Teddy Bear Strikes Again!

This particular Teddy has an obsession with introducing the term ‘KKK’ (Ku Klux Klan) into pretty much every comment. Charming.

And, as mentioned previously (link), he either has an extremely short memory or doesn’t involve himself in the logistics of Deed not Breed because Ted Ismay states: ” ….DnB has saved the lives of hundreds of dogs over the past seven years or so and are still doing it, daily…”

All that saving must have occurred prior to 2012 then, because according to this comment posted on DnB’s Facebook page on Monday of this week (18 March):

Sarah Gunther confirming 7 dogs saved in last 12 months, not the hundreds Ted Ismay claims

So between the three of them (Deed not Breed / Bull Breed Advisory Service and EGAR) they’ve saved seven dogs in the last year. You’d be hard-pushed to add enough digits to that figure to turn it into ‘hundreds’, but no doubt they’ll find a way.

Ted also says ”  DnB ask for no money, they pay for the full running costs out of their own pockets, they fund it themselves “, which is odd because Mel Page said something completely different fairly recently didn’t she?


Anyway, enough about Ted, although there isn’t much more we need to blog today, they’re doing all the hard work for us, and a fantastic job it is too. If ever we wanted to illustrate to our followers the infantile mentality of the Hate Campaign and, more importantly, the stark difference between them and other organisations and support groups, we could not, on any given day, have found a better example.

Before we go, just to remind everyone that, if you do look in on The Lav or Lem Thirteen, keep in mind they are all still there, regardless of the excuses that they cannot post for one reason or another. In fact they have so many fake profiles and aliases they’re running out of ideas. The latest one is Sherlock Homes, newly hatched, and the only reason they chose that name is they couldn’t spell Moriarty (can’t spell Holmes either). Okay, fair enough, that’s just nitpicking, and so is this:

Debbie Gathercole Facebook version of a fully grown adult

We’ll go over the rest another time, but to leave you with an illustration of Debbie Gathercole’s version of ‘an adult’ and her alleged ‘disapproval’ of some disgusting things that occurred on their side of the fence:

Debbie Gathercole Facebook disturbed


7 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Strikes Again!

  1. Let’s face it fake profiles are made, (albeit for different reasons), by both sides, Heath, Roxanne, Poosey etc. etc. etc. are used to vilify those involved in the Lennox campaign without fear of reprisals, and vilify you do. Going as far to dig up/make up whatever history you can on a person, phone an employer, sneak round taking photographs of a house, make phone calls etc. even making offensive and childish remarks about their names. The fake profiles encountered by the HC, are made up by those who won’t speak out in their own name for fear of the offensive clap trap the HC will spew forth about them.
    Take myself for instance, all you need do is hover over my name to find out who I am – and what happens???? I am accused of writing hate mail about DNB to a pet shop – as if!!!
    I would like to know ‘tedismay’ why you are trying to deflect the issue by attempting to turn this around into a smearing campaign against DNB? Accusing people of undermining an organisation that does the good work that it does, simply isn’t true. As far as I see the comments that have been highlighted in this blog, are comments that have been made by individuals, not an organisation, so don’t even go there. In fact you should never have mentioned DNB, the organisation has nothing to do with the hate campaign against Lennox’s family and supporters.

  2. Greeting’s Fellow Reader’s, Had to go out in the real world to earn some pennies, (you thought i had been arrested for misdemeanour’s, or such,) like not having a fishing licence, for instance, . No such luck, I am back, A tad worse for sleeping in a dodgy B&B, but that is another story,
    Seem’s i have a fair bit of reading to do in order to catch up, Having scanned through it would seem this exercise will be de ja vu,
    Oh dear, like reading last month’s instalment , Nothing new to grab my attention, I am loath to comment till i have caught up , i like to be sure of fact’s first & foremost.

    What i can comment on though is

    Do Lem, (whatever number they are on now) just chose to be thick as a warburton’s or is it a natural talent ?
    How can they continue to ask the same thing time after time ,
    *why hide behind false profile’s * when they do the same, most of them can not remember how to dress in the morning when they have so many alias’s, Arthur or Martha, it makes a difference when choosing the underwear of the day, They really do sound like they have been injected with a gramophone needle, (giving my age away there lol )
    Thought i would just show my face & let you know the Menace is back !!

    • You are right Dennis you haven’t missed a lot, just more of the same from the usual suspects. Some of them seem to have chosen to drop one or two of their aliases in the hope of distancing themselves from their past activities, but that was to be expected, and no doubt they will be very happy to see you back in these parts. 😉

  3. The similarity between the posters on this blogg and the KKK is simple, you all hide your faces behind masks in order to bully and abuse. If you had the courage of your convictions then show the world who you really are, but we know that isnt going to happen dont we?

  4. Your very good at being abusive behind your white pillow cases but why not come face to face with your real names and show your proof that DnB or Mel has been involved in any campaign against the winters coward? Dont just say because we know or because craig told us, actually show the proof, not faked like your dog licence but proof. Now i know you cant produce any because because there isnt any so what is this campaign against DnB all about? Maybe one of you will actually have the balls to answer me in your real names.

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