Polishing off

Our last post on this particular subject for the time being so we can concentrate on other things, unless of course they devise something else to blame us for 🙂

Just a quickie about something mentioned on Friday regarding Ted Ismay and his anti-paedophile groups. In a nutshell, Ismay made contact with a group admin and, in turn, that admin checked Ismay’s page, where he found the collection of posts mentioned in our earlier blog entry (link) and little else. In other words, there was nothing on Ismay’s page to indicate it was dedicated to anything other than the content of his warped state of mind.

Not long after that Ismay hid or removed all traces of his defamatory comments with the excuse that his kids were reading his wall. A strange thing to say considering he was the one concocting detailed sick stories which had been sitting on his page for some time, unless they’re used to seeing that tripe.

However, the admin did say that he’d passed Ismay’s details on to another group. We also understand from one of our followers that several similar groups and pages have now been contacted with a full explanation and links back to this site.

Mel Page and Ted Ismay have the morals of a gnat. As we’ve seen, they are prepared to say absolutely anything to deflect attention away from themselves, even to the point of dragging children into their spiteful games.

Their attempts at diversion reek of desperation and are so transparent it’s embarrassing, the same pattern of behaviour for all Hate Campaign members since their vendetta began.

So never mind Mel Page’s false claim of ‘guilt by association‘. With the disappearance of two major trolls, Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers, various other profiles and groups, even a child could figure out that Ismay and Page are in it up to their necks.

But, according to them, they have nothing to do with any of it; they’re entirely blameless, and yet Ms Page gives herself a get-out clause by saying she might have ‘retaliated‘.

They claim to be victims but they have fully supported and backed those involved with the HC in public from day one. That short memory lets them down every time – one minute they’re ‘guilty by association‘, then they’re ‘retaliating‘, and at other times just plain ‘innocent‘.

The fact that they have now removed comments, deactivated spare and fake profiles, wiped out Tweets and various other associations, is very revealing, but neither here nor there, since it was a waste of their time.

Time and again we’ve heard how the poor innocent things have been subjected to all kinds of uncalled-for abuse. There’s the ‘paramilitary threats‘ claim with no evidence to support it; the ‘I’ve been accused of threatening a child with violence‘, again with no evidence. Mel Page constantly refers back to vile threats and abuse, but no one has seen anything valid to support any of her claims.

And then there’s the incident where Mr Ismay allegedly took a ‘beating‘, altered and used against their targets. We know most people believe he either came off his bike or made himself unpopular with some locals and got smacked around a bit, but whatever the reason for his injuries, he and Page made sure that they ‘heavily implied’ Save Lennox supporters were responsible in some way for the alleged attack. Once again, totally untrue and with no evidence to back up their claims. Story of their life.

The ‘baseball bat threats’…

Mel page facebook starting the baseball bat ball rolling

Mel Page was the first person ever to mention ‘baseball bats and dark alleys‘ in the context of a not-so veiled threat (and there’s that mention of her ‘police friends’ yet again). When the people she named in that comment took exception and retaliated, Page swiftly changed her mind and it suddenly became ‘a wish and not a threat‘.

But putting that aside, the real thing highlighted in that screenshot is her obsession with Hate Campaign targets. She’s not observing, she’s taking part. In fact it wasn’t even ‘retaliation‘ on her part; it was a random comment she made about a subject she herself initiated. So much for ‘guilty by association‘.

As for the ‘Ann Banford‘ profile having nothing whatsoever to do with her, all we can say is, Mel Page should have quit while she had the chance on that one. It’s probably the most ridiculous claim she’s made so far.

But you have to hand it to her, she went the whole hog, insisting she knows nothing about any ‘Ann Banford‘, which is really odd, because that particular Ann Banford routinely posted on HC pages and groups targeting the exact same people Page mentions in her ‘baseball bat and alleyway‘ comment. What a coincidence.

In any case, that Ann Banford (with the same url address shown in the screenshot below) was a regular visitor to the very same HC pages Mel Page frequented all the time. It’s not as if she can validly say she hadn’t noticed Ann Banford, because there have always been just a small handful of HC members posting on those pages at any one time. Not exactly crowded or busy. Certainly not busy enough to miss someone commenting on a HC target

Ann Banford aka Mel Page aka posting a targets address

It’s plain silly to say she wasn’t posting under that profile, but apparently Page didn’t stop there. Bearing in mind Kathy Wardley’s blooper calling Larry Lawrence ‘Mel’

Mel Page aka Larry Lawrence outed by Wardley

: ……
Larry Lawrence aka Mel Page Facebook 1

Think we can safely say that’s not Mel Gibson in disguise.

Finally, a word on our non-existent attacks on Deed not Breed. That fabrication comes from the same mould as Mel Page’s claims that her kids are being stalked, and similarly she has no evidence to support the statement that we want to destroy DnB, because there isn’t any. She knows that of course; Page also knows that she is the only person damaging DnB, aided and abetted by the articulate Ted Ismay. Some free advice for the pair of them –  time to grow up.

We’re not sure what this is…

Ted Ismay Facebook on retired MOD officer and inferences of data bases leaks

Ted Ismay is definitely saying that a retired MoD officer is being stalked, but he’s also alluding to the fact that this particular officer still has access to Police databases. What could he possibly mean by that? We do hope he’s not insinuating that retired MoD police officer would consider breaking the law?


In response to one or two enquiries and comments on Friday’s entry, and the subject referred to, we confirm that it is genuine information in the form of a Facebook conversation carried out in public (i.e. not in a private or secret group).

Yes, it would be considered damaging to the people involved and, although we will not refer to it again unless absolutely necessary, it will be made available to authorities who wish to see it, including those investigating on behalf of Ms Page.

And that, as far as we’re concerned, is an end to the matter, for the moment at least. If Messrs Page & Ismay wish to wile away some time responding, that’s up to them; good luck with that.

9 thoughts on “Polishing off

  1. Well, this all has been an eye opener and what I have seen is very unpleasant. Perhaps now is the time to separate the professional life from the private life as putting them together is very damning. Time to allow maturity and dignity to take over instead of middle aged children making a public fool of themselves and along the way causing pain and hurt to those who do not deserve it.

    • It certainly has, but then its just another classic example of the kind of low lifes we are dealing with. While we’ve known that for some time now it has to be said , the recent hysterics from Melanie Page and Ted Ismay, including and especially their attempt to troll a page which was set up for GENUINE victims, is a whole new low, even for them. Their precious reputations are indeed intact, but unfortunately for them thats really not something they should proud of because the interpretation of most normal decent people of their ‘reputation’ would be at opposite end of the spectrum to what they seem to think they are. Wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for any kind of maturity or dignity from that quarter.

  2. Poor Mellie – as innocent as the freshly driven snow up against all us bullies. I find it very convenient that you left out the part about Teddie not only falsely accusing certain individuals of being pedophiles, but actually taking up the time of an admin trying to help families that are truly victims of sexual predators (very admirable!). As you are so fond of saying yourself, please show me PROOF (I’m still waiting for Lem and those screen shots … cookies and coffee on the table). I wonder how she would feel if several hundred people started posting on DNB about say …. oh I don’t know … tape measures and the lengths of certain objects – would she “pmsl”? – somehow I don’t think she would find it all that funny; that my dear is called a double standard. Here’s a little lesson in business, YOU are DNB, YOUR conduct, words and actions reflect on DNB and because Teddie does the tattooing for DNB, HIS conduct, words and actions reflect on DNB – something you should have thought about before starting down this lovely path of hatred that you are spewing in a public forum. And just so everyone knows what a terrible, threatening stalker I am … I thought these people were located in IRELAND … that’s right folks, I’m stalking away in the wrong damn COUNTRY!!! And to the individual who attempted to hack into my personal email account, we’re working on that ….

    • Attempting to hack accounts seems to be their latest sideline,4 in one day off 4different devices.and the friend requests from their little pals lmao smacks of desperation to me.duh not as stupid as you think,so I would give up,will get you nowhere

    • Now you mentioned DNB – you’re right! We or this blog did not damage DNB’s reputation… The trolls of HC and Lem 1-13 pages did 😉

      *wave to the peeping trolls*

        • Don’t forget the ‘Half a Truth’ page which was one of Mels’ babies 😉 They have always thought themselves to be safe and if discovered the ‘dogs will be put at risk’ card was to be their Ace in the hole to prevent them being exposed. It’s a shame their devotion to their cause didn’t stop them from putting their whole organisation at risk by being part and parcel of a hateful vendetta created with them arrogantly sitting in the front row. People suffered their nastiness because they cared about the dogs more than the ones throwing the spiteful comments around but when you started making threats, instead of being the boring, repetative, school yard bullies you’ve been the last 2yrs, then you bring the attention on yourselves and there is no ‘get out’ card. Everyone associated with you is now tarred with the same brush and so they should be.

          • and there’s that one page, free lennox jail craig winters and HIS core supporters, another nice one who just happens to have the same folks posting (but of course that is purely coincidental 🙂 ), their various twitter outlets, and their ‘personal’ walls which were set to ‘public’ for a long time displaying all their mud slinging and wild accusations. nah, they have never ever ever been involved in any hate campaign, no siree 🙂

  3. and there’s that other mystery… mrs Lawrence who so defiantly outed the dog warden for trolling on Lennox pages and being connected to the Terry Twoons ID, orchestrating their exposure, prompting mrs P to make that baseball bat threat (no my dear – that ís a threat, NOT an opinion expressed, why else would you ask police persons on your list to ignore that bit?) … then sómething happened and beethoven rolled over to the other side. why?

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