the Privy…

aka The Lav (LLAAV) is currently undergoing maintenance and therefore not open to the public right now, so we’ll all just have to cross our legs while they clean up.

From what we can gather ‘Bill’ had a bad case of the Trots and clogged their sewer:

The Lav aka LLAAV Foot in mouth or bad case of the trots

Well nobody could ever accuse them of being too bright or thinking things through first.

‘Bill’ thought it would be a good idea to draw attention to ‘his’ friend with the murky, mysterious past, Sarah Gunther, by way of some obscure little tweets from NI Jackal (@NIJackal) on the official Lennox twitter – tweets so obscure, in fact, most people didn’t know about them until ‘Bill’ made them public on The Lav.

Not the best move, especially as NI Jackal is a bit of a twit, but a twit with information in that instance (well, it’s hardly a secret now is it?!)….

D Ferris Q to EGAR

EGAR Diane Ferris comment on Egar website guestbook

And to top it off, ‘Enlightened‘ asks to be reminded why ‘Lennox isn’t safe at Egar‘ !


12 thoughts on “the Privy…

    • that poor little birdie of theirs is possibly spinning in the head from all the flying back and forth.. but seriously.
      i wish those screenshots weren’t real. i wish i never had read the vileness put in print, directed at the Barnes, at Carole and Fudge, at people i got to know in the Lennox campaign, even at myself. Unfortunately those screenshots are as real as they come, I challenge anyone to have them investigated by someone from microsoft or some other computer geek, it goes ctrl- prt sc then paste the entire shot in a word doc, or paste it in paint and take off the adds and stuff around to make it more legible (and less KB).. and then send them to the moderator of this blog. give it a try, it seems someone is now asking a question she already knows the answer to on yet another page (meanwhile showing herself exactly the stirrer and troublemaker she is) ……..
      if only i had never seen what was put in writing on the facebook, the things the people wrote, hiding behind the llaav page (where practically NONE use a real name, or are we supposed to believe that those are pen names, if so please DO Enlighten me which gems you have published on the internet so far) and things that were written on their various facebook outlets, were mean and evil. anyone who defends that lot and calls people who dare to speak up for themselves bullies and liars needs their head examined. i have seen people write things that they would never dare say right in your face. they should be ashamed of the badmouthing and libellous crap they have been hurling all over the internet. For those who think the people commenting here are the bullies, think again. Look at the timeline! this blog came about when the Lennox case was well underway and many people posting here have faced fb bans, not because they violated fb standards, but because they were mass reported and afraid to even say a thing on some page.
      i have no idea who is /are the writer(s) on this blog, but they have done a great job exposing a small group of people who have been sporting their halos in public but are not the saints they claim to be. I can understand that’s disheartening or even unbelieveable to some, but it IS the truth and the evidence is right here on the blog. WE ARE NOT THE BULLIES. but we are no sheeples or helpless victims either. But that is going to be hard to grasp for some I suppose, just like that little concept called pen name which is not the same as a FAKE IDENTITY. btw hope the weather is lovely in Trolla, seems to be the place to be for the HC HQ and their minions. ta.

  1. Of course they read the blog missingyoualready. A couple of them seem desperate to have a story about them posted (must be that 15 minutes of fame thing). That’s a brave move considering the legacy of hateful comments and total ineptitude they’ve left behind on facebook and the sad, ineffectual blogs created by their friends 😉 I did notice a couple of them have been trying to create a story to cover themselves already, an ‘edited screenshot’ story lol. Unfortunately their tactic isn’t working and is certainly not helped when the only people ‘liking’ their comments are their own fake ids or those of their ‘partners in crime’. How many fake ids now? Percival and Gathercole alone have about 5 each. Who is really that pitiful that they’d create fake ids just to promote themselves?

    • Lol its almost like the Jeremy Kyle show. They are desperate for a mention on a blog they swear they don’t read, and as usual no level is too low for the minions competing to impress the ring leaders. Strange don’t you think that they insist on pointing anyone new in this direction without a mention of their own little blog…too much history perhaps?? (despite their recent little clean up) 🙂

  2. take a pick 🙂 after all, we have established already that that little HC group consists of a very limited number of individuals (including hangers on, excluding their many fake and double, triple, quadruple or even more than a dozen fake IDs) anyway so could be any of them, though some individuals come to mind ;). meanwhile they have found some new hangers on (or are they :)?) to add, stirring at other pages, wondering out loud and repetetively why oh why they got banned and blocked being so perfectly innocent, and such an asset at that to the fight against BSL. 🙂 maybe some bout of amnesia? respect is not in their / they’re / there ( 😉 ) dictionary, that’s for sure.

  3. See one half of the gruesome twosome is trying to start an argument on a support page again,karma is a bitch and you are reaping what you sowed,so suck it up cupcake,now you know how it feels

    • yyyyyup! says it all doesn’t it… though i doubt they will make the connection. they must have borrowed poxy’s magic marker to erase that bit where they showed beyond a shadow of a doubt it is NOT about the dogs with that lot 🙂 (wonder the thing still works after all the heavy duty it’s been doing on their lavvy, not to mention erasing their glorious wall of troof 😀 )

  4. Oops there they go again…. surely they didnt think we would miss that little gem 🙂 The lav appears to be access only since Bill decided to go public with Gunther’s latest news, (albeit history repeating itself). Considering the lav was all they had left to push their hate filled agenda. it looks like they have decided to keep their so called ‘truth’ just between themselves. Come to think of it we hear a lot about Bruce and how well he is doing but whatever happened to Nipper, and wasnt Raymond there also?

    • a lot of people need to re-adjust their fake halos and jog their memories lol. playing the victim and now this little gem, why oh why indeed would people be doing just fine without their ‘support’… so nice of them to start stirring again, either on their lavvy or on other pages, ever so innocent aren’t they. oh and my dear, dear Enlightened had better changed it’s light bulb because the year is 2013 now so it would be ‘was’ safe, not ‘is’ safe … and sadly thanks to your hate campaign poor Lennox ‘is’ no more.
      try something wild, look up the meaning of ‘compassion’ in a dictionary and see if you can work to bring compassion into your life. maybe give it a start with having compassion with ALL people and dogs fallen victim to BSL. don’t rush, Rome wasn’t built in one day 🙂

  5. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhehehehehhehehehehhehehehehhehehehehehaahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahehehehhehehehehhehehehehhehehehehhehe

    need to catch my breath, soon folk’s soon

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