LENNOX -v- the Haters

On the eve of the one year anniversary of Lennox’s death at the hands of Belfast City Council, a death that came about almost entirely due to the contrived and flaky testimonies given by Sandie Lightfoot and Peter Tallack, this post acts as a very brief reminder of those vindictive and malicious people associated with the vendetta against Lennox and his family.

In spite of all their fake prattling, we all know the HC cared very little about Lennox’s welfare, otherwise they would not have spent so much of their time creating stories and spreading lies dressed as ‘facts’ in order to discredit him.

Stories such as, Lennox was :

Stories created purely inside their own foul, tiny minds because, with the exception of Lightfoot and Tallack with their zero credibility, not one of the HC had ever come into contact with Lennox.

And if they ran out of fake material or couldn’t make it up as they went along, they ‘sourced’ ideas from the likes of Lightfoot and Tallack, two people most of us wouldn’t trust as far as we could spit – facing downwind of a force-12 gale.

In a nutshell, the vendetta against Lennox’s family began when Lightfoot seized Lennox, and it quickly escalated when Sarah Gunther’s offer to take Lennox was refused [link 1 / link 2]. 

That’s all it took, and it brought about things like this, which was posted to a PUBLIC page:

Guess who created this then posted to a public facebook page

We were saving this for one of the Guess Who slots, but it must be shown to illustrate the lengths the pond scum would go in order to harm Lennox’s family and, in turn, Lennox himself.  Even the young child is fair game to them.

This is not from a mere follower of the Hate Campaign; this is from someone who has been in it up to their neck from Day One; someone who has a lot to lose in the reputation stakes (what’s left of it now anyway).

(Translation: Ooooh this is lovely, so much better than that cold and lonely cage I’m left in at home! I’m begging you not to send me back there…at least here I am fed and walked and I don’t have to pretend like I’m dangerous to boost Craigs ego. I don’t miss anything about ‘home’ not even Brooke because in all honesty I was never allowed in the house (sad face). Please God let me go to someone who loves and wants me. I really don’t want to go back there (sad face) ).

Absolutely sickening; anyone with an ounce of moral decency will be appalled. Now if this was about another dog and any one of the pro-Hate Campaigner’s saw it on a Facebook page they would be ‘outraged’. They’d all come scurrying out of their holes to protest at the injustice.

This is the tip of the iceberg from the HC, and sadly there is a lot more to show. Disgusting aren’t they? Bear in mind when that went public it had comments of approval and ‘likes’. We wonder how many of them are now racking their tiny brains trying to remember if one of those comments or ‘likes’ could possibly be their own.

Time will most definitely tell. We’ll post the full screenshot soon.

And finally :

Save Lennox BSL disgusting Hate Campaigner's smiley face for Lennox's death

That comment was posted shortly after news was received that Lennox had been destroyed. The smiley face was not a mistake. In fact it sat there indefinitely, at least until the page was removed permanently. Strangely enough none of the other HC members thought it appropriate, and it didn’t attract any ‘likes’. There’s hope for some of them yet.


We’ll leave this with some pearls of wisdom from Andrea Williams Phillips :

Wise words from a not so wise Hate Campaigner Andrea Williams Phillips Deed not breed Facebook

How right she is; a pity she didn’t take her own advice, even if she was in disguise most of the time.


14 thoughts on “LENNOX -v- the Haters

  1. Reblogged this on theklajosephina and commented:
    one year ago Lennox the dog seized under BSL was put to sleep… the council and the courts didn’t even have the decency to notify his owners. a lot in that case stank to the heavens. still trying to figure out who was behind all that and WHY the hatred shown to the family who was only fighting to get their beloved dog home was that personal, vile and venomous :\

  2. Pictures coming in from all over the world of anti BSL protest which took place yesterday, but it appears Deed Not Breed have chosen to totally ignore this huge public outcry. Surely it’s in everybody’s interest that as many people as possible stand up to stop this madness, but not so it seems for an organisation whose very existence is supposedly centred around BSL ???
    As you said Charlie speaks volumes.

  3. I think it’s very telling that on the anniversary of Lennox’s death, anti-BSL organizations everywhere are acknowledging his memory and contribution to raising awareness of this ridiculous law except for ….. Deed Not Breed (you know them, “it’s all about the dogs”). I think it would be interesting to hear their response if I, HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, conceded all their “truths”, everything, every bit of it and then asked, “how does this change the fact that a dog was seized under BSL and put to death?” Who gets to decide what families/dogs are worthy enough to save? Would that be the two Mels? or perhaps our illustrious and well educated Mr. Ismay? Do you tell all families that lose their court cases, “well, sorry, it’s the law, nothing can be done”? Do you only save dogs that you or Sandie Lightfoot or Peter Tallack like? Just exactly what criteria do you use when you say you are anti-BSL … only for some dogs or only for owners that you approve of? Do you support putting a dog to death if you don’t like the owners or if they offend you in some way? I could go on and on but the bottom line is this … Page let her PERSONAL FEELINGS impact her supposed anti-BSL organization; she and her supporters let the bully breed community down by instigating, supporting and encouraging the persecution of Lennox (“he lunged” “unpredictable” “I’d be afraid”) and continue to do so today. BSL supporters need only to look at that nasty blog to find all the backup they need and Deed Not Breed’s lack of acknowledgement of the anniversary of Lennox’s death SPEAKS VOLUMES as to where they stand on the BSL issue.

      • If they do comment, it will be too little and way to late. Those who actively took part in the HC should hang their heads in shame, but they won’t because it was all a bit of a laugh to them to see who could come up with the smartest quip or the wildest theories. Yard dog, Status dog, Fighting dog, Abused dog, Unloved dog, Unlicensed dog, Neglected dog, Money making dog and so the list goes on. If anyone wants to add to the list, please feel free.
        RIP Lennox boy.

        • Well said Charlie and hay bob,just look at bcc Facebook page to see that we haven’t forgiven and will never forget,what a few hate filled people did to Lennox and his family,R.IP poor boy,and thoughts with his family on this sad anniversary.

    • Very good point sdcharlie. Lennox has become a symbol all over the world for everything that is wrong with BSL. His death at the hands of BCC highlighted BSL for thousands of people, many of whom were unaware of it, but DNB, an organisation that claims to exist to fight the stupidity of BSL and everything it represents can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that fact. If they were really serious about getting rid of BSL then surely they should be be at the top of the queue remembering Lennox and the wrong that was done to him and his family. Sadly it seems they haven’t the courage or the decency to do so.

  4. There are no words to describe the kind of low life that would post something like that, or those that supported it.for that matter. The hate filled page this was taken from was often publicly supported by the very same people who claim to be running an organisation fighting BSL and all it stands for. Don’t remember any of them objecting to this or any of the rest of the disgraceful behaviour on those pages back then. Are we really expected to now believe they have recently discovered their conscience, because for them its ‘all about the dog’s. Lennox was an innocent dog on death row at the time this was posted but these so called pillars of the truth felt justified in producing the likes of this and lots more hate filled bile besides. Shame on all involved.
    RIP Lennox.

    • you got a very good point there, Summersdays 🙂 indeed some of the individuals now crying it’s all about the dogs and they were never involved in any hate pages just giving out information were liking disrespectful comments made at the expense of caroline and craig, rather than pointing out the many times the HC crossed the lines making wild allegations and saying hurtful things. as a matter of fact even when they clearly went overboard i cannot recall certain individuals riding in on their moral high horse the way they do now…. mind you, those on the lennox campaign side screaming in their frustration with the whole case that the dog warden should be murdered didn’t do the campaign a favour either, as i believe you should not fight violence with violence but the sheer lack of compassion as displayed in the picture above and the many other hateful posts directed at the family are nothing to be proud of. and mind you, there were tens of thousands of people signing the petition, commenting on the campaign pages and following the lennox case from a distance, compared to the about 20 odd persons directly linked to the many lemmings pages and other HC HQ outlets! one can hardly hold the family or even the campaign leaders responsible for the lone nutter posting hateful comments aimed at the dog warden among several hundreds of comments every day, moreover the campaign managers have stated often enough they would not condone violence and threats as that was not helping the case. however some people just won’t listen. sad that those now again spewing their hatred fail to see that (or they do, but it won’t suit their agenda…)

  5. Whoever thought it was smart to make the misery of Lennox into a cartoon is dead. Not in the physical sense where there is no breathing, pulse or other signs of life, but death of the soul, compassion, love and all emotion. No doubt they walk this earth appearing to be perfectly normal saying the right things to fit all occasions and presenting themselves to being good, upstanding, moral individuals, with a certain popularity and purpose within the circles they move or reside in.
    No doubt, you who have created this mockery will read this blog and will see the feelings, through words of disgust, directed at you that sadly are unlikely to have any affect on your empty heart.
    Such a dark doomed life you live hiding in the shadows of denial…..but where will you hide when the light is switched on and you are there for all to see……………………………………

  6. It beggars belief that they can be so lacking in compassion and empathy and to use this image of Lennox in this way.what happened in their life to make them so hate filled and bitter,so vile .

  7. It took just one or two flights of fancy in the Hate Campaigners minds, which they then expanded on by inventing stories that they thought made sense, until finally they believed their own lies and stated things as fact. These same people are now running for the hills, having been proven to be liars and are shouting loudly about how ‘it’s all about the dogs’. It’s a crying shame they didn’t put as much effort into supporting Lennox as they did into supporting the people who killed him and doing their best to destroy the support he had.

    They posted edited video footage, sent to them from belfast and from somebody directly involved with the court case for the prosecution – 3 guesses who that was – which was intended to make Lennox look bad and which backfired on them because most normal dog loving people can tell the difference between fear and aggression. They hijacked celebrity supporters to try and put them off supporting Lennox and the family fighting so hard to save his life and get him home. They took every given opportunity to defend those whose fairy tales in court had condemned Lennox to death – who the Hate Campaigners do business with – and finally they spent 3 yrs slating and slagging off Lennoxs family through pictures they created, stories they invented and the nastiest comments they could muster in order to try and break the familys spirit.

    I am astonished that they are now trying to portray those proving them wrong as not caring ‘about the dogs’. The reality is, they only cared about their own status and the ‘it’s all about the dogs’ comment only became their battle cry once they were discovered.

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