If the NAME fits…

You’ve heard about people with names which mirror their professions, such as The Reverend Michael Vickers, neurologist Lord Brain, prison reformer Frances Crook, Constable Lawless, etc.  Strange but true, but it isn’t confined to just surnames – did you know that it can also apply to locations; places where (some) people live?

For example, take NOTTS (Nottinghamshire), and then the homonym KNOTS, as in ‘tied up in knots‘ or ‘a knotty problem:

Heather Jones Facebook in Nottingham

Hmm, must be something to do with ‘cookies‘ 🙂

Regular readers of the fake Heather Jones will recall that ‘she’ often referred to living in London, but knotted her knickers when one of the screenshots she posted showed advertising related to her real location (Nottingham), something we’ve covered before [link].

There sure is a lot going on in Nottingham:

LLAAV server location Nottingham

A mere coincidence The Lav aka LLAAV is hosted via Heart Internet, based in Nottingham?

Well maybe, but if there is to be a moral in this post, it’s more about the tangled web of lies they’ve spun for themselves, rather than a knotty problem.

For instance, some people in certain geographical areas have recently gone to extraordinary lengths denying they are involved, in any way, with The Lav, aka LLAAV (some more material for our Guess Who slots) :

Guess who is promoting The Lav aka LLAAV ? Same person who claims to have nothing to do with it.

Guess who is promoting The Lav aka LLAAV AGAIN any chance she gets even though she denies having anything to do with it

Guess who sounds a lot like Heather Jones promoting The Lav aka LLAAV

Denial is a pointless exercise for several reasons. For starters, there’s the mind-numbing primary school potty conversations among so-called (okay, self-styled) ‘professionals‘ which are uncannily similar to the juvenile, vacuous rants on The Lav, aka LLAAV, coupled with the HC’s almost unanimous attachment to the ‘C‘ word.

Then there’s the sick mentality that prompts them to randomly accuse people of being ‘stalkers of children‘ (go figure), and at least one of them will instantly brand you a ‘pedo‘ (he means ‘paedo‘) every chance he gets, for no apparent reason, other than that subject must be on his mind 24/7 – the same type of sick mentality that controlled the Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers profiles, among others – birds of a feather and all that.

(Which reminds us, where did ‘Angela Mannering’ disappear to?)

Finally, a word to our sponsors –  we know some of you are worried (ah bless) that we spend too many precious hours blogging about your antics but, as we told Heather Jones a few months back (before ‘she’ was put out to pasture), on average it takes us about half an hour to stick a blog post together, sometimes a lot less, and that’s because you’ve been kind enough to supply so much material for us to choose from. So there’s really no need to fret. However, we’re not ungrateful, and your concern is noted and appreciated.

31 thoughts on “If the NAME fits…

  1. Seems their so called ‘truth’ isn’t quite so important anymore what with all of their usual little hate pages having disappeared. Now why would a group like that who were so adamant they were right, shut off all evidence of their previous activities,with some even attempting to take on whole new identities, if all they were doing was telling the ‘truth’ ?????

    • Because they either knew they were talking total codswallop summersdays or because they realise they were stupid enough to believe the rubbish they were fed. Either way, they should all be utterly ashamed of themselves and it destroys the credibility of any future stance they take as nobody will believe they have their facts right or are not just trying to look good to a few unimportant fools.

      • amen to that 🙂 if you are so certain of speaking the truth, bring it out there 🙂 don’t hide! just goes to show how thick they all are. too bad for them most of us here have the memory of an elephant 😀 (and a ton of screenshots to back it up). don’t catch any germs on that unsavoury bog 🙂

  2. Diane Drowns or Mandy Mare? Or was it Markus/Marcus? Then there are the 20 odd different ids belonging to Diane Percival and Debbie Gathercole. I have no idea how their spouses recognise them in the mornings when they have so many different faces.

  3. It’s been a while i know, yet nothing much has changed i see, that is apart from Ted still being on lock down ( might he have sold his bike and rode off into the sunset ? ) flags are up all over notts, (naughty Dennis ).
    Noticed how there is a hell of a lot of ducking and diving going on, frantically trying to dis associate from certain folk who where not too long ago firmly on the band wagon, some are so fickle don’t you agree ?, some are plain stupid in allowing themselves to be used, some think many have forgotten, that make’s them delusional because i am here to remind them , NOT ONE SINGLE HATE FILLED VILE COMMENT has been forgotten, karma is a wonderful thing especially when you get to witness it, the tap’s it has been making will only get louder , I PROMISE you that much, patience is a virtue that always rewards, Have a wonderful week end all, see you again shortly .

    • Too right Dennis, and so many vile comments to chose from. Not for the first time when things heat up they attempt to wipe the slate clean and regroup. Basically the same pond life, different alias, with a few new puppets on board (albeit not very bright puppets) . Try as they might to pretend its ‘all about the dogs,’ in their desperation to disassociate themselves from their past they have actually proven its anything but. I suppose it’s understandable really what with so many of their own (not so private) little vendettas going on while at the same time working their butts off to divert attention away from one of their own who is once again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, All about the dogs ….yeah right…I don’t think so, and it won’t be long now until everyone else knows it too.

      • thick as ay brick they are 😀 to think everyone would just ‘forget’. some things were better left unsaid, goes for both sides but their side’s list is the size of the inner London phone dictionary 😉 and the name changes and sex changes on their various fake IDs are hilarious, thanks for the laughs 😀 😀 😀

      • Some very unpleasant characters have been supported by the trolls over the last few years and some very aggressive statements have been made in defence of these characters and against anyone who spoke out about them. Interesting that the same people who threw the abuse and accused both Lennox and his family of all sorts of horrendous things, may soon have karma hitting them full in the face. Meanwhile they are all desperately trying to play down any part they played and are obviously hoping that their input in the disgraceful online hate campaign they contributed to directly, or supported, will disappear in time. That hasn’t worked for Belfast, as their inept P.R. team have discovered. It hasn’t worked for the dog warden whose name will always be a dirty word. It hasn’t worked for the Councils ‘expert’ who is daily becoming a bigger laughing stock and who is still desperately trying to make money from an inhumane legislation and it won’t work for the hateful few, mentioned on this blog, who went out of their way to ensure that an innocent dog and an innocent family suffered.

  4. Squeaky clean didn’t last long,dramas and page stealing to name just a couple of misdemeanours this week,sad lives they must all have,and when pulled up on it,the usual”I am not arguing with people who support pitbull breeders and dog fighters” rears it’s ugly head.doing home checks by mobile phone and handing over dogs at petrol stations in fine though,and blocking genuine people from support pages and lying to already stressed and gullible owners is ok too.don’t need to name and shame,everyone already know who they are,with their numerous fake ids

  5. I assume everyone has noticed that since certain names and organisations were mentioned, the toilet blog of theirs has been barely used other than for occasional childish rants? I think a while back they suggested that the two main hate players, Summers and Jones, had disappeared to stop the Mels getting caught up in their campaign. Coincidentally the Mels and their obnoxious, out of control mouthpiece Ted, also started to behave. Admittedly their somewhat dim groupies took a while to catch on but on the whole they are now playing squeaky clean and virginal in that camp. I have to say again, it’s too little too late.

    As somebody here mentioned earlier, a public apology is due to Caroline, Craig and Brooke for putting them through hell while they tried tirelessly to save Lennox. Hardly appropriate for the cretins from the hate campaign to in turn befriend those who sealed Lennox’s fate, but it didn’t stop them because after all, those who sealed Lennox’s fate were also part of the hate campaign from the beginning, weren’t they Sandie 😉

  6. Up to the same old tricks,reporting posts that will save dogs lives,it was never about the dogs,it was about egos and there need to feel important,and in some cases to feel like they belong to that nasty vindictive group,sad people,

    • looks like it, doesn’t it.
      if you put aside all the he says she says bullshite, what it all boils down to is that that little group of people has slandered Lennox’ family all over the internet for the past two years, making libellous statements re Caroline and Craig’s health and financial situation, blissfully unaware (or were they ?) of the fact that indirectly that also hurt their daughter Brooke. in their warped imagination Lennox was no longer a much loved family dog but a yard dog, hey no wait, a fighting dog ffs!!
      and anyone who would dare to point out that this was ridiculous would be mass reported and slated all over the internet as well, with as an all time low the attempts by a certain halfwit shed rat to have their names published on a genuine site for victims of pedosexuals (which incidentally is the correct term for those who sexually abuse children), though apparently someone in their inner circle looked up their old binder re legal studies and said hang on we could get in trouble doing that – but he tried to pull that one nevertheless.
      no matter what other ‘good’ things they may have done in their lives, a BIG public apology to Lennox’ family is WAY overdue.
      and the behaviour of some of the others who recently jumped on the bandwagon menned by the lovely articulate and oh so empathically gifted miss blethercole is NOT helping cases either, stirring trouble at other people’s dog pages and taking away genuine supporters from their cause. it’s about time they put all that effort in really helping, go and volunteer at your local shelter to clean out the kennels, walk the dogs or work with scared dogs if you’re good at that, or else get a nice hobby, go knit bully dogs to sell at auctions or bake cakes (to sell at your local fair to do some fundraising of course not to share with your dog seizing and dog typing buddies). (oh and don’t worry i have got PLENTY to do in the real world and that includes all kind of behind the screens work for rescues but you know squat about that, apparently you have got way too much time to bitch online anyway 😉 so try and be positive for a change and it would not hurt to issue an apology to Lennox’ family, and to the other people you have been slating like the lady who lost her 5 month old pup ffs)

    • Rumour has it that for one very prominent member of their little group the storm has already taken place. From what I hear no amount of diversion tactics will make it go away this time!!

      • has it really? ah well, got my wellies, tin foil hat, bomb suit and ikea biccies 😉 at the ready oh and a pot of chai of course 😉 in case the AG investigator comes knocking at my door. think the dogs will end up eating most of the biccies though. *yawn* they are SO predictable (the halfwits still going for Lennox’ family and anyone who dares to defend them in public, not my dogs, they’re clever buggers :D!).
        meanwhile, police forces are still seizing dogs by the dozens, and not just one organisation is loaded with cases… another sad incident of young owners who in distress and not knowing what to do signed the forms the police gave them to sign, realising they had signed over their dog and finding out the dog had been taken straight to the vet and MURDERED, in complete and utter disregard for any cooling off period…. a disgrace and a poignant reminder how important it is to keep the public educated about what to do when they come knocking on your door.
        and what exactly is that lot doing to actually STOP that madness? mass reporting someone for reposting DDA Watches advice not to sign anything and contact them or Wheldon Law? wow. brilliant. SLAP.

        • And still that bunch of hypocrites would have anyone stupid enough to believe them that ‘its all about the dogs.’ But then all is not as it seems and things aren’t going too well in that particular little circle these days. Thick as they are even they must realise its only a matter of time before everyone knows it.

        • …………and so the empty hearted hypocrites went to work again and in their madness, their hatred, have potentially killed more family dogs, yet to be seized under BSL.
          ‘How can that be?’ I hear you cry and I will tell you the simple answer. That piece of valuable information, now removed, would have been seen by someone who’s dog will be seized somewhere in England.
          Without them ever seeing the advice and what NOT to do to ultimately save their dog/s, those canine family members, will die just like Tyson died because his young owner did not know what to do.
          Through ignorant malice and total callousness, those responsible for reporting now have blood on their hands because they have denied the sharing of information on how to save a dog from the grip of BSL.
          The love of dogs they know nothing about, no matter how hard they try to convince otherwise.

  7. Whoever used the Angela Mannering id had delusions of grandeur. That person was under the illusion that they were vaguely intelligent. With most of the other fake ids they are obviously limited in that department, Debbie Gathercole is a prime example and Amy Miller was just plain delinquent lol but Mannering ‘thought’ it was clever. That was probably its downfall because stupid people find it hard to change their syntax thus giving themselves away 😉

    • She may have notions of grandeur but Ange Mannering wasn’t quite so grand with her pm’s, as some of us who dared to support Lennox are only too well aware !!
      We never did get to see those ‘screen dumps’ she threatened to send to the AG investigation into the family…. the investigation someone forgot to tell the AG about.

  8. Don’t know if she has blocked me,don’t care enough to chec,no longer follow any seize dogs pages because of her and her little chum mares,just follow dda watch and celebrate their successes.

    • that last one you mention is interesting, twizzle. found out she blocked me, can’t figure out why as i haven’t had any altercations with her whatsoever – and she’s defo not on my blocklist, makes you wonder how long she’s been around because it really doesn’t make sense… then again very little makes sense over at the HC HQs 🙂 and it is definitely NOT all about the dogs with most of them!
      As you mention missingyoualready, they had a LOT of spare and fake profiles between them, and every now and then another gem pops up that has been created like 3 hours ago lol. how crafty :p maybe they can resurrect john ferguson or chances are someone forgot the password to that one?

      • Don’t know wether her or her friend mares have blocked me,hope they have but don’t care enough to check.they don’t say anything remotely interesting,and didn’t listen to thumper in bambi,sad bitter excuses for human beings .

  9. DENIAL….that’s a bit strong , they don’t deny, they LIE and lie again, pretty soon their made up world is going to come crashing down around them, no matter how hard they try to pretend that if they hide they can not be caught….some mighty large debris is set to land right on the very doorsteps they try to keep clear……Ted, you read the blog despite the denial’s , you still grounded bud ? or did you stay in because of the rain , not too worry , will catch up soon enough, How is Cliff doing these day’s, ? do give him my regard’s

    • They lie and lie and threaten people and it seems you are Teds latest target. I doubt you’re going to lose sleep over it though 😀

        • None of them are very intelligent but his threat almost matches Amy Millers drunken ramblings in it’s stupidity. What a nice bunch of people they have in their camp, Mel must be so proud 🙂

          • Just another one to add to our long list of Ted’s little threats, Huge Mistake Ted 🙂 don’t you know the authorities don’t take too kindly to that sort of thing !!

            • They will be claiming they had nothing to do with the nasty pages and comments made about Lennox and his family in all their fake ids next (watch this space 😉 ) and I wonder who their latest target is now that they’ve been shown up and can no longer post their absurd lies about the family. I think Ruth, Sam, Ann and Andrea have been put out to pasture as the useless wastes of space and liars that they were, as they’ve gone very quiet lately too haven’t they lol.

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