Donations revisited

We’ve been here before it’s true (link) and you all know we don’t need to spend too much time on this, it’s cut and dried. You also know (thanks to Mel Page) that we are being ‘investigated’, so it is our aim to assist in any way we can (after all, that’s why we’re here, although it doesn’t look as if that has dawned on them yet. Give them time, it’s only been seven months!).

For our most recent visitors, we’ll begin by stating the obvious, that the Hate Campaign have maintained, without proof of any kind (no change) that Lennox’s family received untold thousands in donations.

In fact the viper behind Heather Jones at one point concluded at least £60k had been collected.Heather Jones Facebook aka estimating againAs someone rightly said “Sixty grand, a quid for every nasty and vindictive thought that has ever run through the person behind Jones’ warped and tiny mind“.  

Can’t argue with that, although 60k vile thoughts for that ‘person’ sounds a bit on the moderate side to us, and it’s obviously not confined to thoughts alone.

The following is the SUM TOTAL of the Hate Campaign’s ‘evidence’ that copious amounts of cash was received in donations :

Paypal 2Paypal 1

This is an interesting one. For some reason they’re still using the screenshot below to back up their claims that donations were received(?), but as you can see it’s a £1 refund.

In fact that particular refund went straight back to the person who donated it, one Mel Page, who apparently only sent it to check if donations were being accepted so that she could go and report back to the other HC members.

That screenshot was originally provided some time ago by Mel Page for use on the various Hate Campaign pages and the HC website, LLAAV (affectionately known as The Lav).

So much for Mel Page’s protestations that she was never directly involved with the Hate Campaign

Save Lennox Hate Campaign LLAAV Donations 5

We all know Page is a main player in the HC; her reasoning behind this was to prove donations were being taken so that she and her HC friends could start the ball rolling with false accusations of a ‘donations scam’. Shame she wasn’t brave enough to make it a fiver, or maybe she assumed Caroline Barnes was as dishonest as she is, and wouldn’t give it back.

Page (along with her pal Gunther) also knows, from her experience running Deed not Breed that Legal Aid did not cover the expert witness brought in by Lennox’s family (see below).

The following screenshot shows a donation given by someone who at one time had a foot in both camps, and is now a fully fledged member of the Hate Campaign, Ann Endbsl Roberts:

Save Lennox Hate Campaign LLAAV Donations 4

And that’s it. That’s all they have.

This is what their whole campaign is based around. Let’s not forget Sarah Gunther also mentioned donations, she’s someone else who apparently has nothing to do with the Hate Campaign. For two people who are supposed to be detached from a vendetta against Lennox’s family, their names sure do crop up a lot in relation to the spreading of lies and gossip against Len’s family and the Save Lennox Campaign in general.

The rest of the HC ‘evidence’ is based on claiming that ‘someone‘ told them she was donating £200 each and every month, and apparently you’re all supposed to be daft enough to believe it!

It gets better – according to the HC, they’ve been contacted by absolutely loads of people who donated, but guess what? Every last one of those people has decided they don’t want any details whatsoever revealed, and so we all just have to take their word for it.

The best bit – the HC claim that the people who have ‘confided’ in them are so afraid of reprisals if they ‘tell’ (!) they won’t even allow the HC to give out rough figures without any other details. Not wishing to appear rude, but if you believe that you’ll believe anything!

And it doesn’t end there, they’ve accused Lennox’s owners of a veritable catalogue of crimes, including :

  • scrounging off the state;
  • of asking for help to pay for the expert witness when they apparently know it was paid for by Legal Aid (see below);
  • of receiving such whopping great amounts of money in donations, they bought themselves a new BMW, new furniture and two weeks abroad on a luxury holiday !

(For anyone conducting an investigation, we will be more than happy to provide screenshots of all the above at any time.)

It’s interesting that at least two of the accusers are receiving State benefits, when in fact Lennox’s owners were not, so it’s a bit rich to label someone else a ‘scrounger’, but as we said in Gunther’s post (link), how the hell could they know anyway?

Legal Aid and the Expert Witness
The Truth is that the Expert Witness was not covered by Legal Aid (but then they already knew that, and if the flotsam didn’t know it, the jetsam certainly did).

For the record, and as those people running certain organisations already know, the expert witness was paid by Lennox’s owners and, for a ballpark figure fee, consider that Peter Tallack received £7,500 from Belfast City Council for his so-called ‘expert opinion’.

No doubt they felt safe spreading gossip and lies hiding behind the fake profiles, and having their lies questioned and exposed obviously hadn’t occurred to any of them at the time.

Well, it’s certainly occurred to several of them now, judging by their ever-dwindling Hate Campaign numbers.

It’s a tribute to everyone else’s common sense that they haven’t really been challenged on this one before, which shows nobody gives any credence to their malice. But it wouldn’t do to let them get off Scott-free with their bullying and lies.

You have informed us that there was indeed a running total for donations placed on the Save Lennox website, which was approximately £2,500, but certainly nothing even close to the wild amount the HC claimed was received. That total was publicised much later in the campaign so by any stretch of the imagination it’s hardly likely to have reached enough to pay for the expert witness, let alone a new BMW.

Malicious minds produce malicious acts, and they really went for it with this one without one ounce of proof. 


4 thoughts on “Donations revisited

  1. Early dart for me today and i find that i am gaining quite a little fan club, (best get a haircut & shave) .. I know, vainity is not a good thing,
    Well Ted once again has (deliberately) jumped that assumption tree he loves so much, for the sake of his tiny audience…I know if i thought someone was stalking my kids i wouldnt be issuing threats on FB ,
    i would be in the nearest police station reporting it, but he cant do that can he, because not once anywhere can he provide proof that is what happened, WHERE ANYWHERE have kid’s been mentioned / stalked ..? If the mention of Pearl & Spirit is what he is alluding to , then i think we can agree, they are the dog’s belonging to a member of his family that i also know, you know the one Ted, he had his kitchen done last year ….you will hurt yourself jumping to assumptions so much, but dont stop on my account!

    Can someone/anyone point me in the direction of the rules here…WE/ME/YOU can only talk about limited subject’s, YET HC can talk about ANY subject ? Fair is… if they make it open season then same rules apply, dont give out what you can not take HC.!

    • You see Ted, the answer is simple enough without all that jumping up and down , you seriously are going to wear yourself out or damage the tree !

      • well i think he hurt his head already with all that jumping up and down the ole assumption tree, given the fact that he somehow thinks it’s a revelation a certain history teacher visited.. a rock concert. gulp. *putting on drama hat* OH NO! my secret is out, i love watching men in their sixties rocking it as if they’re still in their twenties! and i *whispers* … headbang even …. there goes my career *grabs a hanky* *drama hat off* but seriously. we already have experienced that both the flotsam ánd the jetsam (that’s a band too by the way, and i know that, so what does that tell about me… oh gawd :p ) both have difficulties handling a difference of opinion and the saying ‘agree to disagree’ was torn out of their dictionary. a tip: cherish your inner child doesn’t mean acting like a spoilt prat who can’t take it when someone doesn’t say oh yes amen and fabulous to anything you say 🙂 now there’s a good lad. take a deep breath, hug the dog and relaaaaaaaax. and stay off the spliff, it ain’t the stuff of the olden days anymore, tends to make you paranoid 😉

      • Dennis they must both be worn out already. Look at how hard they’ve been working to create a diversion. To hell with the fact that there isn’t is a grain of truth to their latest little rant ….lets face it that never stopped them before , The not so subtle threats from Ted’s little ‘geographic posts’ have also been par for the course for quite some time now too. All true to form and so predictable, but even they must surely realise their silly little games just don’t work anymore.

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