’s involvement in the Save Lennox Hate Campaign actually began on 11th May 2010 when she paid a visit to Lennox’s owner.

Lightfoot initially made a statement under oath that, when she arrived at Lennox’s home on that day, she was sworn at and told the dog would “rip your head off“. She also claimed the door was slammed in her face.

However, Sandie Lightfoot was accompanied by a colleague on 11th May 2010 (name withheld). That same colleague testified in court that she “did not recall” and was “not aware” that the words “the dog will rip your head off” had been spoken, nor did she recall any swearing taking place, or a door being slammed in anyone’s face.

Subsequently the Judge ordered that neither Lightfoot nor the Belfast City Council legal team could mention that doorstep visit again. In other words, it was to be disregarded through lack of reliable and consistent evidence – in civvy speak, it was ‘a pack of lies‘.

So Lightfoot attempted to lie under oath and got away with it, by the skin of her teeth. It wasn’t the first time, and certainly not the last, as we know:

The following is a copy of a statement given to the legal representatives of Lennox’s owners, relating to the visit by dog warden Sandie Lightfoot and her colleague to the family home on 11th May 2010:

 Sandie Lightfoot turned up with another dog warden and asked if the owner (of Lennox) was at home.

As I’d already had a visit from the other dog warden a couple of days before, Sandie Lightfoot knew that my partner Caroline (Barnes) was in hospital, because I’d told the other dog warden previously that Caroline would be in hospital for several days. At the time that dog warden accepted my explanation and said she would come back when Caroline was out of hospital. There was no rudeness, we were both polite to one another.

Lightfoot and the other dog warden turned up before Caroline was out of hospital. Lightfoot asked if the owner was at home but she already knew that Caroline wasn’t, because I’d already told the other dog warden a couple of days before. So I explained again that Caroline would be out in a couple of days, and the other dog warden gestured towards Lightfoot and said “Yes, I told Sandie that”. So Lightfoot already knew that Caroline wouldn’t be there.

Lightfoot said “Well we really need to get access to the dog”

I said “I was just on my way out to the hospital when you called and anyway I didn’t expect you. Why exactly do you need to see the dog or owner, is there something wrong?”

Lightfoot: “Well we would really need to talk to the registered owner about that”

I said: “If there is something wrong, I can pass the message on?”

Lightfoot: “Do you have paperwork for the dogs here?”

I said: “Do you mean licence and stuff? Yeah we have paperwork for all three”

Lightfoot: “I’d need to see it”

I said: “That’s no problem but like I said, it’s my partner who takes care of all that and she has everything in one big envelope somewhere and I’m on my way out, so you’d really need to call back when she’s home, in just a couple of days”

Lightfoot: “Actually I’d really need to see the dog and paperwork today”

I said: “Which dog?”

Lightfoot: “You have an American bull dog?”

I said: “Yes we have an American bull dog cross, a Yorkie and a Boxer”

Lightfoot: “Just the three dogs then?”

I said: “At the moment, yes, but we have foster dogs from time to time. Why, is there something wrong with us fostering or something?”

Lightfoot: “No, we need to see the bull cross”

I said: “Like I said, that’s no bother but I’m on my way to hospital to be with my partner as she’s ill in hospital, but when she’s home you can call back and see him then, no problem”

Lightfoot: “Well if you refuse us entry to see the dog we’ll have to get a warrant and seize it from the premises”

I said: “Why would you need to get a warrant, no one is refusing you entry?”

Lightfoot: “Sure you won’t let us see the dog now?”

I said: “I’m not refusing you entry now, I’m just on my way out and haven’t the time now, and as you haven’t yet told me what’s wrong anyway, then I don’t see why I need to give you access. I told you to call back when my partner’s home from hospital and you can see the dogs and all their paperwork”

Lightfoot: “So you’re not refusing us entry but you’re just not letting us see the dog right now?”

I said: “That’s correct. Come back in a couple of days”

Lightfoot: “Ok, we’ll just get a warrant then”

I said: “What, are you serious? I just said to call back when my partner’s home from hospital and you can see the dogs. Listen, what exactly is this about?”

Lightfoot and her colleague start to walk towards the gate.

I said: “Do you want to tell me what this is about so I can tell my partner?”

Lightfoot: “No, we’ll just get a warrant and come back, seeing as we’ve been refused entry”

I said: “You haven’t been refused anything, but you know what, if you’re going to have an attitude like that when you come to someone’s door, then you can go get your warrant”

Lightfoot smiled sarcastically and closed the gate.

So that was the first time I had ever seen Lightfoot and at no point was there any swearing. Her colleague stated in court that I never swore and she also said she didn’t hear me say Lennox would ‘rip your head off’.

Seriously, who in their right mind would say to dog wardens at your own front door ‘oh, my dog would rip your head off”?

What I have said here is almost word for word of what happened on that day at our door, and I know this well because I’ve written it down for the solicitor and barrister many times and now it’s branded in my mind. The fact is there was no swearing by either party. But yes, Lightfoot did arrive at my door with a nasty and unprofessional attitude.   

15 thoughts on “Stranger to the TRUTH

  1. It has been a while folk’s i know, that is because i do indeed have a real life job that takes me away for lengths of time, though never fear that i am not still waiting, watching, and fully loaded with enough ammunition to blow a fair few right out the water, Hope beyond hope that through my quiet period no body believed that they had got away scot free, nor frightened me off, not a chance in hell of that happening. more so that Ted still has not paid me the fiver back.! chat soon blogger’s

    • It’s nice to see you back Dennis 🙂 I’m glad to see that Ted and his friends laughable attempt at a threat to you didn’t work but it does show that he is very uncomfortable about your comments on here. I hate to say it but I don’t think you’re going to get your money back lol.

  2. I would be so embarrass to be associated with any of them and I really had to chortle at the fabrication they made.
    They really thought they were in the clear and have friends backing them up *chortles*
    *split her side guffawing*

  3. As far as the Lightfoot situation goes, the fact she has lied from the start is of no suprise. It seems to me that that particular creature has a penchant for bull breeds that she likes to send out of the Country to another unsavoury character. The pair of them seem to have some scheming little deal going that involves the trafficking of bull breeds. Was Lennox intended to become another cash cow or was it something more sinister? Either. way it’s looking very much like it was the pre-planned seizure of an innocent dog by a dog warden who is anything but innocent.

    • For all of their criticism of Lennox, a perfectly happy family dog, and their false accusations as to how he lived at home, you would have to question why they took such huge umbridge when that particular rescue were not considered as an option ?? Recent events would suggest the family were absolutely vindicated on that decision.

      • Indeed! interesting to see how the HC kept blethering on and on and on about how professional the dog warden and the ‘expert’ were, and how the dog warden supposedly never said she was afraid but did say (as is also in the court records) Lennox was “one of the most dangerous and unpredictable dogs” she “had ever met”.
        my question was and still is: BASED ON WHAT?
        because don’t tell me it’s all about that ‘lunge’. you don’t make that observation based on just ONE incident, that’s not a professional attitude. yet, i still haven’t seen any proof of lennox actually BITING or otherwise HURTING someone in the years he was Caroline’s family dog, or even in the ‘care’ of council kennels (or contracted kennels), throughout the expert observations he was not muzzled and didn’t bite or attack anyone, not even a person walking past the car park where he was brought for Sarah Fisher to do her assessment, and the only person ever handling Lennox with a catchpole was Tallack (FACT, he said so himself), neither Lightfoot herself nor Sarah or David Ryan had to handle him with a catchpole or even a muzzle, PLUS in the leaked video it is clear to see that the warden turns her head AWAY from Lennox for full 4 seconds, sitting relaxed and slightly sloped to one side which is NOT a stable body position when handling an unpredictable dog, while Lennox is sniffing around David Ryan’s legs, if you believe a dog is highly unpredictable you DON’T leave that dog out of your sight and you keep the lead in a firm grip, not loosely in one hand. Need i go on? I have not seen any PROOF in any shape or form of Lennox being dangerous and unpredictable. If anything, ms. Lightfoot’s building up a rapport with Lennox meant HE WAS TRAINABLE. Which means he should NOT have been put to sleep. End of. So far, over a period of over 2 years, you HC squad have not managed to convince me of the opposite. What you all have convinced me of is that every single thing you have accused ‘the lennox army’ of is things you have actually done yourself: bullying, hiding, mass reporting, creating fake pages (for those who step in and think they’re all saints, have a look at the creation of the ‘lem 10’ page!!!) and even dog fighters connections and threats of violence – even recently. I wear my heart on my sleeve and don’t play games, what you see is what you get so keep digging you looneys, keep snooping at my profiles on social media, you won’t find squat because there ain’t nothing to hide. Toddle off to your sandboxes, and get a life 🙂 it’s a great world outside your computer screen ;).

        • These people went all out to ensure that the story of Lennox and his familys battle to save him was corrupted by their input. The fact they only succeeded in showing themselves up as disgusting bullies is nothing compared to the fact that an innocent, beloved family dog died as a direct result of what they did.

          Nobody in that camp, from the ringleaders to the groupies, can ever play the ‘dog loving’ card again with any credibility. They are the kind of people that will always blame someone else for their own actions because they are too insular to see beyond their own noses and the horror they create with their actions. Their behaviour was disgraceful and unforgiveable.

          • I agree Karmabus, the fact that they could do and say what they did, and go the the absolute extremes that they did was nothing less than a vicious vendetta against an innocent dog and his family, purely because they dared to stand up to them and say no to one of their little circle. They would have everyone believe ‘its all about the dogs’ but as this case proves its all about their ego’s first with the dogs coming in a very poor second, and they decide who is worthy or not of support and which dog gets to live or die.

            Recent events would suggest they are far more concerned with covering up the actions of at least one of their little cult then the welfare of the animals involved…Speaks volumes don’t you think ??

  4. Oh little Ted, i see you are still scouring the blog pages, but let me explain….it does NOT mean your famous because you get a mention here, sorry to pop your bubble, so as we say in scouse land, calm down calm down…too much excitement just isnt good for you,

    I personally wouldnt allow you within 10 counties of my dog, let alone tattoo them, you had, and now i have the ss and pics showing you calling a dog entrusted to you , a rat that could be squashed under the door, and the lovely comment about it being a rat, questioning why it even had a life let alone a loving owner, but thats about as professional as you lot get isnt it, ..

    If you need to know anything about me then feel free to ask chuckles, in fact, you have my contact details AND address, why not grow a pair and come ask me, cant promise you a cuppa, but can promise you answers, then you wont have to snoop will you, SIMPLES…now be a good boy and do one , along with the aka in the military , in your dreams i know, cos had you done any service it would have made a man of you and that clearly didnt happen, did it action man ….

  5. Go Carole,just said it all,the latest minions,who I won’t name,as it seems to get them over excited,are still causing hassle on support pages,banning genuine supporters,taking over pages,and spewing forth their poison.they are pus filled boils on the backside of humanity,fuelled by hate,and the desire for their 15 minutes of suck it up,cupcakes,karma is a bitch and the karma fairy hasn’t finished yet

  6. Bravo Carole. Very well said indeed and the vile little group of hangers on they gathered are STILL causing trouble online for families and dogs. The people behind the Roxanne and Heather fake ids are cowards and imbeciles, their hangers on are all of the same ilk.

  7. Each and every one of them have personality disorders , The pure evil they have spewed out over last couple of years will one day drown them in there own poison green filled infected slime and they will all be scrabbling at the bottom of the cess pit they reside in. It will be dog eat dog as they try to get out of it, a lot like they have tried to do over the past few months.

    Heather, Poxy Roxy, to name just 2 of the multiple persona’s fell off the edge when things got hot and they needed to deny being part of any hate campaign …They have vilified so many people on the journey they chose, the little band of warriors with the many alias’s, They have made allegations of being , stalked , threatened, abused, trying to destroy an organisation, (ffs, you can do that on your own ) no help needed there…accused this blog of being sad and full of lies, while ode toilet Lavvy is bleached white every day …NOT.

    Then we have Ted, who thinks we are all as green as he is cabbage looking, and the gospel according to little ted is, we are paedophiles, who stalk his kids on a daily basis. Let me tell ya Ted, you are a class one crank mate who WISHES he had a stalker , maybe if the other half’s organisation is threatened it is solely because of the actions of the band of minions who you like to perform for like mr Big, Go read back on all the venom you have all spewed out , aimed at anyone who dared stand up to you, who dared have a different opinion , I know you have a big brush and swept up , so if you have any probs finding the evidence , give me a shout, I have the ss’s, nothing goes completely once it has been released on the internet, cyber foot prints cant be deleted, no matter how many shredders you use.

    So do yourselves a HUGE favour, either PUT up or STFU. cos your more than a little boring now to sat the least, maybe audition for Jeremy Kyle , that would be a show and a half wouldnt it , I would actually pay the electric bill for the use of the lie detector, national grid may need prior warning though, BUT the saddest part you have all played is the part where you played with a dogs life….Tragic that your ego’s came before an innocent dogs life , that your personal vendetta’s have risked other dog’s lives,

    You even had a go at Fudge , thinking you could break me down that way, you didnt account for this tiny scouser being as tough as old boots…I WISH I wrote this blog….I would never have remained so polite to a bunch of sad pathetic lying egotistical shits with delusional lives…… who think it is ok to attack people under many alias’s , all that makes you, each and every one of you is spineless cowards, Can you feel the lumps down your back’s ? oh no , course you cant , cos you haven’t got a backbone..silly me….

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