We stand corrected…

… because apparently Mel Page does not have a police investigation on the go (there’s a surprise):Mel page facebook has something to say to try and get herself off the hook

So, after seeking legal advice at least a month ago, Ms Page has only just been informed that her complaint is a civil matter, and it’s a no-can-do.

They didn’t tell her at the time, when she first complained and provided all her evidence, they waited until now to explain the legal processes. Why didn’t she ask her ‘Police friends‘? They could have told her the same thing ages ago. And it’s a mystery why her solicitor waited this long to explain nothing can be done. On top of that, at least part of her ‘complaint’ must have been made well over a year ago owing to her unsubstantiated claims of personal and paramilitary threats that have been floating around for months.

As for the fake ID’s, that’s rich – the next thing you know she’ll be claiming Heather Jones, a bunch of other Jones‘s, Angela Mannering, Billie Bennet, Larry Lawrence, twins Isabella & Nikola Black and even Roxanne Summers are all real !).

The only mildly savvy thing she’s done so far is use aliases, a Facebook admin and a ‘handle’ on the LLAAV website to post her bile, alongside using her own name to appear squeaky clean, which didn’t quite work out because she let herself go on more than one occasion. So much for having nothing to do with the Hate Campaign or any of its’ outlets.

Think we can safely say that Mel Page did not contact a solicitor or the police with or without ‘evidence’ for the simple reason that (as she knows very well) if something could be done about her complaints, her online activities would also be exposed, along with those of Ted Ismay. Page knows that in any police involvement regarding Internet crime, the track records of all concerned would be scrutinised.

As for the rest of that speech, it’s another crock again, familiar Hate Campaign stuff – the ‘poor me I’ve been caught out‘, ‘I’m the victim in all this now‘. They do it every time, predictable and samey. Well, Page should have thought about that before. 

But in one of her remarks above, the ‘I’m the victim‘ whinging has taken an altogether nasty turn with her accusation that ‘friends and children‘ are being targeted and stalked. Desperate and very silly. What ‘friends’ would they be we wonder, her Hate Campaign colleagues? And the ‘kids‘ someone referred to, they would be another person’s ‘dogs‘ right?

If Page insists on spreading lies accusing others of stalking and targeting her children and Ismay wants to chance his arm branding people ‘pedo’s‘ (below), they should be extremely thankful this really is currently a civil matter, otherwise they’d both be up Shite Creek with both arms tied behind their backs.

Mel Page and Ted Ismay are finally reaping the benefits of their malicious stupidity and should take their own advice;they seem to think they can say what they like…without any backlash. Not true“. As for their ‘bite’, it’s toothless.

Before we go…

Ted Heather Ismay facebook orchestrating his own demise

Ismay eventually removed that post. Maybe he realised that naming people he would like to think have a hand in this blog makes him look even more stupid than usual, or maybe it crossed his mind that taking yet another comment out of context, for his own very unhealthy reasons, was a bit too revealing.

The ‘kids’ he’s referring to are dogs, believe it or not, but Ismay thought or hoped nobody would notice. Besides, that lie came in very handy for his own sordid purposes to spread yet another sick rumour, in true HC style. (Ted has had his fair share of ‘mucky’ little conversations on Facebook in the past. Shame he has a short memory, otherwise he’d have steered well clear of accusing someone of speaking inappropriately in the same sentence as he mentions ‘kids’).

In the screenshot below Ted got cold feet and quickly changed the names of his victims to initials, but he forgot that the editing history of Facebook comments remains visible. Not the brightest bulb is he…

Ted Heath(er) Ismay Facebook correcting itself

A word of warning from the Hate Campaign – did you know that if you read one of their public Facebook pages, but you’re not actually friends with that person and that person hasn’t given you direct permission to look at their public page, then you are officially a Stalker? But if they do the same to you, that’s perfectly okay?


11 thoughts on “We stand corrected…

  1. Poor Mellie – now she wants to communicate through PM’s. I thought you were too busy saving dogs to deal with nameless, faceless profiles dear or has business dropped off a bit? As far as stalking goes Teddie … well, your good friend Lasse could show you the ropes on that one right? Where was all the pedophile talk when you and your cohorts were talking garbage about the Barnes child? Keep it up geniuses, throw another log on the fire, just don’t cry when you get burnt because those lovely posts of yours can be sent far and wide and then we’ll see how the decent people of Belfast (not to mention all your friends in the legal arena) respond to DNB. By the way, tell your friends at Lem that I’m still waiting for all those screen shots – what? don’t have them? well, it seems that the one thing all of you have in common is the capacity to LIE. And Mellie dear, you really want to scrape your pennies together to hire a better attorney … he/she is really giving you poor advice.

  2. Jesus wept Ted are you for real? . Surely your friends in the force would have told you making threats to post peoples home addresses is a big no no.Threats to post on Anti Paedophile sites will drop you in a whole heap of shit. Accusations of stalking your children Sorry I live in London and have zero interest in where you live, where you, your kids and most importantly where Mel Page is. Damn right I support Lennox and his family and have done from the beginning. I will never change that support. Go away and grow up Ted act like a grown up for once. Got something to say to me say it instead of Billy Big Bollox posts on your wall then deleting when you run scared also blocking me. Thats childish. Like Carole said I see my name posted anywhere and you will need a good lawyer because, like you claim to have all the screenshots I do to

    And just for clarity, can you supply ANY confirmation on WHO is stalking your kids and proof they have actually done it, be it online or physically. I would be interested im seeing supporting evidence to back up this infantile claim

    • hear hear! 200% with you ladies, this is becoming more and more like a kafka novel, i have supported the family from early on, i was sad for lennox when he was killed, i grieved with his family, i have challenged whoever was hiding behind the roxanne and heath/er profiles that they should take their indisputable PROOF they claim to have of all the things the family supposedly has done, and go to the police, contact a sollicitor, file a lawsuit, call the national press and have it investigated then for all i care, but that challenge was never taken up, WHY?? instead there was only more verbal abuse, more namecalling, more vague and not so vague threats. but now you ted are crossing a line. you post as much as my initials to any page linking me to pedos and i’ll go legal on your ass for sure, and if for whatever reason i can’t go legal trust me CNN BBC and every news outlet i can get my hands on is one phonecall away, and trust me that’s a promise since you seem so keen on promises.., there are things you can NOT say on public fb pages, i don’t even know if you have kids and frankly i don’t give a rat’s ass because your kids have NOTHING to do with this, i have no problems with them whatsoever because i don’t even know them and didn’t even know they even existed untill YOU mentioned them and tossed up the p-word. and for the record you brickhead i don’t know who dennis is either, if i even do find out i’ll buy him a scotch, as he made some very interesting observations about certain individuals over at HC HQ, so please take that information slip that went with those pills and read it through carefully, don’t know what you’re on mate but you’re definetely tripping! everyone is entitled to have an opinion, freedom of speech is a great good but doesn’t entail you can go and label people for something they’re not on a public page, you can’t hide behind that ‘oh but it’s just my opinion’ argument then, you are free to think and say whatever you want in the privacy of your own home but putting it on a social media site set on public view is WRONG, ask yer friend the barista 😉 she/he/it should be able to tell you just that!

  3. So now your leaving me messages, why ? if you wanted to contact me to say anything, i am not in hiding, dont have you blocked, or do you just like an audience ? anyway, how old are you….little gang…grow up , I post where i want when i want, YES, i support the Lennox campaign, YES , i support the family, YES i support the truth, just not your truth and if that makes me the enemy, tough , get over yourself, ..NO i dont know who Denis is, wish i did, would buy him a pint, You are so full of your own self importance you think EVERYONE is stalking you….news flash, you aint that important, If you were so whiter than white you wouldnt be running round like a headless chicken looking to see if you had a mention on FB, You are such a drama queen , Your opinion of me is just that…YOUR opinion , I dont care if you like me or hate me, your opinion means nothing to me, in fact does your opinion mean anything to anyone at all ? your mouth is vile , how you can hope to come across as even slightly intelligent when all you do is name call and act like a thug , …are you not a bit old to be carrying on like that, BUT you do what ever floats your boat . I dont give a single damn what you or your gang of merry men do or say, I only spoke to you to tell you my feelings on your one particular rant that included my name….even though you cant spell it….

    • and he is still at it, PMSL, omg how deluded is this cretin, Friendly tip for ya Ted, bend down , tilt you arms backwards and YANK, …….there ya go, your head is out your arse now and you can be like jimmy ruthin and see clearly now..that YOU are the only one mentioning kids, are you talking about your off spring or the kids you play amongst day and night, . you seem helbent on bringing the kids into your every word, … Bet even your own kind are lolling at the amount of times you mention kids, Did you know Rennies are good for bile that keeps repeating on you ….just sayin…..

  4. Is this guy Ismay for real??? And where is all the pedophile accusations coming from….Sorry son, nobody here has a problem, but you certainly do and don’t think because you remove filthy minded posts that they haven’t been seen, because they have and if you’re wise you will shut your mouth, get a grip on yourself and disappear!!

  5. Indeed, that was some performace from Mel & Ted which followed Ted’s off the wall comment above, where he went so far as to publish the links to FB profiles he ASSUMES are involved with this blog. One minute we had Mel in what can only be described as a bit of a frenzy urging him on and insisting Ted should make sure his comments stayed right where they were, and the next they just disappeared….and all that frenzy was about what exactly? I would like to see proof of their latest filthy allegation, and especially so as you say Stephenbanter given some of their very public smutty conversations in the past?

  6. ((Ted Ismay
    Can i just ask the admin of this page to clarify for the idiots on that shit site that i was asked to not post names in full because the ponces are apt to report the page which is why i changed the names to innitials and it is that reason alone. I have no problems naming the sick child stalking perverts and i have no problems plastering their profiles far and wide. They were given the opportunity to stop and leave me and my family alone and if that happens then its an end to it, their choice.
    Like · 13 minutes ago))

    Ismay my love, you know what you have done hun *tut tut*
    Please do give Mel some man loving attention – she need it by the look of her recent posts x

    • Why if they are a innocent,do they feel the need to keep justifying theirselves,just making them look dumb.well,dumber than ever,and their so called supporters dig a bigger hole every time they open their gobs,and me ismay you need your mouth washed out,tut tut as soon as you resort to profanity you just make yourself look like a loud mouthed thug,just saying

  7. so they and their merry band can be as vocal as they please, never mind giving your own name, what good did that do, only got me ridiculed by that lot, now they think they are free to slag that family selling ever more porkies about brand new bmw cars and living the high life off donation money, being dog fighters and aw, and now that you’re exposed to be full of the proverbial you come up with wild accusations throwing the pedo word at people? someone get those nice white coats and a good shrink, some serious deranged minds lurking behind the lemony crowd 🙂 newsflash: you’re pathetic.

  8. Thanks for this , wasnt aware i had a mention, Cant respond to either of them cos they both have me on block, (please dont deny it cos i have just tried to answer you on your own page ) so forgive me using here. LT …Ted, post my details on any anti pedo sites OR any other site , then i can only say i really really really hope you have a good solicitor, and that aint bluff , You choose to involve , slag, lie about anyone you can think of on any particular day of the week, accuse anyone who supports Lennox or the family of being whatever big word you can think of at the time of your rant, but dont you dare accuse me of what you cant prove, This time mate you truly have excelled yourself, I take no interest in what goes on with you, mel dnb, even though you think in your pea sized that we all stalk you….that is more wishful thinking on your part, DONT think you can issue threats and come out all squeeky clean , your biggest mistake was including me in your vendetta, Yes i am pissed off and make no mistake a pissed off scouser dont make a good enemy, YOU started this war , but best have a good cavalry cos i sure as hell am NOT letting this go. …Tell your lies to anyone you want cos i personally dont care what you spout about me, but dont think i am some stupid female who will sit back and take it …So back your gob up with PROOF, or go play on the motorway Crank

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