Silence or the Lams?

What happened to Roxanne Summers who seems to have departed one night never to return?

Could her vanishing act have anything to do with our Connections? If so, it’s probably safe to say that one of the people named in that blog entry is/was behind the Roxanne Summers profile. No other explanation for it really is there?

Well, when we say ‘vanished’ she hasn’t actually gone anywhere; she’s simply deactivated a couple of Facebook profiles that just happened to have the moniker Roxanne Summers. She’s always been a floater, so it’s a dead cert she’s still bobbing around out there.

But why go AWOL unless she has something to hide, such as actually being someone else on our list. In which case, who? Mel Page, Sarah Gunther, Sandie Lightfoot or Andrea Phillips? Thoughts anyone?


9 thoughts on “Silence or the Lams?

  1. Personally I dont care what rock this waste of skin has crawled under. I just hope its heavy enough she cant get back out. She has the sole intention of destroying people and creating as much damage and harm as she can. There is a complete lack of empathy, compassion and emotion that makes a well rounded human being. As for those who know who she is and sat by allowing her brand of foul posts and comments and joining in they are COWARDS. Especially those who claimed to care a damn about Lennox nevermind Caroline Brooke and Craig.

    • They care about no-one but themselves and the pedestals they have put themselves on. Those who claimed to care should be thoroughly ashamed but they aren’t. Instead they cling to their ever dwindling associates in the hope that somehow it will make them appear credible rather than the hate filled, glory seeking scum they have shown themselves to be.

  2. Roxanne seems to have ducked beneath the parapet in the hope no one can see her and people will forget the horrendous tirade of deliberate and malicious bullying she has callously embarked on. Her insane efforts to destroy a family and those who have and do support them, has failed miserably with the ending she hoped for backfiring on none other than herself. So much for the highly regarded barrister that she claims to be.
    Wasn’t there a song a long while back called Roxanne and what was the name of the group that sang it? Oh yes, I remember now…………..The Police.

  3. Roxanne the one who boasted about taking photos of peoples homes, made nuisance calls in an effort to intimidate, e-mailed others place of employment in the hope of having them sacked, and generally bullied and threatened all and sundry, while at the same time claiming to be a ‘highly regarded barrister in Belfast . She also claimed to have some very detailed inside information… from the ‘horses mouth’ so to speak!! Now who could this Belfast lass be?? 😦

    • We all know the horse in question was leaking information that suited her during the court case, rather than the full story, and is still doing so to her friends Gunther and Page who then state it as fact in their fake ids but play the victim in their real ids. Nothing unusual there then.

  4. What I really find disturbing, is the thought that everyone on that list knows who the real Roxanne is, and they have allowed and even encouraged Summers to continue with the continuing vilification of Lennox’s family and the core supporters. Those you have listed are not the only ones to know the true identity of the Summers profile, a few former Lennox supporters took the trust put into them by the family and used it against them. They may be disassociating themselves from Summers and Co now, but they’ll find that it’s too late – this will leave a nasty taste for a long time.

    • I’m not sure they are disassociating themselves, I think they are merely using fake ids to try and remain anonymous in their bile spewing. Unfortunately they are not as well hidden as they think they are and neither are their family members 😉

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