24 thoughts on “Connections

  1. well happy baking, dennis 😉 culinariy art takes time and dedication and good measurements of ingredients. i’m sure it will be one helluva big banger cake with lots of cherries on top, just be careful those cherries got a very nasty core inside, might crack your teeth if you bite too hard… would be interesting indeed if they show their notes to their friends in high places, might result in a sharp decrease of party invitations, they’ll end up baking their lubbely pittie cakes all for themselves, ain’t that a waste.

  2. I had forgotten just how many ingredients i have been gathering, this pie is spilling over and there is so much more to be added, i may have to throw some over to the fat man at the back….No no, NOT him lass, the one with the boozer’s nose , what is his name …..damn,…. it will come to me, no need to panic, i never forget anything, that was just a blip with my head being so full of other’s people’s information. but worry not , it is stored and filed and dated , took me forever too when i trawled through it, i made so much noise trawling i must have sounded like a constable who never got promoted, Back to the hub of activity for me, (kitchen) , oooo the smell’s are so varied the local rat’s keep trying to get in, NOT a chance ….

    Would you believe it !!!! i turn my back for 2 minutes and the staff have scampered off, must have been the rat’s , Note to myself…..buy some big trap’s tomorrow, that will see the twerp’s off into their bolt holes !!!

    • Looks like some of those rats have already taken up residence else where Denis, but they are not too far away and and you can follow their trail very easily – rats are kind of stupid that way you know!

  3. Greeting’s , has to be said , what a glorious day , sunshine, blue sky, stranger’s smiling , birdies singing, lot’s of spring cleaning happening all over, Nothing better than everything newly cleaned and fresh, I was out in the warm sunshine , reading odd’s and sod’s and chuckling to myself, Some of the stuff people say to make you believe they are being truthful, HONESTLY, i ask you…Do i look as thick as a warburton’s toastie ? (don’t answer that one ) that i don’t know when i am being fed made up fairytale’s ….Do you know there was actually one story that the editor themselves had taken leave of absence…..AS IF anyone would be gullible enough to believe that !!! Gone to dispose of some old material more like, In fact, i may even go get myself another cake or peel a bit more of this onion , the pie wont cook without ALL the ingredients will it, and i have spilt a fair few of those in the last week, Never mind….i have such a lot more to throw in yet, Pie is not cooked yet . though i do promise it will be DEEP and Crusty, and well worth the effort and time, Have a good evening , i am off to put my pinny on and do some more *grating*, love doing that, watching all the big stuff being cut down to size and swallowed up. HAPPY DAY’S !!!

  4. Could I just add a little cursory note to one of the real fake profiles who read this blog – I have never hid my name in a fake profile. You simply have to hover the little arrow over the little coloured picture, and lo and behold my name pops up – it’s no secret Rox, so don’t try and pretend it is.

    • Surely that id isn’t trying to pretend again that it has ‘ways and means’ of finding out information which anyone with even a modicum of intelligence had already worked out? Mind you, considering the mental capacity of ‘it’s’ fan base I suppose they are all still worshipping their false idol and believing every word of gumpf it spouts.

  5. Peter !! who is Peter, ? well who ever you are mate’y, be ultra careful what you wish for especially whilst watching that blank space that could take a while to fill, : – )

      • That may be a little bit tricky for them as to contact their ‘friends’ they’d also have to show them the evidence mounting up against them daily so they would, in effect, be proving their guilt. Personally i am hoping that each and every one of them is discredited at their places of work (if they can still hold a job after this) in their places of education (be it school, college or University, Lancaster and Nottingham Uni’s spring to mind) and in the media (if those who court publicity are as involved as they appear to be).

  6. Cause and Effect!!!! – none of this news was unexpected, what I never realised until now, was the possible far-reaching effects these revelations will probably have on the lives of the main players, and with even more to be revealed, this isn’t a time for celebration.
    Despite the threat of BSL hanging over Lennox’s head it’s clear that his death could have been avoided. Lennox did not die because of BSL, he died because lies were told and expert assessments were ignored and I truly hope that those guilty of ensuring his death, seemingly only because of a hatred for his family, will suffer the consequences of their actions on their personal lives and careers.
    Sadly the other insignificant minions, (Warts and co.), will crawl back under their pus seeping rocks, waiting for the next evil troll campaign to jump on – different players, different victims.

    The rest of us will get on with the campaign for the repeal of Section One of the DDA Act – BSL. Lennox has left his Legacy, and The Lennox Legacy will go from strength to strength, supporting those families, individuals and our dogs whose lives have been devastated by this stupid and inadequate law.

    • Couldn’t agree more,these type of people are never happy unless they are pissing on someone’s parade.they only exist to bully and abuse,they deserve every bit of backlash they get and hope it will make them think twice before they do this again,but I am not holding my breath,they will become woe is me victims,and like kel, will find something else to support,the stab in the back as the whim takes them

  7. ah don’t tell me they’ve been at it with their magic markers again then? gawd, how transparent. too little too late twolly dears, we have already screenshotted every vile sentence and lie you uttered over the past 2 years. my conscience is clean, i’m me always have been, nothing much spectacular to reveal lol, am the kinda wearing my heart on my sleeve type o girl as you already found out :). but seriously. with people like THAT supposedly fighting bsl, who is going to change the law? cringing at the thought of the good people who put their faith, hope and trust in that lot to help them with their beloved dogs… two faced is just putting it mildly. wouldn’t cut their own money tree would they. no amount of magic markers can keep you out of this pile of sh**e you’ve been creating over the past years…

  8. Why have these people chosen to to show such evil insanity to the world? Why have they teased and tormented, accused and lied, poured out vileness and such hatred. Don’t realize is the Piper needs to be paid, but what is it going to cost them.

  9. Have had a little bird’y whisper in my shell like , that anything stated on this blog is made up ? If you have proof, post it, Dennis is him or her, or both, the usual comment’s from over there, Well dearies my onion will be peeled at my speed to reveal just how juicy it can get near’er the *core,* In honesty, i don’t give a hoot, ( that was my owl bird’y) what you think nor believe, BUT i make you a promise, it all WILL be revealed. The best is yet to come, although Les Trollop’s seem’s to have done sterling homework upon reading today’s blog, …Les, i will show you even more proof of just who the ID’S belong too, Respectable member’s of the communities , i think NOT, You see, i can afford to post my information in a relaxed state, safe in the knowledge that every single word i put in print, is backed up beyond denial’s & deflection’s, Sorry but there is no back door exit out of this one, but i did warn you thing’s would be progressed, I don’t need to rush back with retaliation’s , I dont need to worry about how the outcome will affect me, because quite simply, it wont. I am not guilty of wanting revenge, nor am i part of any vendetta’s , Police or Media can watch each word i post, solely because it is the truth backed with hard evidence, Not speculation, nor revenge, just solid fact’s . You really should be aware , i see thing’s from both side’s, and my reputation is not at stake here, Thankfully i didn’t abuse nor lie about anyone. Make’s for a peaceful night’s sleep does a clear conscience. !

    • Their problem appears to be Dennis that they abused and lied about so many over the last two years they are having some difficulty narrowing down who is who.. But they did repeatedly ask for proof, and proof is exactly what they are getting.

    • Did they ever manage to prove anything Dennis? Or did the attempt to create a credible story become too exhausting a task? I don’t know why they stopped short, it’s not as if they’ve ever worried about telling fairy tales before.

    • Dennis feel free to give Les Trollops some extra info 🙂 They have some pretty sturdy stuff already, and a lot more to come, but bringing an end to the nastiness sooner would stop the haters new attempts to deflect attention from themselves, via their fan club. Their arguments and excuses are getting tiring and they are spinning their version of events in messages to each other and hoping they can work their ‘we’re innocent’ magic on new faces. It’s about time they reaped the reality of what they sowed and people learned more about those who thrived on the hate.

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