Deed Not Breed Mel Page Facebook Libelous Letter Concoction

From Deed Not Breed, Facebook (for clarification, please contact one of the admins who we understand include: Mel Page, Andrea Williams Phillips, Denise Day, Mel Rushmore, and possibly Sarah Gunther).

A disgusting, libellous letter was sent to their local pet shop. Fair enough, they decided to let people know that someone who hates them, or one of them in particular, has sent a cowardly (yes, definitely agree there) anonymous letter saying some nasty things (see below).

Perhaps they went public in order to flush out the perpetrator, or at least put the wind up them, as a kind of warning. Makes sense really, they’d be hard-pushed to figure out who’s responsible from the many people they’ve made enemies of over the years. Still, that doesn’t excuse base behaviour like that; it’s not like they deserve it. Surely, only people capable of being vindictive and malicious themselves would deserve that?

However, something doesn’t sit right. For starters the Police incident date is over two weeks old and, unless a similar (but not separate) incident occurred on that date, or reported date, to which this has been added, why wait so long to draw attention to it?

On top of that, Deed not Breed announced they held a successful free chipping service at that particular pet store on 6th March, a week after the incident date (although it’s implied the letter was received this past week). So they waited until another ‘successful event’, which apparently took place on Wednesday, 13 March, before going public?

Something else niggles away – DnB state quite clearly that their solicitor and the local Police are investigating the incident, who are obviously very flexible if they advised using Facebook to publicise the incident details and letter itself (link)…

Mel Page Facebook Deed Not Breed own goal 1

Mel Page Facebook Deed Not Breed own goal 2

It seems Ms Page also had permission from her solicitor and local Police to openly name two people she alleges could be responsible for the letter, although she’s disguised that accusation as a ‘campaign’.

We certainly hope this isn’t another staged ‘incident’, the like of which we’ve seen many times before.


11 thoughts on “Whodunit

  1. They are obviously looking at their own reflection here – as if anyone involved in a campaign against BSL would want to send a ‘disgusting, libellous letter’, to a pet shop where an organisation are holding a free microchipping event, no doubt the day was also used to promote the awareness of BSL. You shouldn’t tar people with your own brush.

  2. These are the kind of people if beheading or public hangings took place, they would be there first in the queue, grabbing the best seats, complete with knitting draped over their knees to wile away the time, till the executions began.
    And yes, I also ask the question WHY the hatred to the point of putting a family through a form of crucifixion for loving their dog and holding onto hope that he would have been returned home, where he belonged. Of loving their daughter enough to fight to have her friend back by her side…she was an innocent child for Gods sake……..WHY??
    The damage is done, but I fear only to yourselves. You are sad, pathetic and publicly making fools of yourselves…wise up and have a bit of dignity.

  3. Completly agree with you Carole. I want to know WHY? When did it start? What happened to bring on this way, way OTT reaction to Lennox’s family and core supporters. Was it really bad enough to risk careers’ and reputations – there are no winners, just a nasty taste that will linger on for a long, long time.

  4. They blame everyone else for the stuff they do themselves. They delegate the blame to distract from their own involvement and guilt. In fact it appears nigh on everything they have accused the family, and individual supporters, of is something they have been actively involved in themselves. Worryingly, they are also inventing dog fighting stories yet again, based on someone’s second aunt twice removed having stood behind the cousin of the local priest who once read a story about dog fighting on the internet whilst doing an Irish jig and whistling ‘dixie’, which leads me to wonder if that is another pie they have their finger in hence wanting to pass the buck so desperately onto others?

    • Very close indeed, the heat is on. Their pathetic efforts to cover their tracks is only adding to the mountain of evidence…..and they call us stupid!!
      How many times have they begged for the screen shots they are now furiously attempting to deny…(Ms Gunther and M Page have been particularly busy) and they keep adding to the pile.
      As they watch this blog so closely they should note if they are under any illusion that we are about to forget the input of some of their ‘friends’ they are sadly mistaken, and no amount of threats of publishing names and addresses will change that. Unlike them we have nothing to hide.

  5. Imagine having to wake up each morning full of the poison that courses round their vein’s, but poison has a way of becoming infected and turning inward’s, No amount of anti biotic’s will clear that up, be nasty when it all implodes, imagine the mess it will leave. IF that letter was sent , then i agree , that is not how to behave, and it was wrong , but i think it could also be a bit of karma, OR they sent it themselves..

    That handful that live off other’s misery have certainly dealt it out, I spoke to Mel P often when my dog went and we got along, but she suddenly decided i was the enemy and blocked me, found that really strange, but her choice who she speaks too, Another thing that is constantly regurgitated is, mass reporting….they say goes on, now that is a load of crap, they either report themselves or take the page down so they can come back like the victims they play, I could understand maybe a slight bit if this was kids, but they are supposedly adult’s, parent’s, WTF lesson are they showing kid’s, may have well have just opened a bullie’s R us group and given lesson’s on how to be vile, Roxanne, Heather, whatever she wants to call herself cos sure as it is paddy’s day soon the profiles are all one sanctimonious person, but hey, they reckon we hide behind false profile’s, christ , they even exposed my other one, how stupid was i to have another profile in my OWN name , might have known i would be found out , lesson learnt, who can i be next ? mmm, maybe i can use an anagram of one of their’s but they have so many , it could be a long title i have, I am not known for hiding what i think, i am gobby and say it like it is, that is who i am, so this is direct from my mouth …….why dont you all grow up, get a life , get a job even, stop condoning the vicious supporters you have got as friend’s in their evil ranting’s and maybe think, in years to come htf are you going to explain to your kid’s and possibly grandkid’s when they ask why you led the life you did, why you sat behind a keyboard spewing out green nasty pus , you are pathetic and more to be pitied , I personally wouldnt even be bothered reading the crap they post, one play’s the victim well, OMG, get off your arse and foster or adopt and dont give me the, oh i cant, it is too soon, Bollocks it is, Just a pity that all the venom isnt turned into helping the many dog’s needing help, I post in my OWN name, i dont hide, but you lot should all apply for a job on the road’s, you turn and twist everything to suit yourselves that much , you could have a motorway built that has twists to all over the world from one place,

    Jeez, you could even have Troll roads named after you, If you were not so sad you would be funny, One thing i always remember my parents teaching me was, if you cant say anything nice, say nothing, or translated, STFU your boring now, Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, i shall await the oranges ones turn which will surely come along soon, BUT, bring it on, you dont have the power to affect me with your words of hatred,…… have a nice day now,

  6. So she cries ‘libel’ and then makes libellous accusations against people with no evidence to substantiate her accusation? As she was involved in the ‘Half a Truth’ page and the Norf C@*ty Gazette was her ‘baby’, and she revelled in posting nastiness on both, i’m not really sure she has a leg to stand on lol

    • Indeed karmabus, curiouser and curiouser… and what’s that mrs G. commenting there, “is that from the Lennox brigade?” FYI mrs G AND P, there is no such thing as ‘the lennox brigade’ – however you and your delightful articulate friends have managed to anger a host of people by bullying them for just speaking their minds, blaming them for any brainless oddball’s stupid comments ever posted on a page related to the Lennox case, and last but definitely not least taking the piss at a family who was already dealing with the seizing and loss of their beloved pet by throwing accusations and innuendo at them about domestic violence, dog fighting involvent and theft, accusing them of faking their very real health issues, and doing this on public forums for 2 years in a row already with no sign of slowing down as you are happy to rehash everything every month or so, occasionally boasting your perceived underground status by claiming you have been mass reported, which gives you enough ‘street cred’ to continue spreading your lies and harrassment of a family who’s been through hell already!

      And let’s not forget about those two delightful young couples amidst you, those great specimens of the human race, the one a loving mother hissing her venom at anyone online whilst her beloved hubby enjoys in openly bashing gay people and yelling ‘white power’ on the internet, the other two, lovebirds posing as animal rights activists whilst grassing on their fellow activists, betraying people’s trust in them by giving their details to the very people they protest against, adorned with the odd racist and sexist joke, and making fun of a lady who lost her pup to bsl, and as a bonus there’s the one whose idea of good citizenship is comparing fellow citoyens with bin liners and spewing a lot of ignorance re a religious culture different from her own. And then I haven’t even got to the ones that are simply off with the fairies, and the other hangers on who were just plain rude and obnoxious at any given moment. What a lovely crew.
      The Dutch have a great saying for that: ‘zij heeft boter op haar hoofd’, roughly translated ‘there’s a pile of butter on her head’, which means you are accusing other people of things you either have done yourself or people close to you have done to others and you KNEW and condoned. Because make no mistake, I’m not a fool, although you and your friends love to think I am, and the other people commenting on this blog aren’t fools either, we are individuals all capable of making up our own minds and it is glaringly obvious each and every one of you KNOWS who is lurking in the shadows behind the IDs ‘heather jones’ and ‘roxanne summers’, Your biggest mistake is your hubris, thinking you can outsmart the world hiding behind your fake ID and friends in high places. You might think you’re safe but there are a lot of people out there who aren’t even on facebook but have read this blog, and those who are on facebook and have seen the things written by you and your merry band, and all those people respond the same, with a lot of disbelief and anger at the extremely negative nature of your posts and comments.
      Actually, I am looking forward to the day all will come to light. It will no doubt be interesting times 😀

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