Remember LENNOX

July 11, 2013

One year ago today, 11 July 2012, Lennox’s family discovered that he had been put to death by order of Belfast City Council.

They will never know if the outcome might have been different without the manipulated and grossly flawed testimonies of Sandie Lightfoot and Peter Tallack, coupled with the actions and words of a few equally malignant, lying, callous fools.

Belfast City Council, without an ounce of common decency, did not tell the family Lennox had been killed. That task was left to Victoria Stilwell who had arrived in Belfast with the sole intention of asking BCC to consider releasing Lennox to her. Prior to that, Sarah Fisher had made a request to the Council asking if she could be with Lennox on the day of his death, and return his body to the family.

Belfast City Council ignored or refused all pleas and requests.

Disgusting behaviour, much like one of their employees, and it’s a good time to remind certain people that, despite their self-righteous arrogance, sooner or later their past and blatant lies will catch up with them.

Newcomers to the blog may not know that Sandie Lightfoot stalked Lennox’s family, even after his death – naturally she’s always denied it.

Lightfoot has been accused of routinely sitting outside their home on a regular basis, in full view of neighbours and passers-by, doing nothing in particular, just smoking and fiddling with her phone.

Lightfoot says it never happened. Her close friends and acquaintances, Mel Page, Melanie Rushmore, Sarah Gunther, have always backed up her story, knowing it was just another big fat lie :

Sandie Lightfoot Lennox BSL Stalking Evidence 1 of 9

Sandie Lighfoot Lennox BSL Stalking Evidence 2 of 9

Sandie Lightfoot Lennox BSL Stalking Evidence 3 of 9

Any close friend of Lightfoot’s will be able to confirm where she’s parked on that particular day. We say ‘particular day’ because this was not an isolated incident. And needless to say, the van details, times, dates and duration of Lightfoot’s little ‘visits’ were recorded and passed on. Tax-payers of Belfast must surely hope other Council employees don’t make a similar habit of wasting public money.

Of course it’s quite possible Lightfoot had another day off on that occasion and found herself with nothing else better to do except sit in a Council vehicle, wearing her Council uniform, texting away (or pretending to) for some considerable time, before driving off.

There’s no need for us to publish the family’s address – the Hate Campaign wasted no time in doing that months ago. In fact at one point they ‘amused’ themselves, with an image which Lightfoot had obviously supplied [»» link ««]. If the photo in that link wasn’t taken by her then it must mean other members of the HC were stalking the family as well.

Courtesy of Google Maps, an address search shows the buildings seen in the background of the first two images above:

Lennox BSL Belfast 1


Remembering Lennox and his family for all victims of the moronic BSL

18 thoughts on “Remember LENNOX

  1. She certainly cannot deny these photos, and when you remember the lengths they went to try and disprove the fact that she was stalking the family, (numerous spite filled comments about photoshopping and a car dash being visible!!) Didn’t she go running back to BCC when she realised she was caught on camera complaining SHE was being followed (ever the victim)?

    It will be very interesting to see how BCC can possibly defend this blatant attempt at intimidation not to mention the waste of public money, and while they are at it their criteria for promotion.

    • Not only was her stalking and intimidation denied but she and her ‘friends’ also went as far as to claim she was not at work on the day she was first known to have been stalking the family. What is the term the trolls used to always use against people? Oh yes, ‘EGG ON YOUR FACE’. I think this qualifies as a world record breaking omelette for them 🙂

  2. Yesterday July 13th saw a world united with one aim, to fight BSL and the name Lennox rung from the rafters. Good folks from all over rose up from their arm chairs, climbed out of their vehicles and took to the streets in towns and cities to stand paw to hand and gave voice to those who have no voice. But here’s the interesting thing – those involved in the campaign of downright HATRED against this innocent dogs family were no where to be seen at any of the protests in the UK!!!!

    Don’t you think that the strangest thing, when they claim to be also fighting against BSL?
    Sure has me puzzled………..

    • Strange indeed, but when you remember they continually insisted (and still do) that Lennox and his family had done nothing but damage to the anti BSL movement, it must have been a hard pill to swallow to see so many come out and protest all over the world in Lennox’s name. Given even the name of their ‘organisation’ DNB, their place should have been at the top of the queue leading some of those protests. While its understandable some might not have been available yesterday you would really have to question their sincerity when they are prepared to go so far as to ignore the success of the worldwide protest altogether on their own page. Seems they are incapable of putting their bitter little vendetta aside even for one day to join others in the fight against BSL. Extremely petty and unprofessional don’t you think?

      • well they are no longer a campaign group aren’t they, stressed that fact themselves on their website and their facebook outlet so that explains their absense at the rallies…. they rather focus on working together (and having an occasional cake) with the police force and the DLO’s and ‘experts’ (which, by their own accord, don’t even need to have credentials as it’s only their experience and opinion which makes it interestingly that SOME expert’s opinions are deemed to be FACTS and others are deemed to be ‘just an opinion’ depending on who’s friends they are 😉 ) but let’s face it, if anything Lennox’s plight has alerted people to the horror law that is BSL and STILL there are many people out there who don’t know what to expect when BSL comes knocking on their door so education is KEY. it’s not just about Lennox (though no rescuer worth his / her salt would ever deny every dog IS important, you know, it won’t change the world but it will change the world of THAT particular animal thing). it’s about all those dogs that got taken because of bsl, all those dogs that got killed, all the families dealing with grief, all those dogs that walk a tightrope as an exempted dog …. i wish i lived in the UK as i would certainly have joined the nearest demo but my current situation doesn’t allow me to spend the money to travel to the uk. then if i could i would doubt one of the HC members would have the guts to even face me and tell me all the crap they have been sending out from their safe dens in my face and not blink an eye 😉 knowing myself i WOULD step up to them and challenge them to repeat all they said about caroline and craig and have a discussion right then and there, but something tells me they won’t have the balls to do that :), so much safer to be venomous from behind your fake accounts isn’t it. you apparently know who i am and what i do so i invite you to come over here if you can afford it, let’s have a good talk person to person face to face. yep i dare you 🙂 (but guess i can take my time and start making another kettle of chai as no one will be bold enough to have a REAL LIFE discussion they rather rant into cyberspace 🙂 ) Lennox left his paw prints across my heart and may other’s hearts and no one can take that away. i am still so sorry for his family that it all turned out like this.

    • There’s certainly a lot of that going on and its so obvious its bordering on pathetic, lol. Desperate times I suppose and looking more desperate by the minute, with no one to blame only themselves.

  3. R I P Lennox, ….your owner’s will find there’s make no mistake,
    from behind closed doors is a lot of activity, Patience is a virtue….those who judged and played god with other’s lives are on a fast road to hell, no red lights, green all the way ….they had a chance to re deem themselves but chose hatred & venom, now it is time to pay the price , there is always a price to pay for decisions made, ALWAYS !

    • There are a lot of supporters of the Hate Campaign playing innocent online since this blog started. Ann, Lesley, Kathy, Kate, Julie, John, Ruth, Sam etc though some of them post on their own blog in fake ids still – yes we know who is who 😉 – and would you believe, some are intending to attend the anti BSL protests which started because of Lennox in order to try and complete their fairy story that they are caring, compassionate human beings. I assume, as they were happy enough to slate the family from behind their computer screens, that they won’t object to being put in the spotlight on the day? 🙂

      • I wouldn’t say snitch, I would say the first to be publicly aggrieved because she was not made centre of attention and could not make the family jump when she told them to. Her stories became more and more exaggerated every time she told them. So much so that I think she even believed her own lies in the end. An attention seeker who was determined to take centre stage even if it meant it was at the expense of Lennox.

        • Two faced trickster and not the sort of person you would ever want to trust. She befriended Caroline in order to cause the family as much trouble as she could. She was friends with those who created the Hate Campaign and then fed them buckets of half truths in order to give them some sort of ammunition to use to try to halt the worldwide support for Lennox. The HC are welcome to each other, though I am suprised they are so stupid as to tell each other their secrets because let’s face it, they can’t trust each other 😉

          • Of course tomorrow isn’t only about Lennox. But some folk would do well to remember that majority of the people who will be attending tomorrow are doing so because their awareness of BSL was raised by the plight of Lennox and his family. To those who have berated or deliberately befriended his family only to betray them, we ask, please do not attend. Although there will absolutely be no threat from any anti-BSL supporter attending, most feel that your presence will do nothing but mar the day for us all.
            Please do what the crosspost warrior does and stay behind your keyboards.

  4. Lest we forget Terry Twoons, the fake id which was discovered to lead directly to the dog warden even though she denied it strenuously and created a cock and bull story to try and cover herself.

    • Considering Kirsten Lawrence called the number on the Terry Twoons profile and Lightfoot answered the phone and confirmed she was Sandie Lightfoot, then regardless of what piece of fiction she came up with to cover herself it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that she was knee deep in the whole hate campaign. Twoons was one of their more vocal campaigners even going so far as to produce court documents before they were released!!

  5. It does make you wonder if the mobile phone was used by the dog warden to take pictures to share with the Hate Campaigners, rather than for genuine purposes, doesn’t it?

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