Demise of the HC

We were going to split the following into different blog entries because, even for those of you familiar with the stupidity of the Hate Campaign, some of this is about as contemptible and ugly as it gets, and hard to get to grips with even by their low standards. But we’ve decided to include them all on one page; after all, they deserve each other, and with each other is where they belong. Actually, most of them are each other.

Before getting on with today’s blog, it has to be said that, no matter what they say and how much they are now struggling to distance themselves from each other, even a child could figure out they are all equally involved, responsible and accountable for the spreading and/or supporting of vile rumours and malicious gossip based on nothing more than their own hatred and envy. Not one of them is separate from another.


Exposure as liars, fakes and manipulators of facts has eroded the Hate Campaign over the last few months, leading to the three Roxanne Summers profiles vanishing, the Heather Jones‘ profiles in limbo, and the disappearance altogether of a website (the real les trollops), a page (Boycott Boycott Belfast) and several other fake profiles.

We already know the Roxanne and Heather profiles are covers for other people in the Hate Campaign, they made that very obvious when the Summers profiles, website/blog and HC page suddenly disappeared shortly after we published Connections, and we knew that, in their desperation, they’d play dirty (well, dirtier than usual).

So it was predictable that once exposed they would also get careless again in an attempt to save face

Never Assume the Obvious aka Roxanne Summers Heather Jones Mel Page et al Libellous statement

Regular readers of this blog will know the HC have been caught manipulating the truth on many occasions, and when that happens they go strangely quiet, although that piece of depravity is probably the most snide and contemptible thing they’ve done to date. But all said and done, they really are quite stupid, and this precise statement will be their undoing. The severity of these accusations will make the discovery of the people behind that Facebook page much easier, even if they have frightened themselves and deactivated it – a pointless exercise.

You contacted us regarding this comment by Ted Ismay:

Ted Ismay Mel Page Facebook empty threats

And pretty much all of you said the same thing, why doesn’t he just ‘simply’ post the names and addresses? Good question, and hopefully we can look forward to seeing that happening soon.

Do give him time though, Mr Ismay is having currently having a problem with his short term memory, or perhaps he doesn’t check with Mel Page (hence the ‘oops’ comment from one of our followers). We’re sure if he reads back over his extremely long and desperate comments, he’ll figure out where he went wrong. He also needs to coordinate with Mel Page on the exact location of the Jubilee Mail Centre.

Regards the comment under Ismay’s, that lady should know that the page she’s commenting on is run by people who, regardless of their protestations, have been instrumental in a personal vendetta against Lennox’s family and close supporters for almost two years. If they’d spent all of that time ‘helping rescue animals’ they might be in the choice position that other similar organisations are in today, and you only have to look around Facebook and the Internet to compare the stark differences in support.

The problem with certain members of the Hate Campaign is that they are incapable or unwilling to put aside their bitterness. Other organisations are based on the hard work and patience that goes with gaining respect and a credible reputation, but that in itself requires a moral compass, something the HC lack entirely, as is evidenced by their accusations, shown here and throughout this blog.

Try as they might to throw the ball back into our court accusing us of damaging an outfit which has saved an untold number of dogs from destruction, it’s too little, too late. They should have thought about that long ago. In any case, if indeed they have saved ‘untold’ dogs from destruction, imagine how many more victims of BSL they could have helped if they hadn’t spent so much time hiding behind fake profiles, carrying on a personal vendetta. As someone quite rightly said recently, there’s no smoke without fire. Or, to put it another way, play with matches and expect to get burnt. We have done nothing except expose them for the bullies and liars they are.

If we had the time and inclination we’d go over Sammie J Chance’s version of War & Peace, but if you don’t mind we’ll just direct you over to Lem Thirteen to see for yourself (including the edited versions). Have a strong coffee first, it’s tedious, repetitive and will bore you to tears. It contains the usual ‘last ditch’ threats and infantile accusations, nothing new there, and it will remind you of another Magnum Opus found on a now defunct HC page, for which we’ll dig out the screenshot. Stating the obvious slightly, but you all know that profile is a fake, a cover for someone else. Enough said.

Before we get on to some lighter stuff, just to remind Mel Page she needs to let her local police know that she is accusing Janice Tyrrell and Maria Fawcett of writing and sending that nasty letter. In case she’s forgotten – link.


(Try not to laugh)…

Lem Thirteen Facebook another classic own goal

They’ve shut down every other avenue? She’s obviously confused, and must be referring to the departure of Roxanne Summers’ profiles, Boycott Boycott Belfast, the real les trollops and several other ‘spare’ profiles they had on the go. They’ve retained Tom Spencer though; guess it wouldn’t be practical to retire all of them.

If someone else had written the next bit, it would have made Heather Jones pee in her pants (again): “We held off on posting this as the BBC asked us to while Inside Out investigates” ! Blimey, they’ve got the BBC on side now, would you believe it? Hmm, must have a word with the BBC and Inside Out 😆

And just to cover their backsides they’ve given themselves a get-out clause in : “We don’t expect anything to come of this“. You couldn’t make it up. They obviously haven’t learnt a thing from the Loose Women and AG fiascos they created for themselves.

Okay, own up, who put that strapline on the recording? Was it one of you from the Save Lennox ‘core’? It must have been because Lem Thirteen said so, and they always make sure they have unadulterated proof before saying anything in public, and we’re absolutely sure they’ll be forthcoming with that proof any day now….

…while we wait, regarding the fake ‘Tom Spencer‘ profile back there, it’s interesting that s/he says ‘how many dogs has this vile group saved, none..’.

So what exactly is s/he is accusing Craig Winters of and what group is s/he talking about, Lem Thirteen or Save Lennox? If it’s the latter, where is the proof which we’re sure should accompany that statement? Come to that, is s/he comparing the saving of ‘many dogs’ to Deed not Breed? Why would s/he do that? It sure is a mystery.


Just another reminder – never think for one second that any single one of them is detached from another – they are not. They may be trying to distance themselves right now (link) and feign ignorance or even disapproval of certain other Hate Campaign members’ behaviour (“Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you”), but they are all equally involved, responsible and accountable for the spreading and/or supporting of vile rumours and malicious gossip based on nothing more than their own hatred and envy. They have backed each other to the hilt, and usually behind fake profiles in order to maintain a facade of what could laughingly be called ‘respectability’.

Which brings us back to Mel Page claiming she hasn’t agreed with everything the fake profiles Roxanne Summers and Heather Jones have done and said, and as one of you has quite rightly pointed out – if Page herself was not in any way a part of the intimidating phone call (where, incidentally, the caller didn’t have the ‘balls’ to reveal their identity), plus the contacting of a target’s employers (ditto), along with the abusive posts including mentions of the child (and yes we have screenshots), why didn’t she distance herself at the time unless she was a part of it or approved of that disgusting behaviour?

Mel Page knows there is evidence to show she joined in on many occasions, and just because those pages and profiles have disappeared, it doesn’t mean the evidence has gone with them. She’s not a victim, she’s just feeling sorry for herself and probably wishing she’d kept her opinions to yourself. Too late for that, and posting in a group, that she apparently has nothing to do with, as soon as a target appears is a dead giveaway.


5 thoughts on “Demise of the HC

  1. Where is your proof, you keep saying you have proof, then produce it. Rather than keep saying that you will produce it when you are ready or you will produce it at a later date, why not do it now? Is it because you have no proof and if you admit that then your whole campaign to damage DnB will be for alternative reasons?Now i wonder what they could be.

  2. History repeating itself me thinks. Heather & Roxanne have disappeared…..and they had nothing whatsoever to do with Mel or Lems, or any of the other main players. (despite evidence already produced here that proves otherwise) Anyone remember Susie Simpson & Jake…not forgetting Terry Twoons of course. Pathetic really they are almost beginning to sound like Manuel from FT…’I know nathng’…AGAIN 🙂

  3. Today Matthew, i am going to be Destiny’s Child in my reply,

    Tell me how you feel about this
    Do what I want, live how I wanna live
    I worked hard and sacrificed to get what I get
    Ladies, it ain’t easy bein’ independent
    Question: How you like this knowledge that I brought
    Braggin’ on that cash that he gave you is a front
    If you’re gonna brag, make sure it’s your money you flaunt
    Depend on no-one else to give you what you want

    The shoes on my feet — I bought ’em
    The clothes I’m wearing — I bought ’em
    The rock I’m rockin’ — I bought it
    ‘Cause I depend on me
    The watch I’m wearin’ — I bought it
    The house I live in — I bought it
    The car I’m driving — I bought it
    I depend on me
    All the women who independent
    Throw your hands up at me
    All the honeys who makin’ money
    Throw your hands up at me
    All the mamas who profit dollars
    Throw your hands up at me
    All the ladies who truly feel me
    Throw your hands up at me

    No one else takes care of me !!!!!

  4. not surprised they got their geographical coordinates mixed up, after all that vehemently barking at many wrong trees over the past 2 years the world outside must look like a jungle to them 🙂 they would be hysterically funny if their comments and rantings weren’t that grieveous especially as far as lennox’ family is concerned! looking forward to hearing from their legal team, might finally find out which cowardly bitch threatened to send an email to my employers, packed with false accusations no doubt. just to remind you, the mass reporting of yours truly started the very moment i dared make a critical observation re a certain dog warden and a certain bcc expert. coincidence? i think not. oh yes how respectful you become when you know someone’s real name and what they do for a living – or do we, after all according to your main mouthpieces we are all scroungers, arm chair warriors and ‘the dregs of civilized society’.. bunch of fools. pride comes before the fall. you all should have thought twice before jumping on that bash-the-barnes-family bandwagon, now you’ve got yourself burnt it’s too late too cry ‘foul play’!

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