Tying in with our current topic

Roxanne Summers Facebook friends with Sandie Lightfoot and Mel Page approves big surprise

Underscores in red denote the usual lies by the person behind “Summers” and yellow denotes a truth (the Kay Jay profile is another fake btw). “Summers” (we’ll humour them for now) put the wind up herself there and came back with a sloppy explanation for having Lightfoot as a ‘recent’ friend. It wouldn’t be the first time this profile has been inflicted with Foot in Mouth; making rather a habit of it lately!

Here’s a thought, if you were a Council employee struggling to maintain credibility, would you want a character like “Summers”, a well known troll and psychotic, advertising your mutual friendship?


4 thoughts on “Tying in with our current topic

  1. Do you mean the supposed mass reporting that allowed them to close their pages and scroll back through months (if not years) of insults, lies, accusations, bitchy comments and generally vile behaviour? They must imagine other people are as stupid as they are to think that went unnoticed lol.

  2. Roxanne Summers is conspicuous by her absence these days. She seems to have jumped ship after the ‘Connections’ were revealed…..so much for the ‘integrity’ of our ‘highly regarded barrister.’

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