Something for the weekend + Updates

**UPDATES below**

Ted Ismay is obviously hellbent on taking that one-way trip up Shite Creek, with all the out of control rants he’s come out with lately. So before he spontaneously combusts, we thought it would be good to do some of the work for him.

In addition, Mel Page has changed her story again, and the investigation is now back on (or never went away, it’s confusing), but whatever the current explanation is, this post may help with ongoing investigations.

If you haven’t already seen the following piece of babble from Ismay, basically he’s saying you are a ‘stalker‘ if you’re not his ‘friend’ and you dare read his public Facebook page.

However, he’s taken an innocuous comment about someone else’s TWO DOGS  and turned it into the stalking of his CHILDREN to satisfy his need to spread more bile using two of his favourite words, ‘pervert’ and ‘pedo’. He missed out the ‘C’ word this time, which is surprising really because it’s one of his and Mel’s faves.

Poor, extremely dense Ted, it hasn’t occurred to him that he’s the one looking like a fixated pervert with a one-track mind…

Ted Heath(er) ISMAY Facebook on his one way trip to Shite Creek

The comments Ted Ismay removed from his page are posted verbatim below to aid various investigations, including those of Mel Page’s legal team of course, and also to ensure they crop up on the Internet.

Speaking of ‘investigations’, for someone who has been advised by her solicitor to keep it zipped, Mel Page is certainly vocal on the Hate Campaign pages (the ones she doesn’t have anything to do with), even going as far as repeating Ismay’s ‘stalking pervert’ lies. Chances are it’s just a case of The Flounders all over again, but a reckless game to play nonetheless.

Mel Page is also suffering from HC Short Memory Syndrome, though it’s no problem to help her out there:

Mel Page Facebook short memory naming PC

The first part of that screenshot shows Mel Page going through the motions for the sake of an audience (that’s us and you) on a page she has ‘nothing to do with’, Lem Thirteen. Wonder why she bothers. But presumably she’s referring to this:

Ann Banford aka Mel Page aka posting a targets address

So this is what she’s referring to, the ‘false allegation‘? Good, that’s cleared that up and it would account for her denial of wrongdoing, because in fact she used her Ann Banford account to do the deed, and not the Mel Page or Melanie Page profiles. (And it’s over to the Mel & Ted double-act to flesh that one out a bit more for their audience; will be interesting to see their version).

For two people who claim to be ‘innocent’ (at least their definition of it), they crop up in all sorts of HC places, going back several months. They’re also very defensive, to the point of raising things nobody has even mentioned. We realise it’s their attempt at deflection, but it’s a bit daft to bring up unsubstantiated claims of ‘being accused of threatening a child with a baseball bat‘, etc, and drawing attention to subjects it hadn’t occurred to us to cover. (Wait for it, they’ll mention their unproven ‘paramilitary threats’ again soon).

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

Ted Ismay Facebook says:

Dennis, stop stalking my page and my children, that’s just perverted. Are you a pedo? The problem you are going to have is should my kids be contacted, messaged or even contacted by your shitty little blog then those that I do have addresses for will be paying for your mistake. And before you class that as a threat, it’s not, it’s a fucking promise and if you know as much about me as you wish to have your little gang believe then you know what I am willing and capable of doing. Its up to you old hoss, do you want to progress this into something you cannot control or stop?”

This is the profile picture of the person that is stalking myself and has now insinuated that he is stalking my kids. If you see or hear about this person the owner behind this profile is a twat. It goes by the name of dennisstephens59 and is connected with the lennox campaign, headed by craig winters and supported by Ange Manners aka Roxi Bennetti, Doreen Davies, Maria Fawcett, Carol Eden, Clare Campbell, Julie Boyland and Charlie Smith. I will post these peoples profile accounts on my page later and I will also post their profile accounts on every anti pedo wall on facebook, because in my eyes stalking kids and supporting those that stalk kids are as bad as each other

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠


Just a quickie before we leave the blog for the weekend.

This from Mel Page in response to our post of the day ..

Mel Page Facebook admitting her claims of kids being stalked is a cat

Thanks to Mel Page for clearing that up and confirming that no stalking of kids, as they claimed, occurred, owing to the fact that at least one of the made-up kids is a CAT (the other fake ‘kid’ is a DOG presumably).

And yes, we stand corrected again, it was Our Mistake to leave Huge Mistake’s comment out of the post. Seems Mel & Ted had one of their little double acts going on that day…

Huge Mistake aka Ted Ismay posting a targets address

Finally, we’ve had an email informing us that Mr Ismay has made a prat of himself yet again, this time by contacting at least two known (and legitimate) anti-paedophile groups regarding his sick fake stalking claims.

However, an admin on one of those groups is a follower of this blog, not good news for Ted. On Monday we’ll post what the admin has to say about Mr Ismay and his comments.

Have a good weekend.

16 thoughts on “Something for the weekend + Updates

  1. ‘Melanie Ann Banford was born 06 Mar 1965. She married T***** A***** Page on 01 Oct 1997’.. a simple Google search brings that up ( tells you and it’s in the public domain) and its pushing the boundaries of coincidence to try and pretend that the ‘loads of other Ann Banfords’ on FB would all have the same FB HC ids on their friends list, use the same HC pages (even play admin on at least one) and type in the same way. No cigar for that incredibly weak explanation Mel 🙂 As for Ismay and his threats, someone ought to tell him that even on FB threats are an arrestable offence. It’s a shame his intelligence doesn’t match the size of his ego. The fact those threats are made on the back of a fabrication he created in order to deflect attention is appalling. Oh and whoever called Gathercole an ‘uneducated mindless little chav’, spot on !

  2. I still can’t fathom what they have done or tried to do. Using their children and threatened to post lies on genuine page for victims of sexual predators.

    Bit like feather’s antic

    • Ismay did actually post those lies on a victim’s page. The fact that the page is there to support ‘genuine’ victims of some very sick individuals seems to have completely passed him by. Without any proof whatsoever, (there simply isn’t any) of their sick allegations, the Ted and Mel team decided it was more important to score points and to hell with the consequences. I really hope someone from that victims page has a look at this blog because only then will they have some indication of their twisted mentality .
      I have been a watching their antics for nearly two years now, and most of it, especially how they treated that poor family, has been obnoxious to say the least. But even I was surprised they would stoop so low as to use their own kids as a shield for their disgraceful behaviour…….and they call US child abusers??
      A whole new low even for them.

  3. And the hypocrisy continues … you and your friends stalk my page and PUBLICLY post the stalking on Lem (could be a problem for you Lemmies) but you are OH SO INDIGNANT that anyone would have a peek at a public profile that was making false allegations about specific individuals. Grow up, get a life and practice what you preach. Oh yes, Mellie and Teddie, you may want to run the term “libel” pass your top-notch attorney.

  4. Right lets get a few things straight shall we.. Firstly I am NOT the leader of anything or anyone. I never have been nor wish to be. Secondly Mel, for you I told you way back when I had a problem with your actions on the discussions page. That was my one and on;y problem. You chose to make an issue out of it. Never ever would I condone or agree children belong in any of this but you conveniently forget a 14 yr old child has frequently been ridiculed by certain friends of yours and laughed about the nature of her illness, etc. The double standards are staggering

    Now back to you Ted. You are fast losing this battle sunshine I asked for proof. Im still waiting, You want this to end then grow up and stop making fantastic flights of fancy into another dimension. Its pathetic and sadly childish. Carole is spot on above. This is all your doing.You are thriving on creating drama where there is none. Like her I will continue to support the Lennox Campaign and the family who fought so hard. You dont agree then dont, I frankly dont care either way but grow up and stop the petty shit This throwing your toys out making sweeping statements which are quite clearly as fake as Katie Price’s boobs is sad.. Wanna speak like adults unblock and pm me.

    • It’s only you today – it’ll be someone else tomorrow. Think yourself lucky, poor Dennis will probably have to put up with another ‘sex’ change – he’ll be a ‘he’ again this time tomorrow.
      I too have suppported the Lennox Campaign and his family from the start and even with hindsight, I would do exactly the same again.

  5. It has to be said, Deflection is the game they love best, Bounce those request’s for proof into, woe is me (and her) we are being stalked, Quick, get help, seek advice , scream Victim’s as loudly as they can, please sir, they are threatening kids and stalking profile’s, (all in their own pea sized brain matter that is ) I have laughed so much at their antic’s i almost could’nt catch my breath, Now they are settling on sex change’s in the darkness, so i am now a she, (do i have to wear stiletto’s ) So funny, so entertaining, keep it up because it is the best tonic i have had for a long time, Altogether now, 3 cheer’s for the Ted/Mel show, you couldnt get better from a 50inch plasma down the market . Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray, you really do make my day , When i am ready (unless you work it out yourselves , left enough clue’s ) you will be shocked when you realise just who i am, sleep sweet.

    • Dennis they have never let the ‘truth’ get in the way of their twisted facts so it’s unlikely anything much will change on that score, Playing the victim when backed into a corner has been the name of their particular game for some time now. But I agree its very entertaining watching them play a guessing game and getting it so wrong yet again. Lots of surprises in store. I suppose we should be grateful for their consistency. 🙂

  6. What the bloody hell are you going on about??????? Other than you two, no one in any way shape or form has or would ever mentioned children.
    There is nothing more than the mere mention of ‘paedo or pervert’, (your fav words Ted), to outrage the meekest of souls. So what do you do? You block certain Lennox supporters so you can go and freely post wild accusations about your children being stalked by said supporters. For what??
    It isn’t true and I can only suppose you are continuing this ridiculous train of allegations to deflect from the real issue. Namely the involvement and naming of a certain core group of people, who have lead a tireless onslaught of bullying and defamation of the family and supporters of a dog who was unnecessarily killed.
    Read through this whole blog, and you’ll find no accusations, only responses to the allegations made by the ‘Hate’ campaign, and you are most definitely amongst them, who are still hell bent on sticking that knife in 9 months after Lennox’s death. You need to stop this.

  7. To read Ismay’s very vocal pathetic efforts at twisting the facts yet again, you would be forgiven for forgetting that he and his friends were only too happy to support the online bullying and harassment of anyone who dared to support Lennox and his brave family. I don’t remember Ted or Mel, (particularly given their anti bsl role), having any objection to some of their ‘friends’ attempting to destroy someone’s career by contacting her employers, or making telephone calls to another supporter and posting their version of the call on their hate page, or suggesting that someone who was admin on another page was a child abuser, purely for the hell of it, or even when they threatened to post a picture of another supporters home …(with a tea light in the window), and of course not forgetting the baseball bat threat, where the address of another supporter was posted online, (yes we have proof of that too). When they ran out of ideas all and sundry were threatened with a non existent AG investigation. Remember the only crime these people committed was that they had the audacity to support a very brave family, and especially their young daughter. A family these people actually knew nothing about, but were happy to vilify at every opportunity. Ted and Mel and their friends, (some of whom we know were directly involved with poor Lennox), actively supported this behaviour and they know we have proof of that. They will do or say anything it takes to divert attention away from that fact. Now Ted and Mel are very quick to suggest that someone here is stalking their kids, but he knows, the police know,and we know, that isn’t the case, and I would love to see him try and prove otherwise. Is there no level these people will not stoop to because the only one mentioning their kids here is themselves? ? ? For the record Mel this isn’t ‘a game’ as you call it,

  8. Well said Carole…………..As for Ismay, life will take care of that lout with the sewer pipe that leads from his brain and spews out utter rotten, filthy garbage for all to see. Wise up eejyt and while you’re at it Grow Up!!!!! Oh and if you want to know who I am…hover and click.

    • Completely tosser that man is! No remorse for genuine rape victims!
      Ismay… Look closer to home love, you KNOW what you all DID last summer

  9. Mel, you ask why i posted in public the reply to your yard dog …..erm….cos it is the only way i can reply, YOU and HE blocked me ,,Remember , and how come he can spout his verbal diarohea in public but i am wrong to reply in public, wtf wrote your rules, I did have you down as an intelligent woman but omg, how can you be taken seriously by contridicting yourself like you have,

    “Mel Page It’s funny how some of the people commenting have had ample opportunity to say their piece in private message but never have. Of all the pm conversations I’ve had with the likes of Ange and carol they’ve always been pleasant enough. Why do they only say things publically from the safety if their little website but won’t say it in a pm? Only brave when they have an audience! Pity it’s such a small one.”

    So i will once again explain, are you sitting comfortably ? then i will begin…

    Safety of my website ? i dont have a website, Do you mean LT, ? i dont know who writes this blog, but they have my respect,

    Why dont i say it in pm, see above….cos ya BLOCKED me , Duhhhhhhhh
    Audience…i dont need an audience much less have one, big or small my audience dont exist,

    I replied to your rotty because he chose to bring me into his war of words NOT because i wanted too, Why would i want to speak to such an obnoxious , foul mouthed ignoramous, especially one who slags off not only the dog he chipped but also the dogs owner ? his comments were disgusting , yes i did see the ss of it,

    he is ultra obsessed with the so called mention of his kids , show me where his kids have been mentioned by ANYONE. show me and i will be the first to tell whoever said whatever it was , that they are well out of order , but so far i have seen nothing written about anyones kids,

    I dont give a monkeys who you have issues with , who the fakes are, i dont live my life on facebook trawling for a mention of my name, BUT when i am made aware that my name has been mentioned i sure as hell will come back and ask wtf it has,

    i dont care who poxy roxy , evva lump, or any of the other false profiles are , but please, do me a favour and spend some time reading back on the shit they spout about false profiles WE are supposed to be using, it is laughable, in fact it is hysterical,

    Our first conversation was a row, we sorted that but unless that moron of a partner STFU spouting my name , this will get worse, and not for me either, I am not the one issuing threats on a public website, maybe he should come under DDA and be muzzled, Ffs put him back on his leash , until at least he knows how to act like an adult and stops with the kids games, the name calling and out grows his playpen.

    I support Lennox, his campaign , his family, i always have and always will , NO amount of intimidation is gonna change that , EVER….No amount of accusations will stop me supporting an innocent animal who paid with his life for a bullshit law , Nor a family who has been a target for such hatred for over 2 years , but they have the support of thousands of decent people who dont actually give a toss about the small gathering of hater’s desperate to glean some sort of revenge for whatever it is revenge is so needed, Only people being eaten up by it all is the haters themselves , who are fast becoming laughing stocks with their daft antics, Grow up and go live the life you been given instead of acting like kids in a primary school, Either one of you can use message facility on fb to contact me, i am not in hiding, YOU blocked me not the other way round, so dont go spouting that i only reply in public, when it is the ONLY way you left for me to reply..

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