If this isn’t STALKING, what is?

Boycott Boycott Belfast Heather Jones Roxanne Summers Mel Page Facebook stalking Lennoxs owners

More vindictive and spiteful photoshopping from the Hate Campaign. After dressing up the photo in balloons, the Hate Campaign then went on to ridicule and celebrate the fact that Lennox had been seized.

Whoever took that photo either stood and faced the house, pointing the camera/phone directly towards it (in full view of other residents) or was inside a vehicle [link].

Bearing in mind the house is in a close (cul-de-sac), a vehicle such as, say, a Belfast City Council dog warden van, would have to be driven all the way inside to turn around, or reversed into the close from the road. Either way, the driver would have got out of the vehicle, or had her hand stuck outside in order to get an image that clear. 

[link 1 / link 2].

Boycott Boycott Belfast Heather Jones Roxanne Summers Mel Page Facebook stalking Lennoxs owners admitting taking photo

Who could possibly have posted that comment on the now defunct Boycott Boycott Belfast page – the charmer who took the photo, the weasel (apologies to weasels) who supplied it, or the dirtbag who photoshopped it, assuming it wasn’t the work of just one single twit?

The admin who made the comment either wanted to give the impression she’d taken the photo or is admitting to it, which complicates things as far as Lightfoot is concerned really.

For sake of argument, we have to consider that it was someone else (or Lightfoot disguised as someone else).

We know the (now removed) Roxanne Summers‘ ID’s and Heather Jones‘ profiles were among the admin on BBB, and we also know the real people behind those ID’s are still very active [link]. But the only person likely to find herself parked outside the Lennox family home is Sandie Lightfoot.  

So although it seems convoluted, there’s really no need to overthink it.



Roxanne Summers / Heather Jones / aka (link), says:
Is that Lennox’s chain on the chimney?”
“Is Tinkerbell one of the celebs lining up to help save Lennox?”
“Can you believe this is what they were twitting when I was taking the photograph…”
“It can’t be Lennox’s chain on the chimney because it’s not bolted to a wall”

Amy Miller (link) replies:  Looks a nice chain! My guess, it could be some of the bling Craig bought with the donation money”

Ruth McKinley (Facebook) replies:  Smokin. Who lives in a house like that 🙂

Roxanne Summers / Heather Jones / aka (Facebook) says:  
“I do believe that is **** Close. Now who could live in a house like that?”
Well not Lennox anyway lol


6 thoughts on “If this isn’t STALKING, what is?

  1. The McKinley creature rates herself quite highly and believes she has some ‘standing’ but that pedestal will require more than a little underpinning to prevent it from crashing down beneath her and the collapse will be thoroughly earned. In fact I’m hoping the Richter Scale will hit 10 on the foundations of this group of nasties and bring them all to their knees.

  2. spot on indeed 🙂 and for those who love their facts: it is a FACT that they put up this picture and accompanying ridicule aimed at the family, it is a FACT they were taking the piss at the family with their tape measure picture, and a FACT they have repeatedly made unsubstantiated claims of the family enriching themselves with donation money, not to mention the claim they put of the family purchasing “a brand new bmw car” from donation money, a FACT they haven’t been able to provide any proof to back up those claims. just for a random grab in the factomatic 😉 (and it’s a FACT i can back up what i just wrote by showing screenshots and grabs made over the past 2 years, ample evidence of their malice provided by themselves, a bit too late to realise they might have put a dent in their own reps with a bloody sledgehammer, the malevolent fools).

  3. Whether you knew this case or not, anyone seeing the photoshopped house and reading the comments would wonder where all the hate and venom come from. To be that spiteful and malicious only shows how close the main players are, or were, to the owners of Lennox. This is personal and aimed to hurt as much as possible. They have never cared a jot about Lennox or about the changing or repealing of section one of the DDA Act, perhaps even one or two have a vested interest in retaining and enhancing BSL, who knows?
    The fact of the matter is, Terry Twoons, (whose mobile phone number just happened to be that of dog warden Sandie Lightfoot), was condemning and reviling Lennox’s family from the very start. Then, naturally a few nasty numpties like the vile Warts jumped on the bandwagon to aid things along, until the big guns took over.
    They claim to been bullied, yet all words vented in their direction have been in response to the cruel name calling and accusations they themselves have made. Even now, seven months after his death, they still continue their defamation of this family and Lennox supporters – so come on, what was said to upset you so much?

  4. They really are a vile bunch of idiots. Roxanne Summers and Heather Jones, in all of your many guises, you must be so proud of your vicious little campaign.

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