A blog with one purpose for Sarah GUNTHER

Sarah Gunthers blog For the Love of Dogz supposedly about Bruce but actually about Lennox BSL owners

For the Love of Dogz! – Blogging the truth is a Sarah Gunther creation. It will come as no great surprise that her blog isn’t really about putting records straight or solely ‘for the love of dogz‘ in general.  

And although they both get a mention, it’s not even about ‘Bruce her (golden) Goose’, as she calls him (yes, really), or her pal Sandie Lightfoot – it’s about Sarah Gunther finding another way of venting her festering resentment and taking potshots at Lennox’s owners, with a quick swipe at Victoria Stilwell plus a stab at ‘other rescues’ along the way.

Gunther started her blog in July 2012, a few days after Lennox was destroyed, and it’s been abandoned since September of the same year, active just long enough to spill the bile eating away at her like a maggot.

From information and screenshots you’ve provided, it seems Gunther has always been very confident that the inaccuracies and fabrications littering her blog are taken as fact, so it’s time to put that right.

The initial post (link) drew our attention more because it contains, almost verbatim, the same accusations and allegations found on The Lav (LLAAV), the trolls’ website.

We’ll briefly go through some of Gunther’s comments here, and cover more points in an additional post – Feedback for Sarah Gunther.

» Statement re Lennox «
The above screenshot shows Gunther ensuring the email extract heavily implies Lennox was a full time yard dog when, in fact, she knew ‘being kept in a secure back garden’ meant nothing of the sort.

She’s never coughed up the full emails as evidence. You’d expect to see a screenshot of said emails start to finish, including headers and footers. In fact she’s never come up with so much as one sentence. You’ll just have to take her word for everything she says, much like Page and Rushmore.

In her blog, Gunther goes on to boldly state as fact that Lennox was a yard dog, in spite of never having been to his home nor possessing any proof to support her accusation. In fact even if Gunther’s mate Sandie Lightfoot had provided her with that information, it still wouldn’t hold water, because Lightfoot’s habit of sitting outside Lennox’s home (with the intention of intimidating his owners) happened after he was seized.

The ‘yard and status‘ dog claims are very familiar stories spread by all the other HC members, but in light of Gunther’s comments and source for her false allegations, it must be assumed the others took their cue directly from her.

According to the flotsam of the HC (as opposed to the Jetsam), they’ve never even met each other let alone Sarah Gunther, so if that’s the case they’ve obviously been spreading rumours based solely on information supplied by her, at face value, although it should be remembered it was the (still very active) people behind the fake Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers profiles who ran with the ‘yard and status dog‘ stories. The rest of the HC, the hangers-on, merely supported, agreed and shared. 

In fact that whole post contains exactly what we’ve all seen on HC pages and websites, time and again – the same wild accusations and suppositions, the exact same lies, word for word. Strange.

According to Gunther, she has nothing to do with the HC and couldn’t possibly be one of the people hiding behind a fake profile. The reality is that, in spite of being the proprietor of a so-called busy animal rescue, she still spends most of time waging a vendetta against a family, all because she didn’t get her own way. Sounds familiar doesn’t it Mel Page?

How important are those animals to her if she’s prepared to give up precious time blogging and posting lies on Facebook, The Lav and various HC pages, when that time could be better spent elsewhere?

For example, Gunther made herself very busy with her vindictive accusations, including links to media articles regarding threats made to BCC employees:

  • The so-called petrol-soaked letters, smashed windows and tyre slashing claims:  Whoever delivered these stories to the media were obviously undecided about who had received the threats, because at first it was reported to be Sandie Lightfoot, then it changed to Yolanda Elwood. However, in the end the PSNI did not follow up any of those complaints owing to the fact that THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE to back up the claims. So what happened – did the petrol-soaked letter get accidentally binned and the windows and tyres repair themselves?

Those links are intended to make it appear as if Lennox’s owners and closest supporters were responsible for the alleged (and most likely non-existent) attacks and abuse, otherwise why include them? Again more lies and, in any case, not a shred of evidence.

That in itself isn’t surprising, we’ve seen it happen repeatedly with the HC, but it doesn’t make any sense that someone with supposedly so much to lose has so little self-control that even as late as July 2012 (two years after her offer to take Lennox was rejected) she still held a grudge, resentment still eating away. 

Gunther obviously published that post in July last year because Lennox had been killed a few days earlier, but the content makes it obvious it wasn’t due to any kind of sadness that his cause had been lost and she was, at the very least, instrumental in trying to harm his reputation – her own blog confirms it. So why did she choose to write it so soon after Lennox had been destroyed? 

Most people are now of the opinion that the refusal to allow Gunther’s involvement was the main catalyst for the start of the Hate Campaign, and you all know the reasons why her offer was turned down.

Had Gunther responded to the owners with an ‘ok fine, it’s your decision‘ and left it at that, the chances are that many of the false rumours and ‘facts’ based on conjecture and malicious lies wouldn’t have occurred at all, that’s if you leave Sandie Lightfoot and Mel Page out of the equation, which isn’t easy to do.

Sarah Gunther didn’t leave it at that, she responded with bitterness and proved that she’s incapable of constraint and unable to remain unbiased, but then complained about the response and backlash she received.

She blamed other people’s reaction for her own behaviour towards the family, made excuses that others were criticising her, asking why she wasn’t offering to help Lennox, using that as a reason to fan the flames of the Hate Campaign.

There were a few grounds for the owners refusal of Gunther’s offer; one because it did not occur to them Lennox would never come home (choosing to legally fight his case – something Ms Gunther refers to as ‘not cooperating’**).

The other reason of course is kept quiet by Gunther – Caroline Barnes sent numerous emails to different people asking for advice very soon after Lennox had been seized. However, it was only when Lennox’s story became more high profile that Ms Gunther responded, by which time the process was in motion.

Gunther maintains the family pestered her for help over several weeks – another lie, made obvious by the fact that she has never been able back up that claim.

In any case, even if Lennox’s owners had known their efforts to save him were going to be in vain, they would have opted for someone else other than Gunther to take him. She doesn’t have the best of reputations as you all know, and is famously very cagey about her past.

Whatever made Lennox’s owners refuse Gunther’s help, their instincts were obviously spot-on and it was exactly the right decision to make.

(**At one point in her blog, Gunther cites differences between the reactions of the respective owners of Lennox and Bruce, and this particular comment of hers inadvertently illustrates the real reason for her unmasked hatred of Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters:Bruce’s owner cooperated with the Courts and us“.)

» Musings of the day «
Not much we need say about that post from Gunther; it speaks for itself, full of resentment and jealousy.

Just one observation though – Gunther seems to admire Terrierman (Patrick Burns); she quotes and lauds him on his observations of Victoria Stilwell. Yep, he’s a real nice chap that Mr Burns

Patrick Burns Terrier man

When she created that blog, Sarah Gunther must have been convinced she would be taken seriously by everyone who read it. Perhaps she was guilty of believing her own publicity and opinion of herself, or maybe she was buoyed-up by the support from like-minded, bitter and vindictive people; who knows, but she was obviously very confident she couldn’t risk her self-styled reputation and the lives of all the dogs she claims to help, because for the most part it’s made up of conjecture, gossip and lies

In reality, Sarah Gunther is unprofessional, unstable, envious and malicious.

4 thoughts on “A blog with one purpose for Sarah GUNTHER

  1. Hellava lot of risking of reputations going on , At a guess i bet there will be some Golf matches being arranged as we speak, It all goes on there didn’t you know, Noticed Ms Page made an appearance last week with her other half Heath alongside,.. shame i missed him ,wanted to ask how pearl & spirit where doing, & if the kitchen is all finished now , Never mind, certain i will get the chance again ..

    • Yes Dennis, you would think given their role they would have considered their actions a little more seriously, but it appears ego got in the way. Its a bit late in the day for them to try and change their priorities now purely to suit their current agenda. Try as they might they have no one to blame only themselves.

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