just a reminder…

…that today (April 18th) is another National Stalking Awareness Day. Very appropriate in view of the Hate Campaign’s vendetta against Lennox’s family, their expert witness and close Save Lennox Campaign supporters, considering much of the HC’s vendetta has been about lies, gossip and personal attacks, including stalking and phone calls.

In the absence of fake profiles Roxanne Summers and Heather Jones, no doubt we can look forward to more bleating from the people who were behind them (link)…

National Stalking Awareness Day 2013

4 thoughts on “just a reminder…

  1. on those rare occasions i take a stroll along their page of troof, i get this sensation of listening to a broken record with the needle stuck in the same groove 🙂 hope a glint of sanity has set in those loafs and bonny & clide are not off trolling on yet another page for REAL victims 😉

  2. It’s been a tough few weeks in the rescue world over here – this made me laugh out loud! Thank you for the respite. Mellie and Teddie – make sure you call that help line number and tell them I’m traipsing the hills of Ireland looking for you.

  3. Stalker’s own awareness day !! Now that is good news, not that the REAL stalker’s will take advantage of a day off from being self styled s***s. What would they do for a whole 24 hour’s without doing what they do best………Grab a life maybe ?

    Or business as usual, in their delusional world’s where their truth and factual truth are very very different.

    • Maybe spend their time posting their fictitious woes on yet another genuine victim page Dennis.The idiots have already proven no level is too low for their little vendetta.

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