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44 thoughts on “Thoughts and Observations

  1. Evening all, not much changes i see, . Do you honestly think that anyone pay’s any attention to a handful of sad evil gaggle (sometimes backed by the one and only Ted ) witches, that just keep on spouting utter garbish, ? In the adult world of grown up’s, which they know nothing of, you only have to take a poll, how many supporters have stayed supporting the wronged dog called Lennox, and how many of their supporters have fell away. Speaks for itself in figures, let them play in their own yard, as that is just what it is , a yard, a small one at that, if they held a meet up it could be held in a phone kiosk and include the caterers, that is the extent of support, some play darts, crib, bingo, knit or whatever, these cretins don’t have the cell’s to do that so they gather around the cauldron and take turn’s in stirring the pot, Let them play, let them imagine they hold a captive audience, let them spout the pure evil along with the lies they have built up, because in truth, not a sane soul heed’s anything they say, BUT,there is always a but isn’t there, in spouting they are showing the world the nastiness that courses it’s way through their veins and the world judges , because what they say says a hell of a lot more about them than any Lennox supporter, allow them to destroy themselves, they do a good job of that. When, not IF it all comes home to roost, they can not say they were not warned , the good lord will deal one day with the hate and when that day comes , then and only then, will they regret the words they spouted . but it will be too little too late. Ted i know you are gagged but are you grounded also, or just avoiding me and the lad’s , been bit dull without you to be honest, ..well dull is a bit strong,peaceful is a better choice, see you soon folks, play nice now and take care out there ..

      • I am afraid for a while there,anger got the better of me.and I lowered myself to there level.but I have composed myself now.obviously they are not going to come here,they are so “all about the dogs”that they can only upset dog owners who have enough to cope with.

  2. You say they have nothing better to do… Do you have a mirror to look in when you say that?? As you really appear to have such a meaningful life to have, as you so rightly put, nothing better to do than slate people you F all about!!

  3. OMG You lot need to grow up… Get a hobbie or something… Maybe a job… Do something constructive with you lives rather than trying to tarnish those that are actually making a difference in the world of rehoming and helping dogs!! And you say the people in question have a vendetta?? Pot and kettle come to mind!

    • The big difference between ‘us’ and the ‘people in question’ rottiechick, is that they started the nasty abusive behaviour and continued it for what is coming up to 3yrs before they decided to scurry back into their holes in the ground and attempt to resurface squeaky clean ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rottiechick when it comes to slating people we know F all about…. if you bothered to read this blog you would see that anything said was backed up with UNEDITED screenshots of the people in question in action. Maybe you should consider asking your dodgy friends how many of them actually knew the Barnes family, or any of us on here for that matter, who they delighted in publicly slating for over two years, despite knowing F all about us. You only have to look at some of their latest ramblings to see for yourself they are still at it…but then you already knew that didn’t you ‘hun’. As you say yourself ‘pot kettle black’ ‘hun’.

  4. It’s been ‘all about the dogs’ since their past has come back to bite them. That statement is an act of self defence and is the last rung on the ladder they are clinging on to so desperately. It’s also why they are intent on pushing themselves on to every rescue page, every dog seized and every cause because they are hoping that it will paint a virtuous picture. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear though and they’ve definitely made a complete pigs ear of things.

  5. I took a look at their website earlier. Innocents? LOL. They’ve decided to pick on someone again and are off and running with their childish and bitchy comments. Not at all disimilar to the years of abuse they threw in the direction of the family on a daily basis. Still in denial, though i think they protest too much ๐Ÿ˜‰ and interestingly, still copying almost word for word things discussed and comments made on this blog. Surely at least one of them can write a post without seeking inspiration from other peoples prose? Actually, they probably can’t if their last 3 years are anything to go by. By the way Viva we know who you are and believe me your nastiness absolutely proves that there is nothing professional about the way you conduct yourself.

    • This is the page that Mel herself was happy to promote not that long ago ? If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny to read their tripe. In all seriousness we have the likes of โ€˜Dramaqueenโ€™, โ€˜Vivaโ€™, โ€˜Viva la Divaโ€™, โ€˜Miss Marpleโ€™, and other such โ€˜charactersโ€™ criticising someone here for not posting under her โ€˜own name !!!โ€™ This despite the fact that they know and we know they took delight in not only reporting any of us who did use our own name at every opportunity, but then went on to brag about it..which by the way had serious implications for some of the animal rescues many of us work with. But of course as far as they are concerned there is only one organisation, (maybe two if you count EGAR) that matters.
      Anyone reading their nonsense would be surprised to know that they actually had a little clean up recently (albeit a bit too late for them) and got rid of some of the more damning posts on that particular blog, but I guess a leopard never changes its spots, and as usual for them its โ€˜do as I say not as I do.โ€™ Doubt its even dawned on them that they are just digging that hole a bit deeper with their recent little rants…so keep them coming, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. They really seem to suffer from very selective memory… but as I said before some of us have been around for quite some time and most of us have been on the receiving end of their bully boy tactics, both publicly and on pm’s, but none more so than the family. Unfortunately for them while they sneered at the very idea that we were keeping screenshots of their behaviour, they just can’t seem to get theirs collective heads around the idea that their nasty little past is coming back to haunt them….and all in their very own words too, lol. Some of their little team may have diminished (publically at least) over time but lets just say others left a lasting impression. Susie Simpson, Jake Longden, and John Ferguson…(what was it that ‘Jake’ called him…’Glenn Thomas’ wasn’t it??) may be no more…. but they haven’t gone very far away have they Mel? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Including the sins of those who have since gone quiet, publicly anyway, but are happy to support the Hate Campaigners in private ๐Ÿ˜‰ All those involved along the way who put their oar in and made hurtful comments, put up hurtful and hateful posts and supported the bitching the main players threw at the family. None of them have been forgotten and yes we have screen grabs of all their input on the hate pages too ๐Ÿ™‚

        • methinks their ‘friends in high places’ would bow out in a sec if they saw the hatred and vitriol they have thrown at a family fighting for their dog… still wonder if there is someone with a personal vendetta amongst them as it they like to play it so… personal, aiming at people’s income, job, health… most of them are incapable of having a grown up discussion without throwing insults then play the innocent ones when someone bites back.. classic playground bully behaviour. i dare them to submit every screenshot gathered here to research by microsoft or google or whatever wizzkid, sad truth is people don’t have to alter anything, the things they have said are ugly enough :\ and as for them being knowitalls as to how we spend our lives and whether we walk the walk, they know squat about that. let me dare you, speak up throw off those masks and fake id’s and do bring on that rock solid proof ๐Ÿ™‚ as so far you have failed to convince people, and now some are only jumping onto your bandwagon without knowing the full story, well enjoy the ride but do bring your sick bags because those halos are fake and something stinks underneath ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. personally i don’t think that’s gloating ๐Ÿ™‚ (as we are free to speak our minds here), i can imagine someone’s glad to have their dog back, it’s not uncommon to be overjoyous then (just to put things in perspective)… what does bug me is that the suggestion is made that this is all thanks to a certain organisation being involved, but we all know in the end it’s not WHO helps you, it’s not even your lawyer (though a good one certainly won’t hurt ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but it’s the court system and the dlo that ulitmately determine the speed of your dog’s return and so there is no ‘returned within 2 weeks’ guarantee, i doubt any self respecting organisation would advertise that..
    what bugs me most is that there are several cases going on (or just wrapped) where there weren’t any snide remarks about the owner’s financial status whereas lennox’s family has been subjected to a host of snide comments about people being on social welfare (not that i want people to be commented on like that but it struck me that the usual clique refrained from their usual references to the great british underclass and ‘scroungers’ as they did with caroline & craig)…. then again we have seen the HC bend the rules so many times, they must be dizzy from flopping over in so many directions… and now others seem to be falling for their stir and destroy campaign. (yes, still waiting for an intelligent answer to my question WHY i had to be banned from Shimmer’s group). just wish some people would view the hatred spewed at lennox’s family.. the things they said about Caroline were just below the belt :\ and the stupid comments they made re Brooke’s asthma still get me pissed off. but now it appears they have gone to Sanctimonious Inc and had a brand new halo fitted ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. They won’t come and talk on here because they can’t organise a team to pile in and back them up. It’s an awful lot easier for them to just copy everything that this blog writes, pretend it’s their own – even down to their new look website set up lol – than it is to come here and discuss the fact that their claims about Lennox being a Pit Bull, their claims that he was a status dog, their claims that he was kept outside all the time, their claims that the dog warden wasn’t stalking the family, their claims that the Attorney General was investigating the family, and indeed the claims that the people from Deed not Breed were not involved in that Hate Campaign and all it involved, have been proven to be nothing but a pack of lies. Let’s not forget the bitchy comments they made about the family and their health, about their integrity, about their child. No, they won’t come on here. They have been nothing but bullies for nearly 3 years and bullies have no courage.

    • I hoped they might have grown a pair,but I should have known better,spineless,brainless and the integrity of a flip-flop. Just about sums them up,sad bitter and twisted old pus filled hags that they are.

    • How times have changed Karmabus…its not that long ago that they pushed their way onto every available Lennox support page (using some of their many fake Id’s) to spread their hate filled lies at every opportunity..the day Lennox was killed, and even Christmas Day, were all open season for Sandi & her cronies to have a go. Now they have the chance to comment here and the silence is deafening. No doubt if they play true to form they will come up with the same lame excuses like ‘Admin blocked us’.,(which can be very easily disputed by the way). The fact is they were issued with an open invitation and despite all their hot air and so called truth not one of them had the guts to accept it. I suppose we should make an exception for Ted as the ‘boss woman’ has him gagged.(lol), but you are right Karmabus like all bullies they are spineless cowards.

    • Karmabus, you’re forgetting their claims that the family bought themselves a ‘brand new bmw car’ (‘heather’ even made an effort of squeezing a bmw logo on that photoshopped profile pic of her page showing some of the boybel admins, caroline and craig driving an old fashioned car together)!
      Apparently freedom of speech in their world means that THEY have a right to make accusations and saying a woman who’s on steroids/prednisolon for her illness looks ‘fat’ because she ‘has been stuffing herself with all the food she bought from the donation money’ and wishing her to ‘fall and break her lying face’, but others have NO right to voice their opinion or even stand up for themselves or their friends. As for the always attack in a pack tactics, well i know all about that ๐Ÿ™‚ seems to be their favourite method. Some others commenting here have been in that place too. As said before, some individuals are on my blocking list for one simple reason: they don’t play fair, and i trust them as far as i can throw them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Come on milsom and mares,gobby enough on the seized dogs pages,and where are your other 2gobby mates.just want to cause arguments on pages for seized dogs,bloody cowards the lot of you.not a brain cell amongst you ,๐Ÿ˜œ

  10. I genuine thought they were seeing sense when they start sharing posts but unfortunately! Thanks to Amy Miller’s runaway birdie…..

    ‘your cover is blown’

    Ted, you and the lavatory ‘core’ supporters got the names wrong and it looks like you will never know who we are. Just saying

    But we will be here if you want to talk

  11. Still no word from that quarter? That alone speaks volumes though they are very vocal amongst themselves apparently and doing lots of private message and locked down pages bitching ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Not all of their usual bitching is behind closed doors Karmabus, but then why would they change the habits of a lifetime.:)

  12. Ted, hope you get the ยฃ700 for the VX, though it is a bit old nowday’s to ask that sort of cash, …is the 750 passable,? might make an offer myself buddy , then you can book yourself a nice little break away ! : ))

  13. Must be a damn big gag…is that why he is so vocal away from network sites, Ted just don’t get it, ( even when it has been handed to him ) people are sick , tired, & weary of his incessant garbling, He rides in like a hero to mankind to rescue his “woman” i have heard, she is more man than he is, so cant think why , oh yes, wait, he can be whoever he want’s to be from his laptop innit…So Ted, i await the denial’s that are surely coming that you don’t know who i am, you don’t go for a swift pint, or half in your case, i am waiting to prove your no more than a dinky soldier on a bike that a hair dryer has more power than. who likes to play among the women to feel all powerful, Good thing my patience is well documented, this could take a while for the gag to slip i take it.

    • Sounds as if this Ted is not a bright guy and having come across some of his writings on this blog I think there might be an overactive imagination hidden under his skull.
      You Dennis have showered the place with clues which points to you being in his company at times and know him well enough to share one of your English pints and he still does not know who you are?
      Identities which were known to be false have now gone but, thanks to this blog their accusatory words have been recorded and the persons responsible leave the impression of being physiologically skewed showing distinct signs of guest personalities that took/take hold at times. Still don’t seem a good excuse for the upset caused to good people who only wanted to save their family dog.

      • I get the feeling that there is more to come and what’s on this blog is merely the tip of the iceberg regarding those hateful people. Well they, and the few equally twisted supporters of theirs who joined in, had plenty of opportunities to back down but their arrogance stopped them and personally i think every one of them needs naming and shaming for the horrific bullying they put the family of Lennox through. From name calling to questioning their health issues to personal insults aimed at them. They were working under a mob rule mentality and their behaviour was sickening. I still can’t believe that they are all trying to pretend they are innocent and decent people? Have they no conscience at all?

        • The answer to that Karmabus is NO. They have no conscience at all! When I wrote my blog The Good The Bad and The Ugly of the Save Lennox Campaign it was because I was utterly disgusted at the abuse hurled at Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters just because they wanted to get their dog back

          • Why aren’t Shimmers and Cocos owners being subjected to the same abuse? After all, they fought to get their dogs back home didn’t they? Just like Caroline and Craig did for Lennox. So Mel Page, what’s the difference? As you are the initiator of the Half Truth page that abused Lennoxs owners you must know why there are some owners that are abused and others that aren’t – so, what’s the difference?

        • Given their vicious vendetta went on for the two years prior to Lennox being killed and has continued even since, you can be absolutely sure Karmabus, that what’s posted on this blog so far is only the tip of the iceberg. If anything their recent antics have only served to remind people of their despicable behaviour and more and more are coming forward with unedited documented evidence of just how low these people were prepared to go. They may be under the illusion that by deleting the likes of Roxanne Summers and Heather Jones, and tidying up their spiteful little blog they are untouchable, but they are badly mistaken. They tried that one with Susie Simpson, Jake Lonergan, John Ferguson, & Terry Twoons, but they forget some of us have been around here for a long time…( didn’t Mel Page claim she knew TerryTwoons personally at the time) so theres lots more to come.

  14. Right for the gruesome twosome,milsom and mares,I am NOT and never have been sue endbsl Harris,so let that tiny bit of information sink into your tiny little minds.i am still on kais page to keep the candle going.perhap you would like to ask the other comedy duo why they are blocking people off any support pages they admin.ifvyou have anything to say do it on here instead of causing upset on supprt pages.can you get that through your thick skulls and have some respect for people already going through enough

    • they think there is only one sue harris on all of britain then? lmao that’s too funny! it would be so amusing to have a round table and get everyone together, would be interesting to see who’s who then lol, what a shocker they’d find out we are real people and they would be with just about a dozen i presume, imagine handing out name tags for all id’s used, some of them would need a double breasted blazer to place em all ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. So the Hate Campaign has gone from 3yrs of being hateful to a family who had their dog seized, to directing their hate against those who have turned the tables on them and unearthed the lies they directed at that family. Now suddenly they say they are the victims (??), and boy are they making a meal out of it, yet both Mels from DnB were caught on a post admitting to making one of the hate pages and that’s been posted on this blog. Everything they said was a distortion of the truth to suit their agenda and once they were proven to have lied, as shown in the posts on this blog, they delete their fake ids (but made a few new ones), claim they are victims and suddenly say ‘it’s all about the dogs’. Shame they didn’t use that mantra earlier before their involvement in the nastiness and abuse of a family saw them destroying their own reputations. Both Mels from DnB should have been more professional but instead they created pages and spread the evil in their fake ids. Scroll through the posts on this blog, they even admitted to it because they thought they were being really clever yet now they say they are innocent? They made their own bed.

  16. Tut tut, i go away for a short time & my my, the 3 ringed circus has only gone and learnt some new word’s , Ted, please, can you stop chatting bubbles in the company of people who just want a quiet pint, no one is interested, do you not notice how the pub toilets get full when your around, the mass exodus to whispers of, oh no, …. why not stick to what you know best, sitting on facebook playing the gangster, even there, only the chosen few read your gibberish, mate, your an armchair bully, not even a half decent one either, usually women you have a go at, BIG HE MAN, i dont even have to create a profile to hear what your latest is, you seriously need to get a grip, you are no different to me , no better than anyone else, EXCEPT to yourself, your not even intelligent enough to have worked out just who i am, even with all the clues you have had, but i am a nice person who play’s fair so here is another…..inside leg measurement , waist 36, cast your mind back mate, leathers for sale ?…even in your pea brain you must by now know. how much longer are you going to play dumb, or are you just scared to admit i was on to you month’s ago, be a good chap now and man up….you can even bring Steve along for company if it makes you feel better…..btw, you didnt win the raffle but you still owe me a fiver .

  17. Still blocked off support pages,oh well,hope the gob and her little sidekick Diane are happy that they are damaging campaigns for seized dogs.all for their own egos.

    • yep, wonder what one of the exempted dogs owners think of it, if they find out the people who so kindly ‘offered’ to admin their dog’s page have cut them off from real supporters just to take their childish bickering on that page :\ and now they’re at it again, trying to stir trouble with another one who has enough on her plate as it is being in limbo about a beloved pet… how low can you go.

  18. I think it’s interesting that nobody from the ever vocal campaign of hate against Lennox and his family, have come to say anything. I assume they only like playing their games on pages where they think they have the most back up following their fairy tale stories?

    • Isn’t it just Karmabus, especially when you consider their usual mantra that we continually block their so called ‘truth’….Seems they would prefer to stick to their own little blog to ‘set the record straight’. Given just some of their past activities are here for all to see I guess their own little blog has got much more scope when it comes to enhancing their ‘victim’ status.

      • Well they copy, almost word for word, everything that has ever been said about them and claim it’s their wording (that’s plagiarism isn’t it?) so no doubt they’ll copy this idea or make another story up soon. Intelligence and the ability to come up with anything original escapes them. I understand one of their blogs admin actually thinks they write well? Delusional as well as untalented. I hope this nastiness doesn’t affect her attempts to get a degree? Assisting a Hate Campaign won’t go down too well when studying Law as it would adversely affect the reputation of the University and people have been thrown out for less.

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