5 thoughts on “THEY NEVER LEARN

  1. Yes Diane is a good home checker,does it by mobile phone photos,meet her outside b and q and she will hand you a dog,you could be Michael Vick opening a franchise in the uk.but never mind,makes Diane look good.

  2. It’s quite interesting to see all their protestations of innocence and how they are the victims of harassment. Those claims will come back to bite them 😉

  3. Some of these people are out of their tiny minds. Perhaps they should look at the whole blog, including the comments section and read all the posts. It clearly spells out exactly what this blog is about, why it was created, the mentality of the people who created the Hate Campaign that this blog is bringing to the fore, when they started and for how long they’ve been carrying it on. Just because the fake ids and pages they idolised have shut down their accounts, because they were happy to start the fire but did not want to get caught up in the resulting inferno, does not mean that their horrendous abuse of a family and individuals has been forgotten. Each and every one of the people who contributed to the Hate Campaigns vendetta are now pretending they are innocents but their legacy remains, as do the screen grabs of their input. Did they really think they would get away with it? Surely nobody is that stupid?

    • They try to pretend they are innocent, but they continually conveniently forget to mention their own little blog, still up and running and still as nasty and bitchy as ever. Its not that long ago Mel P,Gunther, Debbie and the rest of the usual suspects openly pointed everyone towards the blog in question at every opportunity, hell we have even produced the screen shots of them talking about setting it up…strangely they don’t seem so keen to promote it so publicly these days, but while some of their their blog efforts like ‘doginamangr ‘have just magically disappeared, they are still having their little bitch fest, using their many fake profiles to do so. (Although to be fair to Debbie, I think she was so glad to be in with the ‘in gang she actually used her own name once or twice, lol). They are all still very much involved, they know it and we know it. While they may have attempted to wipe some of the evidence of their so called ‘truth’ off the blog in question, (coincidentally right about the same time Heather & Roxanne disappeared), surely they didn’t think their handy work would just disappear.:)
      So if anyone is in any doubt about these so called ‘victims’ feel free to ask them about it, I’m sure they would be only too happy to point you in the right direction. 🙂

      • Spot on, Karmabus & Summersdays. That lot very conveniently fails to mention some people had to create a back up account because they got mass reported FIRST for speaking up for caroline barnes or being critical of mrs lightfoot and mr tallack. as for me that was the exact point i had the dubious honour to receive my first ever facebook ban, because i dared to voice my opinion those two were lying. Kept the ss to pinpoint the date, and then the namecalling began, and again the reporting of nearly EVERY comment i made on boycott belfast, no matter what. Once of their favourite tactics was making snide remarks and posting comments like “woops did i just go and send an email to so and so’s employer” with alleged proof of online stalking and bullying, then get you mass reported when you responded (which in retrospect was stupid to do, as it was only feeding them trolls… but hey, i’m only human and apparently it is allowed to show primal reactions on social media when you are an accomplished barrister so it should certainly be forgivable for a humble civil servant).
        They have proven in the past that any attempt to have a discussion on adult level with them was futile (again, ss to back that up),
        But no sireee, they are all innocent – lambs bravely standing up to the baddies holding their ground against all evil …
        I have asked the same question before and never got a satisfactory answer so i ask again: IF those people were convinced the lennox campaign was guilty of foul play, WHY wage a war on facebook? Why don’t take all that preciousss proof to the authorities or the tax office and report foul play? The answer is simples: because there was no proof. Zip, zero, nada, nakkes, zilch. And of course when this started to dawn on them their wall of truth went ‘poof’. and now they are carrying on, living out their apparent hunger for mayhem and disorder by meddling and stirring in other cases, alternated with ‘we are the champions/ saints’ drama *cue a rendition by the metropolitan orchestra of ”please don’t let me be misunderstood”, with loads of violins for extra drama* – because that’s all the lot of them is thriving on, creating drama. If you want to fight bsl, then why no longer campaign for it? As it has been shown you can do BOTH, campaigning against bsl ánd helping dogs getting home. Or is that a painful question? Or do people think you can get that law repealed by selling hoodies? ……jusss wondering 🙂 *wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh*

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