1. I would like to know who is who. I had a run in with Gathercole about a year ago now, as she was telling lies and spouting crap to one of the people on my BSL group who had their dog seized, it really screwed their mind over. They nearly threw the towel in, but thankfully didn’t and the dog is safely back home. The owner was told Debs was in with DnB and if they didn’t do as she said she had the power to stop DnB helping. I have the PM’s. I told DnB about this and copied it all over so am surprised that they continued being allied with her, but there you go. Please can someone tell me who is who cos I don’t know who to trust now and I don’t want any trolls on the BSL page, I just want to support people going through this horrendous ordeal. Thank you.

    • Interesting to hear that considering those people are claiming that they are the ones who’ve been victimised on this blog for 2yrs, according to one person, and 18mnths according to another. Considering this blog has only been going since October last year i’m not sure whether to question their intelligence or their honesty. Actually I think both are in question lol.

  2. I think this blog needs to gets fact straight before you start slandering people on the internet… Please do not worry i too am capable of screenshots… So have made copies of all your slanderous material for those involved amd named above to take to their legal advisors… I have worked online with Diane everyday for the past year, helping to get dogs out of kennels and find rescues spaces and forever homes for them… The utter rubbish you are spewing is laughable… You are pathetic and need to grow up!!!

    • well rottiechick please DO let me know when you’re ready for the court room, i got enough material here to bury some of those people claiming to be respectable and you might want to browse through this blog, many here have been on the receiving end of mrs gathercole & her merry friends and let me tell you she ain’t all the love and light she’s projecting. still waiting for a valid explanation why the D&D duo decided i had no right to support Shimmer’s family – if it hadn’t been for other friends who kept me posted on the case i would still be in the dark today whether that poor dog had been exempted or not.
      it’s not just that someone who doesn’t know me from adam decides what i can and can’t support, it’s that those people took the support away from that family and came with the lame excuse of having the page hacked or fake claims that people had misbehaved. neither was the case and you know it. so if this is going to a court room by all means do let me know, looking forward to seeing who is really behind heather jones and roxanne summers and the rest of the merry band. and nailing them. good nite 😀

      • Well the rottiechick id has obviously not read all the evidence posted on this blog or perhaps is ignoring it because they were involved in the hate campaign themselves and thinks threats will scare people off? No such luck i’m afraid 🙂

  3. I just love these very nice droplets of information on here coming in from every direction and as they pool together the picture is not pleasant, but sometimes the truth can be ugly as is the case here. A body of people who claim to have dogs welfare at heart by fighting against BSL, who claim to be professional and caring towards owners and their dogs who have become victims of seizure, are anything but the professionals they claim to be. Mr Dennis I applaud you and look forward to further installments so keep on talking as the more you say the more power you give to those who need a voice….the dogs, the families, the children.

  4. The very fact that Debbie and her friends are prepared to play God with such a serious issue speaks volumes. So many experienced volunteers ready and willing to help in any way they can have been blocked by Diane and Debbie purely because of who they are friends with, and this on the advice of who? WTF?? They then have the audacity to suggest they have been hacked… by who, and why ??. How can these idiots honestly suggest its all about the dogs??

    Of course Mel P would have us all believe she is yet again just the victim. Well if you are reading this Mel you surely know the only victims here are the innocent dogs caught up in the bullshit law you claim to be fighting against. While most of us (including you I suspect) would not have much regard for poor Debbie (not the brightest button in the box ) shame on you. If you have to stoop to this to advertise DNB then maybe its about time you consider a change of career!!. But then as we all know only too well Mel this isn’t the first time you have brought it down to this is it ??

    • Interesting that the Michael MP Jones id is now leaping in, feigning innocence, to ask questions. Perhaps that person should use their real name rather than hide behind yet another fake one.

  5. Still being blocked off of support pages,still having sarcastic remarks where I can post,I can only offer limited support to seized dogs but donate and do what I can.who are they to play god withe these dogs and their families,if they are the ones being victimised, make your comments public,not in slimy pms to the owners

  6. I am one of the people who have been thrown off or blocked from,seized dogs pages.how is this helping these dogs,who gave these people the right to hi-jack every campaign.percival and gathercole are doing immense harm to these dogs,I will no longer even try to join these groups,I will just applaud every success dda watch has,and support these dogs and owners through them.

  7. well well well the HC Roadshow appears to be in overdrive, working really hard to fight a crappy law by kicking supporters off pages because they don’t like them… taking away support from the owners. what if some of the owners need support to meet demands to get their dogs back, but some people can’t donate as they have been thrown off the pages??? they might have a hard time coughing up the kenneling fees (which as we all know can add up quickly given they’re at about a tenner a day), tattooing fee, neutering if that hasn’t been done yet, paperwork fees, any alterations requested to be made in/around the house, in a worst case scenario dogs might die because some people’s egos don’t leave room for anyone else…. ain’t that sweet. some might want to realise that it was in fact the D&D Road Show that started stirring on some of those pages, and they were the one slating people all over the internet. interestingly i have been accused myself of slating someone all over the internet (or it was assumed that i was going to do so), even though i didn’t even know about that person’s existance until about a week or 2 ago and have never had any altercations with said person whatsoever – well, at least not under that name 😀 but hey ho ;), don’t you just LOVE that ctrl-prt sc combo, good heavens who thought it ever had to come to that, screenshotting away every comment i ever made and every convo in pm so in case the proverbial hits the fan i can prove my good intentions, and no snippets out of context my darlings, no siree the entire thread, all inclusive 😀 hurray for usb sticks! if this ever gets into a court room, you can bet your trolly asses i am ready and you are going to eat your words. that includes all the vileness directed at lennox’ family and at another dog owner who lost a wee pup to bsl. for those who still think the D&D duo are all saints, a little ethical question for you: do you think it’s okay ‘reasonable’ adults make crank calls, using withheld number and introducing themselves with ‘it’s the trollllls’? do you think responsible adults then post that call on a public fb page (and on a website) and place comments praising the caller’s accent and giggling away with it like a bunch of teenagers boring themselves to oblivion on a rainy wednesday afternoon? or make ever wilder accusations about dog fighting cages and wealth amassed from donations money (you know, that BMW car they alledgedly bought – and a brand new one at that?)(still waiting for proof there but what a shame, ‘heather jones’, ‘roxanne summers’ wall of truth’ have evaporated, that’s how true and well founded they were 😉 ….)
    well there / they’re / their 🙂 (had to put in a pop quiz for you know who) you have it, that’s the kind of people now worming their way in every seized dogs’ page – at the expense of that campaign. neither mature nor professional imho 🙂 (oh and by the way still waiting for a VALID reason why i was chucked off from one of the dogs’ pages, ss of the convo if you want them modcon, everyone knows it’s me anyway when i’m zooming on my broom 😉 but do i give a rat’s ass?… erhm. no 😀 )
    oh and on a health note – methinks it’s about time they do something about that constipation or diarrhoea that is keeping them poor souls confined to their lavatory. can’t be good for the ole bowel system to keep stuck on the potty for such a prolonged time 🙂

  8. Tis safe enough for them to think any thing they want too, after all I as well as most other’s dont really exist , we are false, we lie, we make thing’s up, how very dare we be real live people,
    You know what they say about the know all knowing nothing at all, think it is a proven fact they know nothing, I have been a stalker, an abuser, a paedophile, a liar, i honestly don’t know who i am going into work as some day’s, I ignore everything they spout, i admit to reading the lost and found pages though, Bless poor old Heather , Bless Roxanne, poof…gone yet not forgotten , OR HAVE THEY !!!

    P.S. you not out tonight Ted : (

    • Heather and Roxanne who Dennis? The saintly Mel Page would have us believe they were nothing but a figment of our imagination. Didn’t you know she and her saintly friends, Sandie Lightfoot, Sarah Gunther etc. would NEVER EVER have had anything whatsoever to do with any hate pages, (despite the unedited evidence otherwise).
      If you are confused by the number of titles they have given you, can you imagine how difficult it must be for them given their many many personas, both on FB and otherwise. 🙂

      • Ms Page and co would like us to believe heather and roxy baby were not her and her *mates* have a play dressing up day, deary me, they are more boring than 12 bit drill, same old same old, but let us STOP !! right there…it is all the fun they have in their lives , so who are we to take the illusion away….who are we to not let them play with court docs and other toys, , who are we to tell them who they really are, we are not even who we are if they are to be believed, Allow them their 15 minutes of fame because when the proverbial hit’s at least they will have their memories, so play nice with less fortunate amongst us.

        got you some raffle tickets for next weekend Ted, some good prizes up for grabs,
        that i knew you would want a chance at, owe me a fiver now.lol

  9. The two D’s self proclaimed ‘expertise’ at admining pages reminds me of Tallacks invented ability to be able to assess a dogs temperament based on the fact he liked Scooby Doo and Lassie as a child! Diane is no more a newbie to the cause than Ann Banford – aka Mel Page- was in that particular fake id of hers that she used to make vile comments about the family of Lennox and to spread the lies the Hate Campaign created. All because Mel is buddy buddy with Tallack and the dog warden, who connived together to kill an innocent dog.
    Lets not forget the fake Angela Mannering id who came on claiming to be an innocent as well 😉
    Diane banned a person from a page they had created for a dog because it didn’t suit her agenda to have someone not on the troll list admining it and then to top it off Diane created an ‘i’m an innocent in this’ scenario. Laughable performance Diane. No Oscars for you 🙂
    As for Debbie, her past pitiful behaviour goes before her. About the best job that nasty woman has ever done is to succeed in humiliating herself publicly and becoming a laughing stock. At least that is an achievement for her to be proud of 😉
    Nice to see you back Dennis 😀 I’ve looked forward to your return as it is clear you have more information to divulge regarding the main players in the Hate Campaign. It is also highly amusing that their arrogance means they think they can talk their way out of anything you say about them or pretend they are innocents. Must be where Diane took her crap acting lessons lol.

  10. well well well, indeed someone has revved up their internet and especially facebook skills in no time, like a pro already. they really must be beyond delusional thinking they are helping dog’s cases by chucking people who support their owners off the pages after hijacking the page as admins. and why? because they made nasty comments or were unsupportive? no, because one of the other puppets knew they were friends with someone they had a fall out with. does this sound familiar? ‘your neighbour’s grandson’s third cousin’s twice removed uncle used to be in a football club with a guy whose niece had a boyfriend she dated for 6 months whose uncle read the Pravda, so you’re a commie! you’re a traitor of your great country!’ and then they say it’s all about the dogs and no egos… well they have NO justification for what they did, they seem to be too fuzzy headed to notice what’s plain for all to see, which is that they are high from their own power trip. but apparently we are still failing to see the truth, as one of them put it. now where have we heard THAT before? newby my footsie 😀 i think we’re dealing with one of the HC pros here.

  11. Diane percival took to her new job of brown noser and stirrer like an old pro ./She’s that good at it you’d swear she had previous 🙂 I’m on most groups set up for seized dogs including the two bring Coco home ones and in all my time on facebook – and its been a LONG time -, I cant say I’ve ever come across a seized dog owner willing to play russian roulette with the dog’s life the way his owner is and can’t say I’ve ever seen someone open two groups telling each one they are the most important group and playing one lot of people off the other. I doubt Coco will care much who helps get him home dnd or dda, just as long as he makes it home, but his owner is doing a good job of either destroying his chances or delaying it by sodding about telling different people different things in two groups.

    I dont think anyone can blame Gathercole or Percival because they can’t help what they are. they can’t help being two faced and bigoted, its in their nature especially for Gobby so we need to make allowances but the owner of that dog should know better.
    as for Page’s little speech, don’t make me laugh. everyone knows gathercole is acting under her instructions. last week gathercole posted a comment that contained coherent sentences and KNOWLEDGE. no spelling mistakes and grammar wasn’t half bad. thats NEVER happened before and she went back to normal right after! She must have copied and pasted the comment or had someone else log into her account.
    Gathercole has been in and out of groups for MONTHS not weeks trying to plug deed not breed even when dda watch is already involved, making snide comments. PAGE wants everyone to believe she has nothing to do with it and wasnt aware of it. Pink spotty Pigs saddled up and ready to fly!!

  12. If Dnb had any sense,they would dump the gathercole/Percival comedy road show in the nearest wheely bin.they are not doing Dnb any favours,in fact they make the look desperate and stupid,never mind muzzles on pibbles,try them in those 2,they are losing support for dogs and the pages set up for the m.

  13. Well , seem’s that the same old green bile is being spouted , would’nt you think after all this time that they would have at least tried some anti biotics for that infection that really does seem to be very contagious, are thing’s so stagnant in DnB that they have employed a PA, or are they plainly like that annoying go compare advert , you know the one, the twat with a bat , Do they say prayer’s each night in the hope of a dog being seized so they can get there quota of *importance* drug to get the old adrenalin pumping, Maybe while at the surgery they can ask for some olive oil to pop into their ear’s , THEN it should be come clear as it is to everyone else, that they use abuse and discard anyone willing to be a mouth piece for them , and i say anyone as it is as clear as day that they are as yellow as they come, not wanting to be seen to utter the word’s they make puppets and pull the strings , may i suggest they also request an x ray to see what the bump’s are in their spines, you know the one’s normal people have, called a backbone, Failing that , fill in a form for BGT 2014 and appear as illusionists, that really would get my vote, and so so so good at it, easy winner’s,

    BTW, Ted, how goes the dating site ? he he, just when you thought that thorn had vanished from your side, up i pop again, yet you cant even apply ointment to get rid of me. thank’s for the pint though, went down well did that. are you attending the charity night ? if so, see you there matey .buy you one back…..See ! i am a nice guy

  14. Gathercole’s touting for business for DNB was highlighted before and Mel Page chose to ignore it, but it appears things were getting a little too hot lately (poor Debbie just doesn’t know when to keep that gob of hers shut) and so Debbie is (publicly at least) being left out in the cold to take the wrap along with her new friend Diane. If it really is all about the dogs for these people then why were so many people who are passionate about the whole issue of BSL, removed from the support pages by Debbie & Diane? I guess old habits die hard for Mel P and her pals, and as usual she plays the innocent. The hypocrisy of that lot knows no bounds.

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