Handy DIY Pack…

..for students of psychology.

Introducing a few ready-assembled Hate Campaign Psychological Profiles:


Debbie Gathercole Facebook disturbed


Jules Jules Facebook disturbed


Kate Smith Facebook what a charmer

speaking of ‘dregs at the bottom of an otherwise decent society‘, here’s Kate (Trotman) Smith’s spouse

Matt Smith Facebook, Kate Smith's (Trotman) husband. Deserve each other don't they?

Anyone familiar with Kate Smith’s particular brand of bile will be in no doubt these two deserve each other.

And the same can be said of Kel Leigh (aka Kel Gunner Steve, aka about half a dozen other profiles) and her equally sick-minded spouse Steve Leigh (aka various other profiles). Here he is demonstrating his well-adjusted sense of humour 

Stephen AgainstAnimalAbusers Leigh Facebook

Kel Leigh Facebook Friend List usual suspects

We didn’t bother with Vermin, Enselmann or Kulessa, who collectively are so far away with the fairies there’s no coming back. Aside from those three already taking up more than enough previous space here, their comments are too bland and you’re likely to nod off. Same with Moggy (Poosey Kat), who isn’t real anyway, so wouldn’t be much point.

And the rest is history


6 thoughts on “Handy DIY Pack…

  1. Kate Smith in particular has notions of grandeur, but despite her best efforts at distancing herself from her ‘riff raff buddies’, nothing much has changed. She is a very nasty twisted individual, and no amount of reinvention on her part can hide that. Plenty of evidence of her past activities yet to come.

  2. So how do these beings sleep in their beds at night and how can they face themselves in the mirror everyday? What do they see reflected back? Do they see kind animal loving, caring faces? Or do they see the faces of sick monsters? I know what we see and it is anything but pretty. and now everyone else can see what lies behind those faces who pretend to be full of goodness…….So trolls, I think your number is up and all you are is a bunch of chancers, but guess what folks, you’ve just run out of chances!!!!

    • Racists, bigots, hypocrites and liars. How very ashamed their parents must be of them, if indeed their parents are not also all of the above. They deserve to be named, shamed and chased back into the holes they crawled out of. How they dare pull the victim card is beyond me after their incessant online bullying campaign. They are sociopaths and some are borderline psychotic.

  3. so we have a share of racist bigots and xenophobics, the occasional gaybasher, a handful of compulsive liars, a bunch of general vitriol spewing bee-hatches, the odd two-faced kissers of butts in high places, some stray self-delusional wannabe VIPs, and to top it off, a couple of individuals that are permanently off with the fairies… what a lovely merry bunch they are! pass the lithium and the prozac, please 😀

    • Indeed, and always the same little circle of friends. Wonder if their friends in high places are fully aware of what they get up to, because If they are not then they sure will be soon 🙂

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