PRICELESS Revisited + Updates


If you haven’t done so already, do please take a look at the thread involving this image on Roxanne Summers‘ page which explains the response we’ve had here in the way of comments.

We hope Summers will note there has been nomass reporting‘ of that image and thread, and that’s because her little exercise in ‘egg on face’ is a wet lettuce by any standards.

You can see that, earlier in the day, Roxanne Summers had pretty much been talking to herself but, as soon as she uploaded that photo to her page, the ‘Roaches came out from the woodwork. In fact they scuttled out instantly, laying the ridiculous comments seen on the thread.

We’re not sure if Summers has something else she considers to be ‘revealing’ up her very short sleeves but, if this is all she has in the way of a ‘damaging revelation’ to distract everyone from being exposed as a psychotic liar, we can only assume she doesn’t get out much.

Several of you, our supporters, were already aware of that image and a few even know where it comes from, as our very full email inbox shows (thank you, it’s much appreciated).

We were just wondering when Roxanne Summers plans to tell her followers who is standing with Lennox in the photo (yes Summers, of course we know it’s Lennox, where did you get the idea it was new and exciting? Your supplier has misled you and in so doing shown us all how healthy the boy looks there. You’ve been had love!).

While we’re here, let’s take a look at the charming Saint Denise Day getting in on the act:

Roxanne Summers Denise Day Witches of Eastwick Facebook Deed Not Breed

Denise Day Facebook Save Lennox Hate Campaigner

It seems Roxanne Summers isn’t the only one who should have gone to SpecSavers, judging by this comment of hers:

It’s interesting to see his coat in this picture. His left flank is clearly in the stage of regrowth after very substantial hair loss.”

As usual, there’s Dense Day jumping in, this time with something about ‘hair loss‘! Huh? Can anyone else see hair loss in those photos? Doesn’t Len’s coat look kind of shiny and healthy to you? It does from where we’re sitting…..

Lennox BSL Facebook left flank has substantial regrowth of hair according to Roxanne Summers

Well we couldn’t be sure, so we cropped, enlarged then enhanced the photo to ‘highlight’ Len’s ‘left flank‘, to make any residual effects of Day’s ‘substantial hair loss‘ and regrowth become more evident – and this is the result. We’re still baffled.

So it seems both Roxanne Summers and Dense ‘I’m Squeaky Clean’ Day are either very shortsighted or fecking liars.

Along with those two, the other Hate Campaign members sticking their oars in are really not equipped to make judgements of any kind. In fact, there are at least two (not including Summers) who make Lance Armstrong look like a saint, and we’ll be dissecting them in the near future (everyone gets a chance).

By way of a brief example, here’s a Hate Campaign member and best bud of Summers, Page and Lightfoot who also has one rule for herself and another for her HC targets:

Kirsten Lawrence Facebook with harnessed uncastrated dog

We’ll leave you with a sad and poignant reminder of how Lennox really looked when he was in the loving care of his owners:

Lennox BSL in garden not a cage in sight

And this is how he looked once Belfast City Council and Sandie Lightfoot got their hands and a rope on him:

Lennox and Lightfoot minus censor next to van



19 thoughts on “PRICELESS Revisited + Updates

  1. The silence is deafening from that quarter….could it be something we said, or maybe something we are about to say?? Either way still waiting for Roxanne to tell us all about that foot and how she actually came about that particular photo!! Guess we will just have to wait for her to take her own size tens out of her mouth.

  2. Lennox was neutured, I’d say that was a sign of a responsible owner. I notice the other dog in the photograph you’ve posted isn’t, perhaps his owner shows him? After all there would be little reason, other than medical, for a responsible owner not to – ask anyone who has an even slight interest in rescue.

    • So many have slithered back under their rocks since the big reveal proved to be a non starter and made them look both foolish and incredibly ignorant. Foolish because of the fact they have been fed lies consistently and believed them without actually being in full receipt of the facts at all and ignorant because they acted on those lies and encouraged others in their vile ill informed comments against innocents. Some reputations are going to be rightfully damaged beyond repair and they can attempt to lay the blame at others feet, claim that animals could be put at risk if they are ‘outed’ etc as much as they like. The truth is THEY chose to take that risk by imagining they were ‘safe’ hiding in fake ids and hurling unfounded abuse and accusations. THEY chose to ignore the responsibility of their positions when not wearing their ‘professional hats’ and THEY chose to do so for an extended period of time whilst taking pleasure in bullying a family at every given opportunity. THEY chose to risk destroying their own reputations, the reputations of ALL who deal with them and to risk animals lives as a result, nobody else did.

  3. The ‘big reveal’ has come to a bit of a standstill, and after all that build up and all. Looks like the minions have all climbed back into their little box having had their moment of glory. lol.

  4. Beautiful Lennox, a coat shining like black lacquer, dressed perfectly for his walk with a strong, high quality harness suitable for a powerful dog. Muzzled showing his owners were decent responsible people………..So what’s your problem Haters? Can’t you handle the fact he was loved, cared for, looked after with only the best…Oh no, of course you can’t because that wouldn’t quite fit your seedy agenda, would it!!!!

      • Tragic and unnecessary twizzle. The death of an innocent based on a conspiracy of lies supported and pushed to the fore by each and every one of the HC. Their disgraceful and disgusting agenda was aimed at ensuring his death and justifying it with fabrications to detract others from seeing what they were actually doing. Did the pawns in their campaign realise? Probably not but they were/are happy enough to keep supporting, commenting and bitching so they are just as guilty and yet they call themselves animal lovers? I suppose they are, after all they ‘love’ the ANIMALS behind the Hate Campaign 😡

  5. P.S. The post today only serve’s to prove how desperate they have become over there, to trip themselves up this badly, and even sacrifice one of their own, Also show’s how short a memory they have considering these point’s have been used by them before, ….Now excuse me while i add , desperation road into my sat nav… it all seem’s to be happening there, OR is this an attempt to divert attention away from the * business’s * we were talking about…..NOT happening, like i said, i have long sleeves and am going to come as a shock to some when they suddenly switch the light’s on and realise how i know so much,

    • Its laughable to see them soooo excited about their little photo…they will do anything to keep the ‘main story’ off the front page……..nice try guys but must try harder.

  6. Well, it could also be the stinging Dense felt from suddenly being found to be doing thing’s she shouldn’t, Nothing very important thing’s, may i add, but she like’s to feel important, Bless her cotton’s, She like’s to think she is helping…Right little lady she is, .Flashing sign’s no less, well she would know all about that would’t she, Her own sign flashes pretty damn strong, ATTENTION !!! Every word she type’s show’s a bitter person, well cheesed off at Lennox Campaign, Had she more strength of character, she wouldn’t have thrown her toy’s out the pram a while ago, but she ran across that troll bridge so fast the fire service could’nt keep up, She in her small mind thought….Mmmm, i can be BIG here by telling some tale’s out of school, and didnt HC play her like a fiddle, she really has to learn to play grown up games now she is with the big gun’s she once berated, But she will alway’s be insignificant unless they feel the need to drag her back out of her corner, Feel for her really, but if you lay down with dog’s you risk catching fleas, .Now , the great REVEAL, The pic of a beautiful dog, being walked responsibly , muzzled , etc, shining coat, healthy, BUT i hear them scream…………………….HARNESS ….now what is it about the harness that get’s them so excitable , after all how many dog owner’s use a harness, or do HC only mix with status dog owner’s so dont really notice joe public walking their dog’s. OR, and my apologies for lowering the tone, does harness mean something totally different to HC… they mean the harness’s that are available shall we say for other activities, ok, those sold at Anne Summer’s for instance, Maybe ROXanne Summer’s get’s staff discount , Well Miss Summer’s it would seem has chosen the road she want’s to go down, DONT say i didnt warn you dear !!!!

  7. Hallucinating, working on the principle that if someone says ‘can you see the blue dot’ then others will say ‘oh yeah’ even though it doesn’t exist, or just plain old butt kissing.

  8. Is this the dog that NEVER left the yard ? Surely not, he was taken out on walk’s, surely not, is this the dog that HC claim to know so well, surely not, Have they completely lost the whole plot, Surely HAVE, Well i am most disappointed , if this is what the great crescendo was all about , then my reveal’s will blow them away, ……… So close to home…..You just would’t believe , Silly girl to have us all so exited, then only produce THIS, What a let down, i feel like a popped balloon, all deflated, Sorry Miss Summer’s, your street cred has just plumetted, What a let down !! BUT your few minions rallied for you, all online as you pressed Gooooooooooooooooooooooo, That’s Nice …..

    • amazing isn’t it, they must have psychic powers 😀 as for the dog pic, fail to understand how this is any kind of dramatic reveal… dog is wearing a decent looking harness that can hold a dog his size, no fickle strappy cheapo thingy, and i have a muzzle just like that for my big dog. shows the owner was being responsible… how exciting. completely with you on the popped balloon sentiment 😀

    • Agree with you Dennis, if that’s the big reveal then its very disappointing to say the least. The minions, (most of whom have been conspicuous by their absence lately) all came out to ‘bat’ (pardon the pun) for Roxs ‘big reveal’, but it seems no one told poor Heeather, she’s left just singing her little ditty’s on her own page. Probably thought it best not to get her too excited what with her being so close to the edge and all!

    • Well they didn’t heed your warning about ‘do they really want to go down that route’ dennisstephens so I assume they are either brazen, bluffing or just buffoons. This ‘reveal’ of theirs was the most ridiculous piece of junk they’ve put forward in a long time and their junk is plentiful. The swarming out of fellow imbeciles, from their hiding places under the rocks, was embarrassing to watch and their comments just prove that Roxanne only has to speak, even if its utter garbage, and they will still humiliate themselves publicly like 50yr old female groupies of boy bands do

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