Never Assume the Obvious aka Roxanne Summers Heather Jones Mel Page et al Libellous statement

Heather Jones of course. This sad, lonely and very base attempt at spreading the usual vindictive bile was ignored by everyone on that occasion, including the rest of the HC – it seems even they weren’t stupid enough to show support for the poison.

Since most are now convinced Heather Jones was a cover for Page and/or Ismay (well one thing’s for sure, the idiot is based in Nottingham), it won’t come as any surprise that the above ‘Never assume the obvious…’ page disappeared shortly after we posted » Connections « – at roughly the same time the Boycott Boycott Belfast page and all the Roxanne Summers‘ profiles miraculously disappeared as well. Must be coincidence.

Already covered in January (link):

Heather Jones Facebook accusing the Barnes' of  using Lennox as status dog owing to harness

Heather Jones‘ made one last ditch attempt to save face before throwing in that grubby towel:

Heather Jones Facebook accuses Craig Winters of taking part in dog fighting



  1. Never thought i’d give one of the trolls credit but at least that Karin person had the common sense to ask for proof, which caused the admin person to hastily bluff a reply. Then Karin gave an unconvinced ‘hm..’. So even their own ‘supporter’ knew that the stories being told were not credible. It’s just a shame it took Karin so long to realise it and she allowed herself to be caught up in hateful behaviour and comments herself along the way.

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