Hypocrisy and Short Term Memory Combo

Well, nothing new there with the HC, but this subject is particularly convoluted.

For example, they’ve said that Lennox was killed because he wasn’t licensed, hence a jobsworth dog warden paying him a visit in the first place, and that, in any case, he was Pit Bull.

On the other hand they’ve said, that whether Lennox was licensed or not, why should he be exempted if other dogs aren’t? In fact one particular HC member actually went as far as to say that Lennox’s destruction was the right decision because he was PB and the law is the law; remember that Mel?

But then, when it suits them, they say Lennox wasn’t PB. Wish they’d make their minds up!

It’s no wonder they confuse themselves….

Roxanne Summers Facebook admitting Lennox not destroyed because of no license or being type

 Heather Jones Facebook BBB confused and short term memory combo

(We’ll cover the first behaviourist mentioned there along with the ADBA standards used to assess Lennox in another blog entry)

While we’re here, and bearing in mind someone on the Connections list is behind the Heather Jones’ profile and pstill osting away under a different alias, here’s another illustration of that abnormal character’s malignant spite based on no facts whatsoever:

Heather Jones Facebook BBB more bile

Regarding ‘several reminders’ : [link]


5 thoughts on “Hypocrisy and Short Term Memory Combo

  1. Oh dear,not the woe is me,make the nasty bullies go away act again,boring as hell.you reap what you sow in this life and what you have sown is nasty and vile.if your getting some back,about bloody time

    • Seems they have all assumed victim status, while at the same time attempting to delete all evidence of their past activities….now why would that be if they had nothing to hide?

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