a message..

..from Karmabus which deserves a place here:

“So many have slithered back under their rocks since the big reveal proved to be a non-starter and made them look both foolish and incredibly ignorant.

Foolish because of the fact they have been fed lies consistently and believed them without actually being in full receipt of the facts at all, and ignorant because they acted on those lies and encouraged others in their vile ill-informed comments against innocents.

Some reputations are going to be rightfully damaged beyond repair and they can attempt to lay the blame at others feet, claim that animals could be put at risk if they are ‘outed’ etc, as much as they like. The truth is THEY chose to take that risk by imagining they were ‘safe’ hiding behind fake ids and hurling unfounded abuse and accusations.

THEY chose to ignore the responsibility of their positions when not wearing their ‘professional hats’ and THEY chose to do so for an extended period of time whilst taking pleasure in bullying a family at every given opportunity.

THEY chose to risk destroying their own reputations, the reputations of ALL who deal with them, and to risk animals’ lives as a result, nobody else did.”



9 thoughts on “a message..

  1. Dont bladdy believe it…………i went fishing with a handful of maggots , expecting the usual little small fry that come’s with such bait. BUT..( oh i hear you, ….here come’s the angler’s exaggeration’s) i kid you not, i have in my possession a HUGE GIGANTIC catch, no mere Flounder is this little beauty, can’t wait to gut and skin this one, I am more than a little excited, Tomorrow. i may try a fat juicy WORM, !!

  2. Well said Karmabus, their arrogance was such that they presumed they could do or say anything they liked under the cover of their fake profiles. Its about time they each realised that their actions have consequences and they have no one to blame only themselves.

    • Again, a BIG ‘Well Said Karmabus’. Only fools fueled by ignorance continue to believe they can bludgeon their way through life and the lives of others, without coming face to face with the consequences of their actions. The products of the depraved outpourings have not gone unnoticed, but unfortunately the witless lack the wisdom of knowing when to stop.

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