A statement from the Hate Campaign (aka LLAAV)

LLAAV targeted and abused bullies and vindictive liars Mel Page Sarah Gunther Roxanne Summers Heather Jones

For the majority of followers who are intelligent people, living in the real world, here is a translation of the latest LLAAV manifesto:

Just to remind everyone why we at the Hate Campaign decided to target Lennox’s owners and anyone else who openly came out in support of them. 

In public we wanted to show that we had the temerity to question. In reality it was simply that we had our own hate agenda steeped in malice and resentment. We managed to convince a handful of would-be followers that we alone, among thousands of people, were capable of revealing discrepancies and lies. 

Although many of our earlier followers soon realised what our true intentions are, some of them, owing to their base, pernicious natures, continue to support our hate campaign without question. Like attracts like, we are glad to say. Should we be ashamed of that?

Behind the assumed safety of our fake names and profiles, we have persistently abused, vilified, bullied and ridiculed anyone who criticised our behaviour, and even people who have not openly criticised us are often the focus of our hostility. 

Without much thought of future repercussions to ourselves, we have ensured that our malicious opinions, gossip and lies are made public on a daily basis, and have done that for almost two years. Should we be ashamed of that?

We have blamed random acts of unrelated violence (including some that didn’t exist) on Lennox’s owners and their closest supporters. We have accused our enemies of constantly bullying and harassing us, although the only evidence we have in support of that claim is a few remarks and statements made by people unrelated to the core Lennox Campaign. However, sometimes we are lucky enough to find a comment that, if extracted out of context with the rest of a thread or conversation, suitably makes it appear that we’re being bullied and harassed for no apparent reason.  

We have contrived spiteful and childish names for people who dared to question our ethics and, on more than one occasion, we have mocked the loss of Lennox, and even ridiculed his destruction. And they have the gall to call us trolls and Lennox haters!

We have manipulated images, taken comments and screenshots out of context, stalked one target with a phone call (where we did not have the courage to reveal the identity of the caller), and even made contact with another target’s employers for no other reason than that person dared to disagree with us. Should we be ashamed of that?

More recently, some of us have made statements that we are not linked to the Hate Campaign, and therefore have nothing to do with it, in any shape or form, and yet we know our enemies have evidence to the contrary. We have lied about our professions and our involvement in the Hate Campaign, and we have told our enemies to beware because we have ‘police friends’ on our side who will back us up.

But even though we have forewarned our enemies of our friends in high places, who will always support us, including our police friends, they refuse to take us seriously and just will not back down.  

We know that our enemies have proof of things we’ve said and done that will incriminate every single one of us, and we know they are being followed by people in authority and the media. In that respect we have assured them that we are not affected by their criticisms, and furthermore ‘it’s all water off a duck’s back to us’. That should do it. But, just to be on the safe side, we’ve issued a statement absolving ourselves of all blame, and that will surely get us off the hook?

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8 thoughts on “A statement from the Hate Campaign (aka LLAAV)

  1. Well done – you’ve got it in a nutshell. I wonder what was said in the beginning to make them all get together and go all out to vilify Lennox’s owners. BSL didn’t kill Lennox, Lennox was never going to go home, perhaps he lost his life because the main players decided to take umbrage at the words spoken by a distraught supporter at one off the first hearing – just before Terry Twoons came on board.

  2. Quite the little victims aren’t they! If they had nothing to hide why did they feel the need to cut and run….some even going so far as to deny all knowledge of the others, in what we can only assume is an effort to continue the caring animal lover, butter wouldn’t melt façade she likes to portray….. Seems they are so desperate they are even starting to stab each other in the back. Good luck with that you lot you truly deserve each other.

    I guess its true what they say….’when thieves fall out.’

  3. Seems they have been busy with the hoover again and blew out their memory banks and sent them into oblivion. The trouble for them is their hoover is useless against our very excellent memories. The very well written interpretation might help them recollect what they thought was lost.

  4. Just about sums it up,I don’t think it’s amnesia,just their holier than thou attitude.they are vicious and nasty,then put on their woe is me act when people retaliate.

  5. I think that is an accurate translation 🙂 are their toes starting to get warm from the fire they built under themselves by any chance?

    • thank you for translating. the ‘our conscience is clear’ phrase made me PMSL. wonder if they suffer from some form of collective amnesia, they seem to forget again and again about all those things they have been putting online slagging off everyone outside their little band of merry friends. maybe the happy baker should go over that list of ingredients, might be somehing they ate 😉

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