7 thoughts on “HACKED OFF

  1. good point, Candy. where oh where areth thou, roxanne and heather? thou hast fought so bravely to spread the Troof… and then it went ‘poof’ and off they were… or were / where / we’re (for my special friend) they? little spirit told me that all five, yessir, all FIVE most used heather jones profiles were still there, and ONE of those was still spouting crap calling Lennox’ family “liars, thieves” and “dogfighting scum”… nice eh?

  2. You really have to laugh! All the effort they go through for what? To make themselves look like prats and Mel Page and her organisation seem like desperate no hopers? You couldn’t make it up! BTW where are those other no hopers – Roxanne and Heather? Absconded into oblivion. Haven’t laughed so much in years at their disappearance!!! Two years of bluster and crap – now off with the fairies and reinvented into other profiles? Hasn’t got quite the same effect has it Mel?

  3. Oh it get’s better each & every time they invent something new. but have to be honest, this is the funniest….Are we to HONESTLY believe that someone went to the trouble of hacking into the group , then randomly selected who to delete …..SERIOUSLY ? ? with no thought that the notifications sent prove they again are liars of the highest order, Look’s a lot like perfect ms gobbyhole has not taught her pupil’s well, NOT very perceptive to make poor old Perception Pervical look pretty damn daft…..Go to the bottom of the class !!

      • Debbie has obviously let the glory of being admin on a few pages go to her head. Intelligence was never her forte, but watching her running backwards and forwards copy/pasting the technical advice, from her ‘secret’ informants in her pm box, has been hugely amusing. It’s blatantly obvious Debbie didn’t write the replies as she can barely string a sentence together on her own. Diane appears to be suffering from a similar power trip as it seems she’s been telling people she’s well known in rescues. Not according to the rescues lol. It appears her ‘big’ involvement is all done via her computer and involves cross posting, sharing links, commenting on pages and of course her new vocation of becoming admin on as many pages as possible (as if that’s important!). The same sort of thing thousands of people do daily but with no fanfare or story telling. Then to top it off, the pair of them make a drama out of losing supporters on pages ! It will get better i’m sure. They are enjoying their little performance and are now going for gold with the ‘we are being victimised’ routine. The worst offender is Debbie though. With her history of giving abuse to others, her lack of empathy or compassion, her nasty jibes and childish jokes at other peoples expense including a family whose dog, Lennox, was killed by BSL. She appears to think that just because the troll pages she thoroughly enjoyed posting her stupid comments on have disappeared, somehow that means she is not guilty of the nastiness she spewed for so many months. I’m sure there are a host of screengrabs that can show her true colours. Pretending you’re an innocenct does not make is so Debbie 😉

        • Debbie is so busy trying to impress her dodgy mates she doesn’t seem to even notice that her latest stunt banning others because of who they ‘might’ be friends with, or because they are Lennox supporters, and then suggesting the page was hacked, is pretty stupid…..even for Debbie. There are indeed lots of screenshots of Debbie in action and I suspect a few of her new found friends will be quite taken aback at her Jekyll & Hyde antics when they see the real Debbie in all her glory.

          • Debbies bitchy comments on the trolls pages went down well with them, she must have felt so special, so she decided to carry on even though her troll team leaders had since gone into hiding.Then, after continuing the nastiness, she suddenly attempts to create a new persona of all caring, all compassionate? Only she could be so stupid as to imagine that her vile attitude would be forgotten and not come back to haunt her. Half the people defending her are long term mates of hers who joined in slating Lennoxs’ family, Lennox and his supporters on the troll pages. Did they think they had gone unnoticed?
            Perhaps, if they feel they are victims now, they should have considered what they were doing before spending so long picking on a family whose dog was on death row and carrying it on long after he was killed and while the family was grieving.
            There’s nothing innocent about that little group.

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