BCC Dog Licence Reminders

FOIR to Belfast City Council re Licence reminders Yolanda Elwood responding

We know those behind the Roxanne Summers and/or Heather Jones profiles are still floating around, and we thought they would be interested in our FOIR to BCC regarding the frequency and manner in which dog licence reminders are issued.

So next time they (in one of their disguises) feel like insisting Lennox’s licence was out of date by nine months and that his owners received no fewer than three reminders, maybe they’d like to consider Yolanda Elwood’s response, or better still, put in a request of their own, just to make sure it isn’t faked.


7 thoughts on “BCC Dog Licence Reminders

  1. precious, just precious. i guess we can safely bet that any time soon there will be a fierce denial they ever even SAID that the family received at least two, or even three reminders, let alone admit that they repeatedly said that, posted on either one of their various online outlets … probably something down the lines of questioning our comprehensive reading skills lol, saying we got it aaaaall wrong and us being thick etcetera.
    but no amount of magic marker can erase the trail of verbal abuse they have left behind.
    indeed, one might wonder how the hell, with some of them claiming to be actively involved in animal rescue and being highly respected members of society, they would have time for all those fake IDs and all that online harrassment. one might wonder how some of them will hold up when being held under scrutiny by the authorities.
    the scurrying and pitterpatter of little feet scrambling back under rocks is audible all the way across the english channel. too late my dears, you’ve been caught out, no use running away with that foot in your mouth 🙂

  2. They will no doubt attempt to deflect attention away from this by picking on something else and trying to make that an issue. They always do when they are caught out lying. Sadly they made so very many posts stating their point as ‘absolute truth’, that deflection when they are proven to have lied (again) just makes their nonsensical vendetta even more obvious and even more pathetic. No doubt they will have a few moronic supporters who won’t recognise their (overused) tactic and who will cling to their every word as usual, but then that is all they are and keep proving themselves to be, morons lol.

  3. Thick as shite and twice as claggy as we say here,sad thing is they believe their own lies,what a fantasy world they live in.going to come down to earth with a humongous bump,they are already free falling and what a shock when their friends in high places parachute doesn’t open,lmao.

  4. Another lie bites the dust, they really just made it up as they went along and to hell with the consequences. The really ironic thing is they continued to justify their whole existence on what they deemed to be the TRUTH. Whatever about Heather, the law school drop out, you would expect more from Roxanne, who delighted in reminding us she was a ‘highly regarded barrister’ in Belfast.

    • Wannabe glory hunters after 15 minutes of fame. Sadly the only fame they have achieved is to be recognised as being poorly educated fakes with supporters even more stupid than themselves lol. That wasn’t your real picture either was it Heather 😉

      • Just another example of why they have attempted to delete all trace of their so called ‘truth’ while continuing to insist their conscience is clear and they had nothing to hide. Guess they forgot about the trail they left behind them which leads to some very interesting characters, who you would think should have had better things to do then to get involved in such a vicious and personal vendetta.

  5. So they lied again? Not that i am surprised. Their ‘informant’ is obviously far from trustworthy and perhaps had an agenda of his/her (i have a feeling it is a ‘her’ 😉 ) own hence all the untruths and melodramatics.

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