Questions from TED ISMAY

Hello Ted, your completely unaltered comments are activated now. What, surprised?

Anyone who hasn’t commented on the blog before has to be approved, that’s to stop the odd airhead from Lem Thirteen or The Lav posting inane and childish remarks when we’re not around, as they’ve tried in the past.

We’ve also screenshot your comments so they can be covered better here, and you’ll find them below, although we’ve blanked out your IP address.

Looking at the overall questions, in a nutshell, the short answer to the whole lot is ‘You reap what you sow‘ Ted.

Comment 1
As we said right at the start, the purpose of this blog is to draw attention to things that have been said and done by members of the Hate CampaignWe’re aware you don’t like the term ‘Hate Campaign’, but it’s a step up from ‘Syco’, so not too bad in the circumstances and, in any case, it happens to be true.

We’ve also maintained right from the start that we control the topics and do not answer questions unless we feel the need, that’s our prerogative, and we have never pretended otherwise. As you’ve been reading the blog regularly in one guise or another, you should know that.

Also from the off we explained that we were not directly involved with (what you all like to call) the ‘core’ of the Save Lennox campaign. Obviously over the last few months we’ve become acquainted with many of them, in fact we wouldn’t have access to most of the evidence without them. That doesn’t mean we run a message service, so if you want to draw attention to any one of them directly, we suggest you do what comes naturally – use your own page, Deed not breed or The Lav, since they seem to be the only outlets you have left.

As far as pillow cases go, white or otherwise, nope, we don’t wear them.

The ‘abusive’ remark is subjective. You’ve all been exposed and caught red-handed, so from your point of view it’s a completely natural and expected reaction to make your accusers out to be the villains of the piece. It’s what happens when bullies and liars are confronted.

Comment 2
It’s pretty much the same as above in that you’re accusing your own personal hate targets of now being the bullies and abusers, and all because you’ve been outed. You’re backed into a corner so it’s fight or flight – a bit of both so far.

The KKK analogy is utterly ridiculous; they’re an organisation based on shocking and disgusting principles and your preferance for mentioning them every chance you get just makes it appear as if you share the same values. If you do share those values then fair enough, but at least spit it out and make yourself clear.

And ditto Comment 1 regards us blogging anonymously. You have a choice; read our blog, don’t read our blog. The time will come when (according to her) Mel Page’s solicitor and local police will have done their job and all will be revealed, including HC’s antics and hidden profiles. Until that day we can all carry on the way we are – the HC with more fakes than a mannequin factory, and us with our little blog.

In the meantime, clearing out comments on The Lav, deleting Tweets, closing down Facebook profiles and unpublishing pages, none of that will do an ounce of good any more.

Comment 3
Your wires are a bit crossed regards proof; take another look and read what we actually have said, and then take on board our ‘prerogative’ comments above. Oh and Ted, it’s best to keep in mind that we don’t care what you think.

The reason ‘why?’ is an easy one, we’ve answered that many times before and, if we ever doubted ourselves for a second, all we’d have to do is pop over to a Lem page (currently Lem Thirteen) or The Lav, or go through our cache of screenshots, to confirm what everyone except you and that very small band of malicious people can see a mile off.

As for insisting both you and Mel Page are innocents in all this and were never involved, that’s a joke. It’s completely false and you know it (link). Your constant need to explain yourself and comment on Lem Thirteen to rally the dwindling troops makes it very obvious that you’re really wondering what kind of proof we have and when we’re going to use it.

You should have thought about that long before creating fake profiles to pursue a hate campaign, under the delusion that you’d get away with it indefinitely.

What you both should have done was – well, not done it in the first place;simple as that. You should have thought about the repercussions. You can’t blame anyone else but yourselves; nobody ‘made’ you do anything.

Ted Ismay Facebook wants to know what we actually know about him b


14 thoughts on “Questions from TED ISMAY

  1. Ted comes in here demanding names but makes no mention of the many and varied profiles on the LLAV blog …. you know the one Ted…course you do.;)

  2. A wise old bird sat on an oak, the more he saw, the less he spoke
    The less he spoke, the more he heard
    Now why are some not like that wise old bird ,

    IDIOTitis, cause’s the brain to shut down but the mouth to keep on talking, Seem’s to be contagious , am seeing an awful lot coming down with it lately.

  3. BLOG, has ONE g Ted,
    make your mind up , you WANT proof then you know there is NO proof , ….(your word’s) are you in a little tizz and got confused as to what exactly it is you want, better not send you shopping then eh,

    • The ‘dog hating’ comment was bound to arise, in fact I was waiting for it. Hiding behind a campaign name and throwing abuse at others in fake ids is bound to come back on you eventually and Mel certainly tried to do damage in numerous fake ids. To then complain that to bring her misbehaviour into the spotlight makes people dog haters is like saying ‘I loaded the gun, aimed it at the target and pulled the trigger but don’t tell me off as it’s not convenient’. Responsibility for their actions is what these blogs are about and it’s about time too.

  4. Now as craig is on here he knows he made red hand commando threats as do the rest of you or are you denying this? So again i ask for proof of your claims. I am not here to debate either side because frankly i dont give a shit either way i simply want you to either provide proof or back off DnB and Mel. Now i know you have no proof so the right thing would be to focus your attentions elsewhere because this blogg is simply a hate DnB blogg and that translates into a dog hating blogg and people have to then ask what are your motives for this and who is going to gain from your constant attacks on DnB? Now i dont intend to get into discussions on your blogg, just provide your proof.

    • .** Your clan on here are very similar to the KKK, abusing people and hiding behing masks. **

      Little like calling the pot black that statement Teddy Edward.

      • I’m confused as to how they can claim innocence when the evidence of their involvement is already on display, with more to come I believe 🙂 Either Ted can’t read or hasn’t read through all the screen grabs of Mel commenting, bitching, even creating FB pages to try and spread the nastiness further and having created the pages she did not have the gumption to post in her own name but used aliases. So his proclamation of ‘Why not use your real identities’ appears to just be another of their ‘do as i say not as i do’ attitudes. Meaning it’s ok for them to use fake names but not ok for anyone else. Why? Well because they say so that’s why.

  5. Simply because you claim you have proof doesnt constitute proof. You have no proof because there is non. Now you claim i have used false profiles, again where is your proof. Now i have no need to make fake profiles because i will say what i want in my own name. You dragged me into this so here i am. Your clan on here are very similar to the KKK, abusing people and hiding behing masks. So again where is your proof of DnB or Mels involvement in any of the things you claim? What do you need “insurance” against? What you have proven and thanks for that, is you are attempting to damage DnB for a rather more sinister and personal reason. Why not use your real identities, i know who some of you are posting on here so why dont you all come clean and be proud of your abuses. Now Hesper the witch of the south or whatever she calls herself is out of the UK legal system and as such is unimportant, but the rest of you at least have the courage of your convictions or are you all cowards like craig? Now i dont care about either sides arguments and who did what, i dont care if craig stole the donation money, i dont care if your campaign lied about everything, i dont care if the other side has hounded the family to the ends of the earth, what i care about is that craig made red hand commando threats to Mel and is now heading your campaign to destroy DnB and you are all helping and i want to know why, maybe you should also be asking why.

    • just leaving aside dear Ted that you have confirmed i am NOT hiding behind any mask (and actually never have done because i have never made a secret of who i am what i do and what makes me tick, anyone on my friends list KNOWS this both ppl who know me on and off the faceybook), may i remind you that the name calling and mass reporting of my profile on facebook started the very moment i mentioned two certain individuals involved in the lennox case on behalf of bcc and friends of your partner, and after i responded to nasty comments directed at me (and YES i have screenshots to prove that).
      henceforth a false claim was made by someone calling herself ‘roxanne summers’, that i had stated on my back up profile that i created that profile so i could bully said person on the internet, the same person gratified my openness and honesty about my name and profession by ridiculing both and even claiming she had sent an email to my EMPLOYERS supposedly showing how i ‘bullied and stalked’ her on the internet, which was fundamentally untrue and she knew this. how does that sit with your feeling for injustice, Ted? I may not be within the legal system in the UK but there is also an universal system called common sense & decency. Anyone confronted with the pages you, your partner and her on- and offline friends frequent, responds the same: it’s page after page filled with hate speech, outrageous claims being made against the Barnes family, and nothing but praise for the two persons i mentioned before. And it didn’t stop when the poor dog was dead, to the contrary the same wild accusations were reurgitated at any possible outlet.
      Last but defo not least your KKK comments make me laugh out loud, anyone who knows me even remotely knows I couldn’t be further removed from that kind of mob mentality. but that is your biggest mistake, you are tarring a group of sensible people with the same brush as the odd looneys any campaign invariably attracts. Need i remind you of your resident fruitcakes? Like the poster on bbb page who wished lennox supporters would inhale toxic fumes and die from it? the manic laughter of bbb mouthpiece ‘heather jones’ and ‘roxanne summers’? You should have thought about the consequences before jumping on this bash the barnes bandwagon 🙂

      • Very well said. Everything said on this blog about their behaviour has been backed up with screen shots, despite their best efforts to delete them. Anyone with even a shred of decency reading their bile could not defend it. Most of us here have been on the receiving end, but what we got from them doesn’t even come close to what they did to the Barnes family. To see them now trying to wriggle out of their involvement in the whole hate campaign by hiding behind their organisation is simply pathetic. They chose to follow the path that they did, and such was their arrogance they never for one minute thought they would have to deal with the fall out of their actions. Reading some of their ridiculous excuses they really aren’t dealing with it very well at all.

  6. On the subject of the cake,is it only me that finds it distasteful ,that someone who claims to work for the benefit of the bull breed,bakes a pit bull shaped cake,for a man who states pit bulls have no place in London and then walks away with a dog that is going to a certain death,for looking a certain way.i can’t see anything funny in for the tape measure,well we all know that much loved family pets,who have done nothing wrong,are being pts on the strength of the measurements of a dress makers tape measure,again I fail to see the funny side.

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