Friday observations

As mentioned when going over the ‘Roxanne Summers’ profile (now deactivated), if you like to play judge and jury, it’s best to be squeaky clean. Allowing yourself to give way to hate and resentment tends to come back and haunt you sooner or later, but those now desperately trying to distance themselves from the HC have been too arrogant to believe that could happen.

Certain people have remained hidden behind aliases, either targeting victims on a daily basis, concocting stories, twisting facts, photoshopping images, making intimidating phone calls, contacting employers and creating childish names for people (or backing those who do), with the intention of degrading and bullying individuals.

They’ve pretty much had free rein to do whatever they please over the last two years. Now their stupidity is being exposed, they’re threatening us with all sorts. Well we welcome the intervention of Mel Page‘s ‘people in authority’ because, regardless of the consequences for us, her hidden activity over that period of time will also be revealed, and with luck she’ll drag the rest down with her. Not before time.

Meanwhile, just a reminder that any protestations of innocence are hot air. In fact only this week Mel Page contradicted herself in two different posts, one on Lem Thirteen (the page she claims to have nothing whatsover to do with, but to which she’s been inviting and adding people since before the Lem pages acquired numbers – now unpublished oddly enough!).

First Mel Page claimed not to know Heather Jones, only Roxanne Summers, and then she changed her mind and claimed to know Heather Jones but not Roxanne Summers. Confusing.

Mel page seems confused about knowing Summers and Jones 1

Speaking of Summers, it’s strange those profiles disappeared overnight, with no warning or explanation at all. HC pages often bow out with some sort of fanfare or feigned excuse, but not this time. Perhaps the Bar Council finally made contact with the person behind the profile, or maybe Connections hit a nerve.

So bearing in mind that Roxanne Summers and Heather Jones were fake and the people behind them still very much active, we’ll leave you with another reminder of their mental state, and let Mel Page herself do the introduction and set the theme:

Mel page Facebook claiming she's not a supporter of BBB

The comment above was posted on the now deactivated Boycott Boycott Belfast page, the page ‘Heather Jones’ forgot was supposed to be hers and the one Mel Page has ‘nothing to do with’ *cough* (link).

The screenshot immediately below is from one of the Roxanne Summer’ pages, with Mel Page drawing attention to a website she also claims to have nothing to do with:

Mel Page promoting LLAAV on Roxanne Summers Facebook page

Mel Page celebrating return of Lem Nine, currently Lem Thirteen Facebook

Mel Page NCG on Candy Rogers

Mel Page Facebook seems to like the HC favourite C word

Mel Page as Ann Banford and Billie Bennet targeting Craig Winters again

Regards the above, to confuse matters, Mel Page is also Ann Banford (her maiden name). Nothing unusual or wrong about that, except that it gets Page off the hook with her excuses about having nothing to do with the hate pages, because there she is, again.

Now this is where it gets really complicated because, as we all know, the Billie Bennet profile belonged to ‘Heather Jones’ (link), but ‘Heather Jones’ isn’t real so…..ah, what the heck, it could fry our brains trying to untangle that lot.

And here’s Mel Page or, more likely, Melanie Rushmore in disguise again as Larry Lawrence, only evident because someone none too bright slipped up:

Mel Page aka Larry Lawrence outed by Wardley

Heathers deep seated hatred

Roxanne Summers vitriolRoxanne summers you are filth

Mel Page NCG on Candy Rogers

Finally, sometimes amusing, but always disturbing (link):

BBBBB Heather Jones with her xmas marvelous and hilarious xmas ditty

6 thoughts on “Friday observations

  1. The ravings of lunatic minds devoid of all common sense, decency, intellect who have brought poison and self disgrace into the fight they claim to be part of…bringing an end to BSL. Don’t make me laugh, Morons !!!!

  2. It’s gone very quiet in that particular camp all of a sudden. Surely Mel, didn’t think we would forget about Ann Banford, (to name just one) ?? As for Heath(er) / Bille Bennet, well I guess the real TRUTH is coming to pass…but not quite as you imagined it Heath(er)

      • Did the woman in question, and those working directly alongside her, not realise that using a fake id (or 5 or 6) does not make you an innocent? Spreading nasty rumours & stories, making bitchy comments at every given opportunity & supporting the nastiness regurgitated by her troll colleagues does not become irrelevant simply because fake names are used. In fact it also reflects enormously on those she makes great issue of as having as friends. That would include the dog warden who seized Lennox and the ex police constable who ‘typed’ him and made uneducated comments about Lennoxs’ character and the various rescue people who have cosied up to her. Now they will all be viewed as being as sly, manipulative, twisted and nasty as the person in the spotlight here because they knew what was going on and either ignored or encouraged it. Tainted by association and deservedly so.

        • It would seem that the woman in question, (who by the way also claimed to know Terry Twoons personally as a real person) and her dubious friends, never thought for one second they would be exposed for the hypocrites that they are. Given just a few of the examples above. (and there are lots more) they must be so proud of their behaviour…and still they call us the thugs in all this?.

          • The fact they are trying to induce guilt by making claims of people being ‘dog haters’ if they expose them is more than a little bit sick all on it’s own. Professionalism was thrown out of the window when they embarked on their hate campaign and yet now they feel they should be ‘protected’ from having their inclusion made public? Once again they should have thought of all this before embarking on such a vile course of behaviour. It seems they forgot that everyone is replaceable.

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