Does Anyone Know…

…what happened to the Roxanne Summers profiles? It’s a mystery.

The main profile went very quiet after posting what it claimed to be a big reveal, which turned out to be a huge mistake (link). Shortly after that, we did some revealing of our own (link).

We followed that with Connections, at which point not only did all the Roxanne Summers profiles disappear, but also Boycott Boycott Belfast and the ‘real les trollops‘ WordPress site. Zapped, overnight, literally.

On top of that, several people mentioned in ‘Connections cleaned up their Facebook pages pronto and one in particular began the process of removing or hiding comments, Tweets and associations (too late, sorry Ms Page). Now why would anyone do that if they had nothing to hide?

Was it all because of our recent posts? The Bar Council’s response to several complaints about Summers might have had something to do with it as well and, as we understand Mel Page’s solicitor is reading this blog in order to gather evidence (as are the Police according to her), we thought it would be helpful to show this:

Bar Council Northern Ireland Letter response re Roxanne Summers Facebook

The attached letter from Kathy Smyth stated:

05 March 2013


Re: Professional Conduct Committee – Your Complaint Against A Member of the Bar of Northern Ireland

I have been asked to write to you on behalf of the Professional conduct committee regarding your recent complaint.

Enquiries have been made on behalf of the Committee and it has been confirmed that there is no Counsel at the Bar of Northern Ireland by the name of Roxanne Summers.

It does appear however that a person using that name on Facebook has represented that he or she is a barrister.

Two possibilities arise, namely;

1. The person operating under the name Roxanne Summers is not in fact a barrister and the representation is false, or

2. The person is a member of the bar but is not using their real name.

The Committee is making further enquiries to establish whether it is possible to confirm which of these possibilities is correct.

In the meantime, the committee would welcome any further information, which might assist in establishing whether the person in question is in fact a member of the Northern Ireland Bar.

The committee is due to meet again on 12th March and you shall be notified of any further developments.

Yours faithfully

Kathy Smyth
Professional Conduct Committee

Needless to say we can post no further comments from the Bar Council at this time, but obviously that will be forthcoming when Ms Page’s legal team have completed their investigation, which hopefully will be soon.

After all, if they’re all as innocent and blameless of the deeds highlighted in this blog as they claim to be, doesn’t it make sense to punish us with legal action? If they’re truly guiltless it won’t cost them a penny, and our identities can be revealed. So what could possibly be stopping them?

We await to hear from them. Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with this thought. Why did the Roxanne Summers profiles, an HC Facebook page and a website disappear overnight, and why did various people clean up their Facebook pages and Tweets immediately after we posted the February entries mentioned above? Another mystery!


10 thoughts on “Does Anyone Know…

  1. To have a family dog seized under BSL is devastating and we need groups and organisations who can hold out a helping hand to those who are ignorant to BSL. Sadly, this will have a diminishing effect on an organisation that helps those in need, maybe not immediately, but word spreads and this will leave a bad taste for months and possibly years to come. Was it really worth it?
    wartsawitch is a user name, hover over the profile and it will tell you who I am. I have not been exposed, because I have never hidden myself.

  2. Absolutely, their latest offerings should remain on view for ‘all’ to see. They are openly doing more damage to their precious reputation than anyone else… They just dug that hole a little bit deeper and are too stupid to see it. The perfect team those two!

  3. It would seem cuddly Ted assumes i have stalked his page on facebook so i am informed, Mmm, not being a member of such i have to say, assumtions rarely shouldn’t be jumped too, you can do yourself an injury jumping that high in the old assumtion tree, I repeat myself here i know, keep your friend’s close & your enemy’s closer, that is if there is even a difference in the two. lunch over, back to work,

  4. With regards to Roxanne,it would seem she has disappeared without a trace,,, or so she would have us believe…now why would someone whose whole existence appeared to be based on ‘the truth’ feel the need to wipe the slate clean so to speak? Surely she must realise her words have not gone unnoticed, !!

    • maybe, just maybe, the realisation has sunk in that she might have crossed a line 🙂 – one can only hope. it is pretty stark though that all tree disappeared around the same time, and apparently the magic marker factory’s 3-monthly figures are rising steeply as the thing is used with gusto at various troll outlets & individual pages. apparently their troof which has been open for all public view has to be stashed away, hush hush! a little too late my dears. ctrl-prt sc is the word 😀

  5. Hope everyone enjoyed the bank holiday weekend, I managed to make it back from my weekend in Norfolk just in time to down a couple in lloyds , dont you love it when a plan come’s right…nighties folk’s, Work tomorrow, early night for the menace , catch you very soon, dog bless

    • Great weekend, nothing like it when a plan just falls into place like it has is there Dennis 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your weekend too. 🙂

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